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Russian Next Door

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Flora Ferrari

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I binge watched The Americans.

I saw what happened with the last election.

I even read McMafia and streamed the BBC TV show of the same name.

I thought it wasn’t all that real…until it happened to me.

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I freeze mid-step, my hand still running a towel through my hair as I stare out the window of my second floor master bedroom.

My jaw clenches and every muscle in my body tightens at the sight of her.

That’s my new neighbor?

She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and coming from a country known for its beautiful women that’s saying a lot.

I watch her, her body turned to the side as she slides into a pair of panties and then searches through her dresser drawers for something else.

Stop. No more clothes. You should be taking them off, not putting them on.

The amber light from a single bulb lamp illuminates her perfectly. The way the yellow hues light up her skin has my dick hardening instantly.

I will claim her. I will make her mine.

She has one of those extremely thin curtains pulled, the ones that are as thin as possible. I can see everything, but I don’t just want to see, I want to be.


Next to her. With her. Rolling around on that bed, or better yet our bodies ricocheting through her house, bouncing off the walls, as primal need takes over.

I’ve never felt a need like this in my entire life. Never.

There’s something about her. The way she moves. The simplicity of it all.

She’s just out of the shower too. Even from here I can see her skin is glowing, radiating, and her hair is wrapped up in a towel.

What color is it? I have to know.

My eyes follow her long swanlike neck to her collarbone as she continues searching for something.

A bra? A T-shirt?

Me? I don’t need to search for anything or anyone anymore. I’ve found her, and she’s right next door.

She pulls a T-shirt from the drawer and just before she goes to slide her arms into it she flicks off the light, turning toward my house in the process.

I growl. Right now she’s facing my window and I could have seen those amazing breasts of hers.

I’m so blown away by her right now the thought of heading right back into the shower is running sprints through my mind. But this time I wouldn’t go in there to get clean from nearly twenty-four hours of traveling all the way from Moscow to Miami.

No. I’d be in there to get dirty, at least my mind that is. To imagine all the things I want to do to that innocent girl who doesn’t even know I exist. Not yet at least.

But she will. Oh, she will.

I’m going to make absolutely sure of that.

The Kremlin purchased this house for one purpose…for me to make contacts and recruit for their cause.

The first contact I’m going to make is going to be with her, and it’s not going to be just verbal. It will be physical.

And once I have her, she will be mine forever.

When I see something I want in this world I take it. And I’ve never wanted something more the way I want her.

I will have her. I will take her if I have to.

I’m still frozen looking out my window and into hers. She can’t see me because the electricity isn’t even turned on yet. Thank god the water is working, even though that cold water could do little to bring down the heat that’s running through my body right now.

I can’t take my eyes off her window, wanting just one more glimpse of her.

Suddenly her light turns on. She reaches for what looks to be a Kindle, which is sitting on top of her dresser.

I watch as she swipes through the pages.

Are you looking for a naughty story, you dirty little girl? Something to get you worked up before bedtime? Well I’ve got a story for you over here. It’s the story of a Russian man, fresh off the plane from Moscow…a big bad wolf.

And what does this Russian wolf see? The one who spent part of his youth in snowy Siberia just like the famous arctic fox?

This wolf sees a Little Red Riding Hood of course. But in this version it’s her panties that are red, and her T-shirt is white…pure.

My dick jerks at the thought that this girl might be untouched, completely innocent.

I have to be the only one to touch her…the only one to taste her. Ever.

And I will.

Her head darts to the side and she looks out her window.

A chill runs through me when I realize the moonlight is coming straight into my window, revealing me as I stand here completely naked, my hands still clutching a towel in my short hair.

Her eyes shoot wide open as she takes in the sight of me.

Quickly she fumbles for the light, knocking it on to the ground.

She practically dives to the floor, looking for the switch and suddenly her room is completely dark again.

She saw me all right.