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Rockstar Intern (Infinity Prism #5)

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Kylie Walker

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Recording studio intern, Abigail Jones is already in hot water with her boss when Infinity Prism’s hot as hell guitarist waltzes in the office like he owns the place. She can’t stop fantasizing about him, even though he probably doesn’t know that she exists. He not only notices her but turns out, the turn-on is mutual. Being with him brings her pleasure like she’s never known, but finding out he’s not whom she thought can only bring her pain.

She breaks all the rules to be with him, but when his past is revealed, it’s her heart that could be broken.

Infinity Prism guitarist, Lucas Smith isn’t looking for anything serious, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing the brunette bombshell… right in the studio where she works. He quickly finds that one taste isn’t enough and he’ll do what it takes to fight for more, fight for her. Misunderstandings, a scheming coworker and a jealous ex threaten to destroy what they could have. He will have to come clean about everything, including his life before music. A life he’s not proud of.

Brought together by an undeniable attraction and all-consuming desire, they are submerged into a world of highs and lows. They know it won’t always be an easy ride… in fact, they’re counting on it.

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Infinity Prism Series by Kylie Walker

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Chapter One


Abigail Jones focused on the insect as it buzzed around the office without a care in the world. She was trying to tune out Burt’s tantrum, one of many she’d been subjected to in her six weeks as his intern. She’d learned early that letting the high-profile talent agent wear himself out with a tirade was her best shot at self-preservation. Don’t say anything. Just agree. Apologize. Get the hell out of the office as fast as possible.

Burt was rambling something about his schedule being too full. He was overbooked. He was tired, damn it, and couldn’t keep all these damn appointments. Why hadn’t she thinned his schedule like she was supposed to? He seemed to forget that when he’d hired her, he’d explicitly told her not to make any changes to his schedule; just pen appointments in and keep him update of additions.

His voice rose in pitch, his face turning yet another shade of red. Abigail held back a sigh and seriously second-guessed her choice to intern here. She’d only signed on to see the inner workings of managing huge bands, like Burt’s hottest client Infinity Prism. So far, she’d only seen the inner workings of Burt’s calendar.

It’s not like she expected to hang with the band or anything but getting a closer look at how their venues were scheduled, contracts negotiated, and music produced were things she’d hoped to see. She was only a junior in college; had been fortunate to get this gig at all considering she had a long way to go.

“These calendar glitches cannot happen again, Abigail,” Burt said and placed his hands firmly on his waist. He adjusted his khaki pants and sniffed, eyeing her expectantly as if she was just going to get down on her hands and knees and grovel at his feet, begging for mercy.

Never going to happen. She tried not to stare at his gaudy mustache.

“Yes sir,” she said. The words tasted bitter on her tongue, and she nearly choked them out. “I won’t let it happen again.”

What the hell was this guy’s problem anyway? She was an intern, not his full-duty secretary.

Abigail subtly turned her head around to look through the glass windows showing the cubicles in the main room. Jaime Hinson peeped her head over the divider, staring at the exchange between Abigail and Burt.

Jaime was the most obnoxious middle-aged, sad sap of a human that Abigail had ever met. She probably went home at night and cried and ate ice cream while abrasively petting her hoard of cats. She was the brown nosing suck up assistant of Burt, and she would stop at nothing to bring other people down. No way would she fall on a sword for someone else, but she wouldn’t have a problem holding the blade and stabbing it into someone’s back.

Nope, Jaime could not be trusted on any level. Abigail had only been an intern at the firm for a little over six weeks of the twelve that she was supposed to do in order to receive college credit. She hadn’t learned much other than the fact that Burt loved to yell a lot. In fact, she was sure he got off on it. She also knew that no one liked Jaime, but they stayed out of her way because it was well known that she wouldn’t hesitate to throw them under the bus any chance she got.

Noticing the way that Jaime appeared to be snickering before she disappeared behind the cubicle, hiding like the coward she was, infuriated Abigail. She clenched her jaw and glared, waiting for the older woman to slink a look back over the divider for more of the show. In fact, the two most recent additions to Burt’s calendar had been Jaime’s doing. And she’d done so without asking him like she was supposed to, instead of passing them off to Abigail so her initials would be by the appointments.

Abigail shifted her attention back to Burt. He was calmer and winding down in his tangent, but he was still a little red-faced and hot under the collar.

“I just did what Jaime told me to do, sir.” Abigail planted on one of her most deceptively polite smiles that she could muster and spoke through clenched teeth.

Her ears and cheeks felt hot with rage. Jaime was the one who really made the snafu on the calendar. Why wasn’t she getting reamed a new one too? Abigail was not a sellout, but Jaime’s behavior had sent her catapulting over the edge, and now she was a slimeball in the situation also.

She felt vindication even for calling Jaime out on the issue, even if it was a minor dig.

Burt opened his mouth to retort something. In his eyes, his assistant Jaime could do no wrong. It was probably a lost cause for Abigail to even protest.