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Single Dad Can’t Get Enough

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B.B. Hamel

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I’m a single dad. I protect what’s mine.
And Kim woke something up in me.
Something that needs to be satisfied.
Now I’m taking what I want… and taking care of her.

When a young, stunning girl moves into the guest house I’m renting out, I figure I’ll just keep my distance. No need to complicate my life even more.

But Kim brings a troubled past with her. More trouble than just that perfect, tight body and lips that beg to be kissed.

I can’t stay away. I haven’t felt like this in a long time. Kim makes me want something physical and I can’t just ignore it.

But I got my daugher to think about. My little girl is the center of my world.

Still, I can’t turn my back on Kim. She needs my help more than she’s willing to admit, and I need her way more than I even realize.

I’ll bring her into my life, into my house. I’ll let her meet my daughter.

And I’ll take care of everything she needs.

But first, she has to give herself to me. Or else we’re both doomed.

This single dad is burning up! The next and final entry in the Can’t Get Enough series is a steamy hot and exciting single daddy book. If you like scorching scenes, a little bit of funny banter, a little bit of exciting suspense, then this story’s all for you. As always, this is a full length novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after. Enjoy it! XO BB.

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I walk up the old front porch steps and feel the wood creaking under my weight. I frown around me, at the rundown door, at the shudders hanging slightly askew, and wonder if I’m in the wrong place.

Doesn’t matter. I knock on the door and wait. My bag is slung over my shoulder, heavy and packed to the brim with every single thing I own in the world. I’m nervous, shifting from foot to foot, but I refuse to let myself chicken out and run away.

I’ve done enough running this last year. I’m ready to find somewhere more permanent, more stable. Summersville is just about perfect. It’s small, tiny really, and tucked in an out of the way corner of Virginia. Nobody knows it exists and nobody cares, which is exactly what I want.

The door creaks open and I take a step back. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the man that looks out at me definitely isn’t it.

He’s younger than I figured. Maybe in his early thirties. He has dark hair, cut short and pushed back, a little messy, but somehow still fashionable and endearing. He has piercing green eyes, stubble on his cheeks, and a muscular but still lean frame. He’s strikingly handsome, the sort of guy you’d see in an underwear advertisement or something like that. I have to do a double take, my eyes moving down his dirty old jeans and tight, paint-stained white t-shirt.

“Can I help you?” he asks me, mouth pulling into a little smile.

“Uh, hi,” I say. “I’m here about the room.”

He stares at me for a long moment. “It’s not a room.”

“I saw the ad on Craigslist, said there was a room for rent, available immediately. I wanted to come—”

“It’s not a room,” he repeats. “It’s more like a guest house.”

I frown a little. “Oh.”

He stares at me for a long moment. I shift nervously. I can’t remember the last time someone looked at me like that, obviously sizing me up and not sure if he likes what he’s finding.

“Still interested?”

“Is the price what I saw in the ad?”

He shrugs. “Probably.”

“Five hundred a month.”

“That’s right then.”

“Okay. Okay, cool, yeah. Let’s go take a look.”

“Meet me around back.” He shuts the door in my face and I hear a lock click into place.

I stand there for a second. I don’t know how to get around back… but I guess I have to figure that out. I hop down the steps and walk around to the side of the house. There’s a wooden fence that was probably painted white at some point, but now it’s mostly just mossy green and dirt-stained, rotting away in portions. The gate swings open easily and I step around into the side yard.

The house is big and old, like a planation house on TV. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m from California and lived my whole life there until recently. I don’t know the first thing about plantations or the South, but this is what I picture, something big and rundown and beautiful.

I walk past a garden, surprisingly well-kept, and come into the back. It’s a big yard, really big. It slopes down and away toward some trees, and tucked back in the tree line is another smaller building. At first, I think it’s a shed, but it looks a lot nicer than a shed, and a lot bigger.

The guy appears to my right, stepping down the back porch. He nods at me and heads down a rough dirt path.

“Been meaning to fix all this up,” he says, gesturing at the yard. Parts are overgrown with weeds, but it’s mostly well-kept, the grass clipped short. There’s a sandbox nearby and a child’s swing set with a little castle and slide attached. “Hard to find the time.”

“Sure,” I say.

“My name’s Erik.”

“I’m Kim.”

He glances at me. “Nice to meet you, Kim.”

I follow him down the path and we stop outside of the building. Definitely not a shed, now that we’re closer. It’s more like a small cabin. He unlocks the door and we step inside.

“Not much,” he says. “Kitchen and living room here. Got a full bath in the back and one bedroom. Go ahead and look around if you want.”

“I’ll take it.”

He frowns at me. “You haven’t seen it.”

I look at him and force myself to smile. “It’s available now, right? I’ll take it and move in today.”

He laughs a little bit. “No offense, Kim, but I don’t really know you. That’s not really how it works.”

“Sorry,” I say, looking away. I can feel the red flushing my face and I don’t want him to see how embarrassed I am. “This is my first place on my own, I guess I don’t know anything yet.”

“I get you,” he says. “Listen, take a look around, and then we’ll talk. Okay?”

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