Stalked by the Tight End (Obsessed Alphas #2) Read Online Mayra Statham

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I’ve only loved one thing in life, only had one goal: Football and playing pro.
I was ruthlessly focused. Living and breathing toward that one goal and only that goal. Until one look in her direction has me rethinking everything. Makes me forget why football was important.
I’m doing things I know in my gut are risking my future. Not only when it comes to football but with her. But the animal inside me has his heart set on her. She’s more intriguing and captivating than I’ve made up in my head. Whatever hope I had of the obsession winding down runs through my fingers like grains of sand.
Just the thought of Sara Martinez consumes me.
And now that I know the taste of her kiss and the softness of her skin, that deep animal hunger will never be sated. I’ve done things that would terrify her if she ever found out. But I can’t take them back. Only own up to them.
There’s no turning back. Whether she likes it or not, she’s mine. Forever.


Chapter 1

Marshall ‘Marsh’ Green

I sat back, unable to get comfortable on the hard bench seat. The thing was so old and falling apart, comfort was impossible. The wood needed to be sanded and sealed. I’d probably end up with a splinter by the time I stood up.

Trying to blend into the background wasn’t easy. Not when you were my height and size. Yet for some ungodly reason, I tried.

No. That wasn’t true. There was a reason.

It was the same reason my heart felt unsteady and my breathing was off.

My eyes were set on the bench seat across the street of where I lived with my best friend, James, and football buddy Hemi. Where she was.

Sara Martinez.

My Sara.

My jaw clenched as her name ran through my mind.

Sara. Mine. Sara. Mine. Only mine.

Smiling. Laughing. Talking to a girlfriend.

My hand clenched around my cell. When I exhaled, it came out jaggedly, almost painfully. All I wanted to do was go over there and talk to her. Be around her. Hear the sound of her voice and have those warm hazel eyes set on mine. I wanted it so much, I could almost taste it. Hear it.

But somehow, I fought the urge.

I was all about control.

I had always been about that.

Controlling what I ate, how I built muscle, how fast I could run on the field, when to work out and when to try and relax. I didn’t like disorder. I wasn’t about mess.

Neither James nor I were. Hemi was another story. I’d been in that guy’s room. He needed a cleaning lady.

Then James had tossed our lives up like a crazy man with a damn death wish. He’d gone and fallen in love with this chick he’d never talked to. Not one word. I thought the day he said hi and gave her his coffee order at the shop she worked at in town, he was going to explode he’d been so happy.

Obsessed was putting it mildly.

But the guy was like my brother. I had his back on and off the field, so I was there. Next to him as we moved out of our cushy on-campus apartment into a shitty end-of-town one.

Not matter what.

Someone had to look after the guy to make sure he didn’t go off the deep end. The thought made me smirk. Who would have guessed he had it in him? I’d never seen the guy look at a girl more than twice. Much less spend more than a weekend with one.

Then again, who was I to talk?

I picked up my water and chugged, letting the ice-cold liquid cool me down from the inside out, but even then, the chilled water did nothing to help with the heat inside of me. Just looking at her from afar set my soul on fire.

Sara Martinez was wreaking havoc on my life.

What was worse, she had no idea. No clue who I was or everything I’d done. Not a damn inkling of how fucking infatuated I was.

One day, by complete accident, trying to escape James’ intensity, I’d seen her, and my life had changed. Just like that. I’d always heard my grandfather talk about the day he’d met my grams. How one moment, life was easy. Steady. And the next, it felt like he’d been holding a grenade waiting for it to go off and not willing to let go. I’d never understood him. Until Sara.

James had been pacing back and forth in his room. Wound up so damn tight about the girl he was so in love with, he was basically stalking her. I couldn’t understand him back then. How he seemed to be almost coming out of his skin. All because she wasn’t home after her shift.

I’d thought my best friend had lost his goddamn mind. I didn’t understand why he cared so much. Memorizing her schedule. Sneaking into her place when she wasn’t home. If I was honest, I had been irritated with him and how he was behaving. I couldn’t imagine being that fucking lost over someone.