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Rock (Beautiful #4)

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Lilliana Anderson

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Be careful what you wish for, my mother said. I wished to be a rockstar. And my wish came true.
I am the biggest musical talent Australia has ever exported.
And I’ve never been more miserable.

Constantly on the road, singing to packed stadiums, having any woman I want; it’s supposed to be the dream. And at first it was cool—it was epic—but now it’s… hollow. It’s an endless sea of faces screaming by name and not a single one of them knowing the real me.

I’m lonely.
I miss the band.
I miss my brother.
I miss her….

She was the first girl I wanted for more than one night. I think I would have wanted her forever if she wanted me back. But she didn’t. She wanted my bandmate; my brother. And it was exploding their world that made me famous.
I bet they still hate me…

Needing some time on my own, away from the crowds and the noise, I find myself on home soil for the first time in two years. But the quiet is hard to come by. My label wants an album, the press wants a piece of me, and the public makes going anywhere without a disguise a nightmare. Then I meet Lisa and she changes everything.

Closed off and unimpressed by everything about me, she’s the obvious choice when I want someene to be real with. I make her my unauthorised best friend as a result—which she hates, mind you—but she’s cool to hang around because she makes me feel normal. And I like her dog, too.

The problem with Lisa is she hates everything there is about the fame game, which makes me a problem for her. She freaks out around cameras and takes the paparazzi on a mad car chase to avoid being seen. She says she doesn’t want knowing me to mess with her quiet life. But I don’t know, maybe she’s hiding something. Or maybe she’s just playing hard to get… because seriously, who doesn’t want to date a rockstar?

Follow our cockiest Bailey brother as he discovers fame isn’t worth a thing if he doesn’t have love in this gripping rockstar romance featuring new and extended scenes from books A Beautiful Rock and Commitment, republished as Rock: Beautiful Series, Three.

*Can be read as a standalone. Interconnected series, each with their own happily ever after*

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Beautiful Series by Lilliana Anderson

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“We’re chatting with the man of the moment, Marcus Bailey, on the eve of his world tour. Welcome Marcus, thanks for coming on the show,” the young blonde video DJ says from across me. I have no idea what her name is or who she works for. I’ve just been sitting in this chair for hours, answering the same fucking questions over and over again. I wish they would just film me and insert themselves in editing. Get it done in twenty minutes. Easy.

Despite feeling sick of sitting here, I put on my game face and smile broadly at the young lady. She’s pretty fucking hot actually, long slim tan legs, poking out of a tube of orange fabric that’s been squeezed over her very curvaceous body to be a dress. She’s wearing those spike-heeled ankle boots that all the girls seem to wear today. She’s my last interview so I might see if she’s up for it when the cameras are off.

“Any time,” I say to her, smiling.

“Now tell us about this crazy whirlwind you’ve been on since you left Matiari?”

“Yeah, it’s been a real trip. I kind of thought my music career would be over after that. But you never know what people are going to love do you?”

“Well, it was a very public way to break up with your band wasn’t it?”

“It was,” I agree, still smiling.

“For those watching who don’t know the story, you can go to our website where you’ll find a link for the YouTube video of Marcus’s very emotional rendition of ‘Weighted’. He chose the song specifically to send a public message to Naomi Prendergast, the band’s violinist, after she became romantically involved with Marcus’s brother, Theo Bailey, who is now Matiari’s frontman.

“Now, that video, catapulted Marcus into the international spotlight, earning him appearances on countless TV shows as well as his own recording contract. So it’s well worth a look.” She turns back from looking at the camera and focuses again on me.

“Marcus, I’ve been listening to your new album On the Other Side, and I have to wonder if the song titled ‘He’ll Never Be Me’ is a direct response to the official announcement of Theo and Naomi’s engagement?”

“Ah, maybe.” I laugh. “Am I that obvious?”

“A little.” She laughs in return, flicking her hair slightly as her eyes drift down the length of me. My smile broadens, I know I’ve got her.

“The truth is, I had my heart broken that day, and the best way for me to deal with that pain is through my music,” I tell her, a sombre expression placed upon my face. Like I said, I’ve done this before. It’s all just an act now.

“I completely understand,” she sympathises, nodding her head as she makes eye contact with me.

“Listen. This is actually hard for me to talk about, do you mind if we move onto something else?”

“Of course. Tell me all about your tour. How many shows and how long will you be travelling?” she asks, her eyes filled with sympathy for my broken heart.

“Oh god! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she yells as I pound into her, slamming myself inside her, harder and harder as her body thumps up against the dressing room mirror.

I used to think it was easy getting girls into bed before but add the word ‘heartbroken’ to ‘musician’ and you’ve struck gold. Panties fall to the ground as they all line up to be that one that turns my head and teaches me to love again.

But no matter what they do, or how kinky they get, I won’t be that dumb again. Falling in love was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Fucked if I’m ever falling for that shit again. There’s a huge line of girls around the globe, begging to share my bed. I’ll never be lonely again.

I’m a rock star now. I don’t need love.


one year later…


Rock star. For most of my life, it’s all I wanted to be called. To me, it meant making my dreams my reality, that I could click my fingers and anything I wanted would appear in front of me. And I was right. Being obscenely famous is as close to magic as you can get. I’m thirsty. Click. I’m hungry. Click. I’m cold. Click. I’m horny. Click.

All needs are taken care of the moment they arise. I don’t have to think or ask. I just demand and someone runs. It’s a powerful feeling. Hell, during my last tour, I demanded the entire floor of the hotel be allocated to me alone—I worked on my golf swing down the hall while drinking tiny bottles of Grey Goose vodka because that’s all I allowed in the bar fridges.

My rider chops and changes depending on my mood. But one thing that has been the same since my first solo show—no one on my staff can go by the names Theo or Naomi. My brother got the girl, and I got the stardom, I don’t need to be reminded of them when every fucking song I write is born from the pain they put me through.