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Rider (Fallen Reapers MC #1)

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Savannah Rylan

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How do you choose between your best friend and his sister? All I have ever wanted was to be a prospect of the Fallen Reapers MC.
My best friend Carver is a member of the club,
And I want to be out there riding with him.
I’ve known Carver’s younger sister Zoey for years.
But I haven’t seen her since she was in middle school.
When Zoey comes back from college, she doesn’t look like the scrawny girl I used to know.
She now has curves and legs for days.
One night with her makes we want to keep coming back for more.
But if Carver ever found out about us, that would be the end of our friendship and any chance I had with the club.
Soon I’ll have to decide which is more important.
Zoey or being a Fallen Reaper.

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Fallen Reapers MC Series by Savannah Rylan

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Rolling myself underneath this fucking car for the third time that week had me fuming. What the fuck did this customer expect from us? If you didn’t take care of your shit, then it would constantly break down. With cars, you gotta change the fluids, change the oil, and maintenance the damn thing. When you ride a used car hard, you gotta make sure you know what you’re doing. It wasn’t my damn fault the customer wanted to drag race with some fucked up hooptie. And it sure as hell wasn’t my job to fix it up.

I was a mechanic. Not a chop shop.

“Third time this week,” Carver said. “That’s fucked up.”

“No. What’s fucked up is this guy’s put some bullshit engine with nitro-whatever in it, and it’s wondering why the bottom’s fucking falling out of this thing.”

“You serious?” he asked. “Let me pop the hood. Now I’m curious.”

“If you touch anything and this car collapses on me, you’re the one paying my funeral expenses, asshole.”

“Quit being a pussy. I’m just takin’ a look,” he said.

I heard the hood pop as I continued to fiddle around with shit underneath the car. It was an absolute mess, and I knew it would keep me here later than I wanted to be. I heard Carver whistling as he jostled some things around, trying to figure out what the hell this man had put in this car.

“Okay. Rider, get your ass out from under there.”

“I’m almost done with som-”

“Get your fucking ass out,” he said.

“Shit. What the hell’s wrong with you?” I asked.

I rolled out from underneath the car and held out my arm for Carver. He grabbed me, helping me upright and steadying me on my prosthetic leg.

No matter how long I walked on that damn thing, I still had issues getting myself up on it.

“Take a look and tell me what you see,” Carver said.

“Another one of those tests?” I asked.

“Just fucking do it.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes before I dipped my head into the car. I saw a suped-up engine and some bullshit that didn’t need to be there. I saw piped flowing every which way and a cracked radiator reservoir that would have to be fixed as well. Oil was leaking underneath the bottom of the car now, which made me grateful Carver asked me to roll out.

But then I saw what Carver was seeing, and I groaned.

“You fucking kidding me?” I asked. “We’re gonna have to report this, aren’t we?”

“Hell no. Gearshift Mechanic Shop doesn’t need any police poking around in here. Not with its association with the club. But, we are gonna alert the customer that we know about it and tell them to take their fucking bullshit elsewhere,” Carver said.

“You want me to do it? Or are you gonna?” I asked.

“I’ll do it. You just close it up and roll it out. Don’t start it. Don’t play with it. And you sure as hell don’t steal it.”

“Not a fucking problem.”

Every once in a while, people thought they could pull the wool over our eyes. Even though the mechanic shop was associated with The Fallen Reapers Motorcycle Club, the club ran everything legitimately. It was their only source of legal business, so they made sure to keep it that way. But there were people in the community who lived in the shadows and fraternized in the underground world that thought they could bring their bullshit here. They thought that because of our associated with the club, we turned a blind eye to when their cars and shit brought trouble into our place.

Like having a fucking storage compartment underneath the hood filled with heroin.

I slammed the car hood down and opened the driver’s side door. I slipped the car into neutral, pushing it out towards the parking lot. I had half a mind to push the fucking thing right into oncoming traffic, but I resisted the urge. I was still trying to get in good with the group so I could talk to them about becoming a prospect.

I wanted to be a part of The Fallen Reapers MC.

I parked the car and looked up just in time to see Carver throwing some skinny little asshole out onto his face. They were yelling at one another as I walked back into the shop, grinning and shaking my head. Carver was trying to send a message. Prove a point with that scrawny little kid. Gearshift Mechanics wasn’t to be messed with. Even though it was associated with a club, everything that came out of that shop was legit.

And no one was going to try and ruin that.

“You good?” I asked.

“Helped blow off some steam. Good news for you, though. That was your last customer for the day,” Carver said.

“Ah, the non-paying customer.”

“Oh, no. I made him pay up. He signed the bill to be done. Not our fault we came across drugs in his car. He paid for the work we quoted him on, and I told him to let that be a lesson. You’re getting paid. I don’t run my shop like that.”