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Saving Beth

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Katy Kaylee

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She’s the one that got away… ten years ago.

I am the head of the Diorno famiglia,

Duty. Responsibility. And above all, Family.

These are the only things that matter to me.

Nothing else. Nothing and no one.

That is, until she walks back into my life.


Blue eyes, luscious lips, and devastating curves.

She tells me that I mean nothing to her.

Looks at me like I’m a mere stranger.

But her eyes tell me a different story.

They beg for me to claim her.

To save her.

She’s trying to track down a serial killer.

Her life is at risk.

And now, Beth is not just the love of my life.

She’s also carrying our baby.

I’d be damned if I let anyone lay a hand on either of them.

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The sound of the rain against the sodden concrete was a dull roar in Leah’s ears but she barely noticed. The entire city was soaked to the bone by the chilly March storm. It was early spring, but winter still held on with a tenacious grip, refusing to break for the warmer weathers that April and May would bring.

Tall steel and glass buildings jutted into the night sky, metal teeth piercing the cloudy indigo night sky. Their lights shining like eyes peering into the darkness, standing watch over the city that she loved.

It was more than just her home. It was her heart. Her pulse. She loved the people, the crowded sidewalks, the bars that were sure to be bustling with those city-dwellers that were brave enough to face the rain. That feeling of never being alone but still anonymous if she wanted to be.

Leah inhaled deeply, drawing in the clean scent of the storm, the loamy smell of the greenway that she stood on, the tang of ozone that filled the air. She expelled it all with a soft, muffled laugh.

She knew anyone standing alone in the middle of the night, in the middle of a rainstorm shouldn’t feel excited. But she wasn’t most people.

With another laugh of pure pleasure, Leah ducked under a nearby bridge just as a bolt of lightning split the sky. A second later, the crash of the thunder followed, booming so loud that she could feel the noise reverberate in her chest.

She gave a hasty shake of her black rain coat, trying to get off the excess moisture from the rain and it splattered down in a puddle around her tall leather boots.

At least I dressed appropriately, Leah thought to herself with a grin. It was more of a coincidence than anything else. She’d left her small uptown apartment in the oversized black coat and boots because they were the darkest, most obscure articles of clothing she owned.

She couldn’t exactly go to a secret meeting with a liaison dressed in her everyday sunflower yellow pea coat. She’d stick out like a…well…like a sunflower in the middle of the dingy warehouse district she was now huddled in.

The goal was not to draw any more attention to herself as possible.

Leah glanced down at herself, nodded in approval, and then up at the massive red steel bridge that rose over head, protecting her from the torrential rainfall.

It stretched across the winding river that bisected the city and she watched its waters flow faster and faster as it rose higher on either side, flooding with the storm. She lost track of time as she watched the river rush back towards the city. Her dark gray eyes looked like wet charcoal and her blond hair, so light it was almost white, was so sodden that it was nearly falling out of the messy bun she usually wore it in.

She was on the outskirts of River west, in the middle of the warehouse district that sat on the very edge of the city. She was far from her cozy one-bedroom Uptown apartment. For a minute, Leah let herself daydream about being warm and dry, curled up under a pile of blankets and watching her favorite old detective movies.

Only for a moment, though, before she banished the thoughts. She knew she was there for an important reason. Just letting her thoughts drift to why she was standing there in the rain had excitement and adrenaline flushing her system all over again.

Leah flicked her dark gray gaze up to the bridge. A part of her was glad it was keeping her mostly dry, but it was also helpful to stay hidden from unwanted eyes. Not that there were many to see her amongst the deserted looking factories and industrial buildings that sat in the shadows behind her.

Leah felt a chill sweep down her spine but refused the urge to look behind her, to scan the darkness to see if she really was alone. Instead, she kept her gaze locked on the city skyline, marveling at the beauty of the place.

She loved living there. Feeling the pulse of the city. The hustle and the energy. She loved it all. She especially loved her job at the Chronicler, the city’s major newspaper.

As Leah waited, her mind wandered, thinking about how far she’d come from the college town that she had grown up in. The old stately brick buildings and hushed, venerated silence. Her sister had loved the university life, but Leah had gotten out of that town as soon as she could.

The day after she’d turned eighteen, Leah had packed up her things and headed for the city. Her parents had been aghast at the reckless move. What about college? What about her studies?

Leah felt a wry smile twist her mouth at the memory and then the pang of loss that always followed thoughts of her parents. That had been over eight years ago, that she’d left. And only two since the terrible accident that had taken both of their lives.