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Sofie’s Boys

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Jenika Snow

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I fell in love with two men. I thought being with them both—at the same time—would be complicated.

But it was easy. It was perfect.

One of them was twice my age.

The other was the boy I grew up with.

Both of them were so very different, but they gave me exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed.

Ryker was a bad boy with looks that had my panties dropping from day one. He knew exactly where to touch me to make me cry out for more.

He was also my best friend.

Jareth was older, refined and experienced. He knew how to make me beg for more with just a dominant look.

He was also my boss.

Although they were possessive and jealous where I was concerned, they accepted I was in a relationship with both of them.

Ryker and Jareth only demanded one thing from me … to only be with them.
But had the time come for me to choose one?

How wrong would it be to keep them both?

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Chapter One


I thought it would be complicated being in a relationship with two men at the same time.

But it wasn’t. It was easy.

They were so different from each other, yet gave me exactly what I needed.

Ryker was the typical bad boy with the leather-jacket-wearing, Harley-riding, MC vibe going on.

My best friend, the one person I’d grown up with, and the boy I’d given my virginity to.

And then there was Jareth. Older and sophisticated, he controlled the boardroom like it was his bitch.

He was also my boss. He dominated me in ways I never imagined, never even thought I’d enjoy.

Here I was, seeing them both, in a relationship with two men. And to be honest, I didn’t know how it all started, how I’d gotten in a situation in which I was in love with two separate people, almost as if I were living two very different lives.

Sure, I’d been called a slut by some when they found out I was with two men, but Ryker and Jareth were two who equaled one.

One perfect man for me.

Jareth’s dominance was cold and hard, like polished steel moving over my body as I let it cool over.

Ryker’s familiarity was like smooth wood warmed by the sun as I lay on it and basked in the heat.

Jareth fucked.

Ryker made love.

But then again, they’d been known to switch it up on me, to show me sides of themselves I’d never experienced, never thought they were capable of.

They were mine and I was theirs.


I ran the lipstick over my bottom lip, put the cap back on, and looked at myself in the mirror.

Tonight was Ryker’s night, and although I’d known him my entire life, our relationship had drastically changed once things became sexual, once we went from being just friends to… something more.

It had all changed with that first kiss, that first touch, then the heated moment of me begging Ryker to take my virginity. Booze had been involved—of course. The party we’d attended was wild and sexually charged, which then led to us in the back of his pickup with him on top of me.

Jareth, on the other hand… well, I blamed that on the animal magnetism that poured off him in waves, and a company Christmas party where I drank too much champagne. Because that had ended with me in Jareth’s office with his face between my thighs.

And then came the day when they both came to me and wanted more, wanted a relationship. Although there had only been that one time I’d been with each of them, I’d grown feelings for them, and knew choosing one over the other was an impossible task.

So I’d told both of them about the other, explained I couldn’t let either of them go, that I cared too much about them both. I’d expected them to end it with me right then and there. But surprisingly they’d agreed, told me almost identically that they refused to give me up, that if they had to share me with the other, so be it.

They were possessive and territorial of me when it concerned other men, but with each other? They were accepting, conceding that I couldn’t give them up.

So here I was, living two separate lives, having two separate relationships, and in love with both Ryker and Jareth.

“What a story,” I said to my reflection.

I finished getting ready, my belly tightening with each passing second. I’d been seeing both Jareth and Ryker for months now, and every day I felt my feelings for them grow. I loved them. And although I knew they cared about me too, there was this little voice in the back of my head that reminded me this could all end horribly.

Maybe this wasn’t real. I mean, it sure sounded fictional. Me with two men, both of them desperate for my attention, possessive of me….

If I was being honest, it all sounded too good to be true.

But everything had been going so smoothly, so perfectly. Once things had become official between Ryker and Jareth, it had all fallen into place perfectly, as if that’s how it was always meant to be.

I split my days up every week between them. Three days on, three days off, and one day I had for myself. Although, if I were being truthful, if I could spend every single day of every single week with both of them, it would be nirvana.

I gave myself one last long look in the mirror before heading downstairs. My roommate was sitting on the couch, a pint of ice cream in her lap, and When Harry Met Sally playing on the TV for the hundredth time.

I grabbed my purse and checked to make sure I had all the essentials: lipstick, deodorant, gum, and my wallet.

I heard the loud rumble of a motorcycle approaching, and my pulse raced, butterflies moving wildly inside me. I walked to the window, pulling the curtain aside and seeing Ryker come to a stop in the driveway.