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Speed Date - A Why Choose Romance

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Stephanie Brother

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I thought Speed Dating would be a waste of time, and then my hunky stepbrothers show up with their gorgeous friends Nick and Oscar. I’m mortified: they might think I’m an easy lay or that any of this is my idea. It’s not, I was dragged here by my BFF.
Seven minutes with each man is long enough to find out that Nick and Oscar are funny, charming, and sweet. Their smiles make me blush. And I’d like to meet them again and get to know them better.
It is also enough time to discover my stepbrothers both have the hots for me.
Matthew Harris has the decency and good sense to know we must not do anything about our mutual attraction, not when we live under the same roof.
However, his twin brother, Luke wastes none of his seven minutes on small talk. He wants to take me home to do the filthy things I’ve only dreamed of. And I’m tempted to say yes.
How can I choose one of their friends when all four men want me?
Whatever happens, I don’t want to mess up my future career as a respectable children’s nurse. I just want to settle down and have a big family of my own someday.
*SPEED DATE is a sizzling romance with a very happy ever after ending.
*A full-length standalone romance. *No cliffhanger. *No cheating.
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Stephanie Brother



The patrons of The Ugly Duckling, just off Market Street, are neither ugly nor duck-like.

The bar acted as a lightning rod, attracting every sizzling-hot guy from within a hundred miles, and they all converged there.

Walking in, a grand parade of hot manliness greeted me.

“Told you it’d be a gold mine. Or beef mine. Or... you know what I’m getting at. Hot, available guys everywhere, as far as the eye can see.”

That was Zoe, my best friend from my old high school and a single-minded girl. Or so it seemed.

It was always guys, guys, guys with her. And when she heard I was still unattached, she took up the mantle as if it were her divine duty to get me hooked up as soon as humanly possible.

And I meant that as literally.

I had just gotten back into Arlington to stay with my mum as college was out. It was my first face-to-face meet-up with my old BFF, and there we were, set on finding men.

“Summer’s here, school’s out, and you’re free from your classes. Now is the time to strike out and find gold. Get that sparkle in your life, Madison Miller,” she’d said to me on the phone when we’d fixed up these arrangements.

We weren’t at the bar to schmooze, hang around, and get drunk. And finally, kiss a guy who looked okay through intoxicated rum-and-Coke-goggles.

Oh no. We were there to meet dates—seven of them.

The Ugly Duckling had launched a special speed dating night, and Zoe had signed us up. As a homecoming gift, Zoe decided to endlessly badger me to attend, pay my entry fee, and she refused to take no for an answer.

Whatever would I do without her?

Sit at home and rot in front of my laptop, probably. Or unpack my bags in the unfamiliar house that my mother told me I should call home.

I was barely old enough to be allowed in a bar in the first place, and I wasn’t sure how you were supposed to get to know anyone in only seven minutes.

At least the whole set up was more reasonable than what I initially expected—seven dates in seven minutes. That meant seven minutes per date, not a date a minute.

Still, it felt akin to checking Tinder.

After a brief glimpse, check yes or no if I wanted to see them again. It would all be mostly based on how they looked and their vibe.

Yet Zoe insisted. And sometimes I had to humor her.

As much as I thought Duck Duck Date night sounded like a waste of time, it was something a bit different to do on a night out, and it just might be fun.

“This is your night, Maddi. You might find Mr. Right, here and now.”

My eyes rolled quite powerfully (if that were possible because it’s how I felt about that particular eye roll). “Yeah, this is definitely where I find my soulmate.” I intended for my voice to drip with sarcasm.

“Okay, maybe not Mr. Right, but Mr. Right-Now? You know double-barreled names are good, yeah?”

“Why are you so obsessed with getting me laid?”

“Cause I’ve never seen you with anyone. You’re what, twenty-two? You wait too long and people’ll ask questions.”

“Maybe I want more than a quick lay. Maybe I want something real, something emotional and which will last longer than a one night stand.”

She shook her head. “Trying something doesn’t mean you have to buy it, girl. Your mom being all up in your business since you asked her for tampons still got you worried and stuff?”

“My mom was never that bad,” I protested. “Okay, maybe it was her being on my ass in the beginning that taught me my attitude toward men, but I can put my own romance on it, okay? Like something out of a movie. Or a trashy romance novel. You find your soulmate from the start, and you live happily ever after.”

“See, it doesn’t work like that. If you don’t try it, you’re missing a core part of the relationship. The bedroom matters a lot more than you think, and in your smarmy movies, they act like it’s not important. They’re wrong. Maddi, my girl, it matters. It matters a whole damn lot.”

I let out a long, exasperated breath. “Well, even if I happen to like some guy I see tonight, there’s no guarantee I’m heading right off to sleep with him. I’m going to keep my standards, thank you very much.”

Really, I agreed with what Zoe was saying, but she was backing me into a corner, and I didn’t want to admit she was right.

I wanted a man who would blow my mind.

Just because I lacked experience in the bedroom didn’t mean I was oblivious. It was common knowledge that a lot of men are awful when it comes to pleasing women.

I wanted a man to give me so much more than what my fingers could provide—otherwise, what was the point?