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Scenic Route (Beautiful Biker #3)

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D.D. Prince

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Take the ride to Happily Ever After with Beautiful Biker Spencer Valentine of The Dominion Brotherhood MC.
Spencer knows it’s a long and winding road to happily ever after. He’s got baggage. He has a chip on his shoulder. Recent events have woken him up, made him realize he has to get over the past and move forward.

He finds Pippa, the girl he wanted, but who belonged to someone else, bleeding in an alley on a dark and rainy night, hurt at the hands of the man who was supposed to protect her.

This changes everything.
Spring brings a time for new beginnings. His new beginning. The beginning of his happily ever after. And he’s determined it’s going to be with her.

Spencer is possessive, protective, and like his two older brothers, 100% alpha male.

It won’t be an easy journey to take, but he’s determined to keep Pippa safe and give her a reason to trust again.
Pippa has always felt the sparks flying between them, but isn’t sure she can get over what she’s been through.
That doesn’t matter, though, because Spencer is 100% sure that now that she’s free, she’s his.
Spencer has some healing to do, too. And of course there’s drama and danger happening around them both.

This is the third book in the Beautiful Biker series, a contemporary MC romance series with alpha male biker book boyfriends and smoking hot action-packed pages.

Hot, suspenseful, and addictive MC romances with suspense, action, steam, laugh out loud moments, sexy and lovable characters, and a little bit of gritty darkness. Reading these motorcycle romances (each about a different couple but with intersecting stories) in order will provide the richest reading experience.
Warning: This story deals with the aftermath of domestic violence.

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The first time I saw him, he was trying to flirt with my friend, Ella (my friend, who was dating his brother).

Later that night, he tried to get my boyfriend to score cocaine for him.

In the coming weeks, he was typically drunk and jerk-like each time I saw him and sporting much-deserved shiners from first his older brother Deacon, and then from his other brother, Rider.

A week ago, I’d actually seen him dodge a punch from his little sister, Jojo. Again, deserved.

So, why, then, did I just wake up beside him in a bed in his room in the Dominion Brotherhood MC clubhouse?

Maybe I’d better rewind. Once you find out how I got here, maybe you’ll be able to help me figure out whether or not it was a colossal mistake to sleep with Spencer Valentine.


I was mostly running, sort of stumbling, barefoot, the mascara-tinted tears on my face mixing with rain, the rain also mixing with the blood coming from the cut on my bottom lip. The cut was most likely made with the ring he wore, the ring I’d bought him our first Christmas together.

The rain came down in buckets, making me slip and stumble on the cobbled path in the alleyway between the hair salon and the bakery. Headlights flashed on me from the parking lot behind the salon and blinded me for a second and then they dimmed, but were still too bright, making me squint against the light. I used my trembling and bleeding hand to shield my eyes. I heard the door of the vehicle the light belonged to open, then slam.

“What the fuck?” an angry and familiar male voice clipped.

I groggily blinked, my eyes pointed at my wet bare feet, and the boots in front of me. Motorcycle boots. I dragged my hands through my sopping wet hair, to get it out of my eyes.

I was spinny, dizzy, reeling from being hit in the face, from also falling on my face. I took in denim, then a black leather jacket with heavy silver zippers, and then my eyes moved up until I saw the chin cleft, then concerned golden brown-flecked-with-amber eyes framed by thick dark lashes. I reached up to grasp the leather, scrambling as the ground moved closer to me.

Spencer Valentine caught me as I collapsed.


I had the sensation of being in an elevator. I smelled leather. Faint tobacco. Cinnamon gum. Spencer.

And rain.

“Spencer?” I asked.

“Just gettin’ you upstairs to Rider and Jenna’s, Sunshine,” he said gently.

He had me in his arms. He was taking us up the back stairs.

Good. That’s where I’d been heading when I collapsed in the alley.

Jenna and Rider weren’t home. They were away for a weekend, at Rider’s family’s cabin in the woods over an hour away. I knew there was a key hidden for the apartment on the roof terrace, so I’d planned to use it to go in and hide out, at least until I wasn’t seeing double, but more than likely for a few days while I figured stuff out.

I had so many things to figure out. Like, for instance, how I could be so, so fucking stupid to let this happen to me.

Jenna and I were roommates up until a few months ago, in the apartment above her hair salon, where I rented space as an esthetician. We’d lived and worked together for close to three years after we’d met in beauty school, hitting it off from day one. We had a blast living together, working together.

But, I’d moved out as her boyfriend Rider moved in. Not because of Rider, because I was supposed to. I’d been planning it for months. I was taking the next step with Joe. Joe, who I’d thought was my forever.

My old room was now Jenna’s spare room, though my bed and a few of my things were still there. I hadn’t needed the bed when I’d moved in with Joe; he had a king-sized bed. I needed it now, though. Because no way was I going back to Joe’s.

I didn’t know what I’d do. I just needed a couple days to get my head together. I had two days until Jenna and Rider got back, but I knew they’d let me stay longer if I needed to.

The pounding in my head was brutal. I closed my eyes and sank into the soft but damp leather of Spencer’s jacket. It was wet from the rain, but it didn’t matter; I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.



Who was that and who were they talking to?


That wasn’t Joe calling my name. Who was that?

I tried to pry my gluey eyes open. My head hurt. My face hurt. My knees, too. I was in a skirt and my side hurt, really bad, where I’d been hoofed with a steel-toed construction boot. I winced as it all rushed back into my memory.