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Riggs Satan’s Fury MC- Memphis

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L. Wilder

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New York Times and USA Today Best Seller L. Wilder brings readers a new addition to the Satan’s Fury Memphis series.

I was never one of those guys who bought into all that love at first sight nonsense.
I was all about getting in. Getting out.
No feelings. No expectations.
No complications … until her.

After just one night, Reece Winters had me thinking of white picket fences and station wagons, but I let my pride get come between us and she walked away.

Trouble was on the horizon.
It was only a matter of time before it came knocking at our door. The club was planning for it. Ready for it. Prepared for it, and so was I.

I wasn’t prepared for fate to bring her back into my life, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the secrets that she brought with her- secrets that would connect us in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine.

Secrets that could destroy us all.

Riggs is book three of the Satan’s Fury MC- Memphis Chapter. This full-length standalone novel is intended for mature audiences only due to the explicit language and violence. Contains no cheating and a heart-gripping HEA.

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I was never one of those guys who bought into all that “love at first sight” bullshit. Hell, it’s not like it’s hard to get shit mixed up when your hormones get to talking. A raging hard-on over a smoking hot chick can do things to a man’s head and make him think he’s feeling something he’s not. The next thing he knows, he’s convinced he’s met the one. I’d been worked up over my fair share of gorgeous women, but never once had love ever crossed my mind, especially over some chick I didn’t even know. The notion seemed completely absurd until her.

Some of my brothers and I had taken Blaze down to Sullivan’s to celebrate his birthday. We hadn’t been there long when I noticed her sitting at one of the back tables with several of her friends. They were all beautiful women, dolled up in their Saturday-night-best, but none of them held a candle to her.

With just one glance, she had me completely captivated, making me oblivious to everyone else in the room, including my brothers who were sitting right next to me at the bar. I couldn’t explain it. There was something different about her—something that drew me to her like nothing I’d ever felt before. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. For almost an hour, I sat there just watching her, studying the way her mouth moved when she spoke, how her head fell back every time she laughed, and the way those crystal blue eyes of hers sparkled with desire every time they locked on mine. Fuck. Just seeing that glimmer of interest made me want to throw her over my shoulder and carry her right out of that bar, claiming her as mine in the most carnal way.

I saw my window of opportunity when I noticed an empty seat right beside her. A couple of her friends got up to go to the restroom, so I grabbed two beers and walked over to her table. When she noticed me coming in her direction, she quickly turned and whispered something to her friend, which made me wonder if I’d misread her look of interest, until she glanced back over to me with a nervous smile. Damn. That smile got me right to the core. I tried to keep my cool as I casually sat down next to her and asked, “Is this seat taken?”

“It is now,” she answered in a playful voice.

The blonde sitting next to her leaned forward, and her words were slurred as she mumbled, “Damn, Reece. You were right. He is hot.”

Her eyes widened as she scolded, “Danielle!”

“What? You were just saying how good-looking you thought—”


Ignoring her friend’s protest, Danielle pointed her finger at me as she said, “Girl, you need to get you some of that.”

“Oh, good Lord. Will you stop?”

“What? Take a look at him … those pretty green eyes and a hot bod to match.” The chick was practically drooling as she just kept at it, “Hell, I’d bang him in a heartbeat.”

Reece turned to me with a mortified expression and said, “Please, ignore her. She’s normally not so obnoxious. It’s just the alcohol talking.”

“It has a way of doing that.” I motioned my hand towards their collection of empty beer bottles and shot glasses. “Looks like you ladies are having a big time.”

“One of my sorority sisters just got engaged, so we’re out celebrating with her. It’s been fun, but I’m the backup DD. I’m just biding my time until I can get out of here.”

“Backup DD?”

“Yeah.” She shrugged. “We’ve had a few mishaps with designated drivers over the years. My girls aren’t exactly reliable when it comes to hot guys and booze.”

“I can see where that could be a problem.” I chuckled as I lifted the beer I’d brought over for her. “I guess you won’t be needing this.”

Before she could respond, one of her friends said, “Go for it, Reece. I’m good. I haven’t had a drop all night. I can make it another hour or two.”

“Okay, but I’m holding you to that.” Reece took the beer from my hand and said, “Thank you.”

Remembering that she mentioned her sorority sister, I asked, “You go to school around here?”

“Yes and no. I’ve been going to U of M, but I’m about to transfer to Vanderbilt University in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get my law degree there.”

I couldn’t imagine why someone so sweet and innocent would want to become a lawyer, but I could hear the passion in her voice when she talked about getting her degree. For one reason or another, it clearly meant something to her. She’d just started to say something else when she stopped and glanced down at my hand. I was fidgeting with my old Zippo lighter, causing it to cast a flicker of sparks every time I raked my thumb over the flint wheel. It was something I’d started doing after I’d quit smoking. When I realized it had caught her attention, I smiled and said, “Sorry. Nervous habit.”