Something Beautiful (The Blisswood Brothers #4) Read Online Evey Lyon

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Drew doesn’t believe he deserves to have something so beautiful, and besides, falling for Lucy Blisswood would be reckless…
The worst thing a guy can do is fall for his best friend’s little sister, so imagine when all three of her overprotective brothers are your friends. It’s a simple rule to follow: don’t look at Lucy the way she looks at me. And when she returns, unplanned, to our small town of Bluetop, keeping her off-limits should be the least I can do. Afterall, the Blisswood brothers made me an honorary member of the family, they gave me a chance when nobody else would. All the more reason why I can never admit that I wish I didn’t have to stay away from Lucy and her persistence.
And in a moment of weakness, I don’t.
Lucy has always understood me like no other, and we both share wounds and secrets—including what’s transpiring between us. Soon we find ourselves finally confronting what feels like a romance years in the making. I know it’s a betrayal to her brothers, and I definitely won’t get points for what I do with her when she’s wearing only my shirt. Not to mention, Lucy deserves Bluetop royalty, not me. But when I get life-changing news, Lucy’s determined not to let go. She makes me feel special, and I know that I shouldn’t push her away. Because I’m finally discovering that what Lucy and I have… makes me feel I may finally be worthy of something beautiful…

This unrequited love, brother’s-best-friend romance is the fourth and final standalone book in the small town Blisswood Brothers series that follows the brothers as they run their family winery and farm, Olive Owl.




I don’t know why I bother eying the menu as if I need to make a choice. I always order the same thing, without fail—chicken salad sandwich with a side of fried pickles. Nonetheless, I skim the menu on the wall before placing my request with the new recruit behind the register at Sally-Anne’s. I even order a chocolate malt since it’s Saturday, my cheat day, and it’s freaking hot outside.

Stepping out of the way, I take a spot on the spare seat along the windowsill. I’m not sure why this place isn’t busier today, but I guess it’s 3pm, so not quite lunch or dinner time. This place is a Bluetop staple, mostly breakfast or early lunch, though. You can’t go wrong with what you order here… except the coffee, that’s just for if you have a death wish.

My phone vibrates in my pocket, and I pull it out to see that I have a message from Grayson.

Grayson: Hey, Drew! Throwing steaks on the grill tonight. Come join us.

Normally, I would say yes, but I want an easy night in tonight, maybe practice a few new songs on my guitar. It’s been a busy week, as Grayson and I have been working on a new house one town over. Well, he designs, and I handle the construction crew. In fact, Grayson is so embedded in my life that he’s more than a friend, a boss, a mentor… he’s my brother. We may not be tied by blood, but he and the Blisswoods are the closest thing to family I’ve ever had.

My thumbs tap along the screen.

Me: Thanks, but I’m doing a late lunch and need to catch up on sleep.

Grayson: Okay, but feel free to swing by tomorrow. Pool and BBQ.

I pause for a second, knowing he won’t relent. Then the corner of my mouth tugs.

Me: For sure. Tell me what to bring.

Grayson: Nothing. Well, that is until it’s tomorrow afternoon and I realize that I forgot to pick something up at the grocery store and need you to save my ass.

The sentence finishes with a winking emoji.

Me: Truth.

I send a peace sign.

Grayson is a true family man; he’d do anything for his kids and wife. He has two daughters, with another child on the way. They all have him wrapped around their fingers too. He also makes good business decisions, as proven by the fact he started Blisswood Homes since he leaves the running of Olive Owl to his brothers. Olive Owl is the other place where I spend my days, as I still help Knox and Bennett with the winery, the place I worked at for a few years.

Speaking of which, my phone rings, with Knox’s name flashing on the screen.

“Hey, man, everything okay?” I greet him because I know he went to Chicago for the day.

“All good, but I kind of need a favor.” I can hear the smile in Knox’s voice. He is the Blisswood brother closest to my age, the youngest of the three brothers, and my boxing and drinking buddy too.

I chuckle, because when Knox asks for a favor, it can be normal or out-of-this-world random. “Go on.”