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Scratch (Feral Aliens #2)

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Loki Renard

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I’ve sold myself a thousand times. But he is the one who owns me. Caught in a war, I meet an alien bad boy with fangs and claws.
His name is Scratch, and he lives to break rules. Scratch rubs me the wrong way. Scratch gets under my skin.
Scratch gives me every reason to hate him, but I can’t stop giving myself to him. Every time he claims me, I fall a little bit further into what I hope isn’t love.
Please, don’t let me fall in love.
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Feral Aliens Series by Loki Renard

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Loki Renard

1 Hard Landings


“What will it take for you to learn your lesson?”

I growl the words into my human mate's face, my fangs flashing less than a quarter of an inch from her impudent mouth.

“Everything and nothing,” she hisses back through clenched teeth. Her eyes flare at me with the disobedient rebellion which made me fall for her. This human is the most maddening, perfect, adorable troublemaker I’ve ever met. And I’ve met me, so that’s impressive.

This conversation is a waste of time for us both. She thinks she is unbreakable. She refuses to fit in, and absolutely refuses to follow the rules. She made herself an outcast on Earth and she’s determined to do so here too. I’m an outlaw myself, so I get it. But you can’t stay outlaw forever. Not if you want to survive in the wild. There’s all kinds of rules you can break in this world, but you can’t break nature’s rules. Not without getting broken yourself.

I am going to have to tame this brat of a human. And it starts with making her scream.

She still doesn’t believe I’m really going to do it. I can see it in her eyes, even now. She thinks she has gotten away with everything.

But nobody gets away with everything forever.

Not even her.

I remember the first time I met her. I wasn’t in a position to properly see her, definitely not in any state to actually want her. Now, wanting her is all I can do. It is a consuming force which drives my every thought and my every move.

She squirms in my arms, her soft flesh so delicate beneath my rough fingers. I inhale her scent and it makes every part of me throb with desire. She’s mine in every way - and I’m about to show her exactly what that means.

Moons ago….

Mr Tiddles

I yawn, stretch, and take another step through the woods. It’s not easy being a fugitive. Or maybe it is. When I first took this skin it felt small and limited, but my human has done well by me. My old identity is a distant memory. I am Mr Tiddles now. And Mr Tiddles I shall remain. Unless, of course, a handy almost-dead corpse should happen to provide an alluring home for my cramped consciousness. That’s unlikely to happen.

My paw touches something.

Ugh. Gross. I shake it and lick it. Tastes dead. Hm. Maybe worth investigating after all. Sniffing at the bodies of the dead yet to be moved, I have to remind myself that nibbling on them, even the tastiest parts, would technically be cannibalism. Or catnibalism. Or catnibbleism. However you say it, it would be probably wrong, and not just in a moral way. In a way which might get me sick as hell.

I am, after all, walking through the remnants of a battlefield. This is the place the far off city launched their attack on this pristine place of peace. Now the bits of forest that used to smell like dirt and birds smell like blood and death. I like it.

“Blah blah blah…”

“Blah blah blah blah blah…”

The feral cats are having a discussion inside the clearing. After the city attacked, a lot of debris was pulled through the closing portal. It’s complicated, and as a cat, I don’t have to care about that at all. So I don’t.

But something is making my whiskers twitch, and I always follow a twitchy whisker.

“I need to get back to Kitty.”

Skoll is cross. He’s been whiny and protective ever since Kitty gave birth to his baby. Those things change a grimalkin. I’m glad I never mated anyone. It would have slowed me down, probably gotten me caught. The city would have had leverage over me. It’s best a guy like me stays attachment free. In this world, caring for something or someone is just like handing fate a knife to stab you with.

“Soon,” Falkri says. “You are the only one who understands this technology. We’ve found something that doesn’t fit. We need you to check it out.”

“What do you need me to look at that you can’t identify….” Skoll trails off as Falkri points to something laying on the ground. The very thing which made my whiskers twitch.

“Is that another human?” Falkri asks. “It looks like yours, but different.”

“It is a human,” Skoll says. “She must have been pulled through the walking wall when it was destroyed. It must have been open to the human world in some way. An accidental redirect, of sorts. The city must have used almost all their power to walk the soldiers this far. It probably relocated all sorts of things that weren’t supposed to move.”

That’s a lot of must have’s and probably’s, but I’m not going to point that out because I’m inside a cat and cats can’t talk. The urge to speak was almost impossible to deal with when I first slipped inside this body. Now I’m much more used to it.