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Something in the Air – Running on Air

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L.H. Cosway

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Michaela Olsson has found her soulmate in James Khan. There are just a few teeny, tiny problems…

One, he’s her boss, two, he’s too old for her, and three, well, he happens to be engaged to somebody else.

She’ll take this crush and bury it deep. She’ll take it to her grave. James already belongs to another, so she’ll lock her secret up so tight it’ll be deprived of oxygen, suffocate and die.

Too dark?

Matters are only made worse when James asks her to move into his newly purchased house to supervise the renovations. Working together every day is bad enough, but living in a house he owns is far more intimate than she expected. Then, when James decides to call off his wedding without any explanation whatsoever, Michaela wonders if perhaps her feelings for him aren’t as one-sided as she thought.

While he was engaged James shared a flat with his fiancée, but now he’s moving into the house that Michaela has been living in by herself. She hadn’t intended for it to happen, but the place has started to feel like home, and with the object of her affections suddenly sharing her living space, things become infinitely more complicated. And heated.

Soon Michaela learns she might’ve had more to do with James calling off his engagement than she could’ve possibly imagined.

Something in the Air is book #2 in the Running on Air Series but can also be read as a standalone.

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“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”

― Federico García Lorca.



I wasn’t a weirdo, but I was definitely a creep.

Invisibility was my superpower, but not in the sense that I could make my body disappear. My invisibility came in a different form. Quite like a clock on a wall, looked at only when a person needed to know the time, I had a function but in general, people didn’t really see me, they didn’t spare me a second glance.

In a world where attention was a new form of currency (and I knew this all too well being the PA to a group of reality TV stars), this might seem like a bad thing.

But it wasn’t.

All my life, I’d preferred to go unnoticed. Everything inside of me was repelled by the idea of standing out. In my mind, being seen was dangerous. I avoided it like the plague, was relieved when people passed me by without looking too closely. What I truly feared was someone pointing me out all, Hey, you. Yes, YOU. You’re not supposed to be here. Now go away. Get out before I call the police.

But now, for the first time, I wanted to be noticed. Strike that, I wanted one person in particular to notice me, and it was wrong on so many levels. I admired him from afar, dreamt about him, pondered the likelihood of an alternate reality. I felt lit up from the inside out when he so much as smiled at me.

Yes, my feelings for James Khan were complicated, even more so because he was my boss. He was also nine years older than me and engaged to be married.

See? I really was a creep.

I sat working with my computer on my lap, while at the same time, my gaze kept wandering to him of its own accord. He had dark, close-cropped hair and the most beautiful brown eyes, eyes that held wisdom that lit a spark in me. His full yet masculine lips and broad shoulders never failed to make my stomach flutter.

I watched, admired, coveted. All the while I knew I could never, would never act on my secret attraction. James was unaware of the sunshine he shone on the world. He had no idea of the light he emitted, attracting lonely, emotionally malnourished, forgotten creatures like me from the shadows. Sometimes he’d cast me a glance, but it wasn’t cursory, wasn’t like someone checking the time. James saw me, and I wished to be invisible and illuminated all at once.

Could a person be torn apart by their own suppressed desires? I clamped down on my attraction to this man who could never be mine, stowed away my feelings in a locked vault, hoping they’d be starved of enough oxygen that they’d eventually die of asphyxiation.

James was a kind, honourable person. I knew he didn’t want me like I wanted him. When he smiled at me, he was simply being cordial. He was the sort of person who gave himself to others without expecting anything in return. Dad always said that you could get the measure of a person based on how they treat those who can’t give them anything, and James was as kind and accommodating to strangers as he was to his very best friends.

He took the time to ask questions, to get to know people on a personal level. At first, I’d thought he paid me this same kind of attention because he liked me in the same way I liked him. It took me a while to realise my error, to see that this was how he was with everyone, leaving me with a very embarrassing, very inconvenient secret crush.

And now, eight months later, well, I had to figure out a way to kill these unwanted feelings I harboured.

I used to think I was a good person. I tried to treat others as I would like to be treated, and I lived my life by the practice of knowing I was no better than anyone and nobody was any better than me. Another of my father’s lessons. But nowadays I suspected there were quite a few people out there who were better than me. People who didn’t desire a man who already belonged to another woman.

I brought my attention back to the screen in front of me and tried not to fixate on the glistening sweat that coated James’ skin. I worked for a group of free runners, my main place of work a state-of-the-art gym in Shoreditch, and James was currently in the middle of a workout.

I was one of two personal assistants who catered to the cast of the popular reality TV show, Running on Air. The show followed a group of free-running urban explorers as they completed parkour-style stunts in cities all around the world.

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