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Star (Beautiful #5)

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Lilliana Anderson

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A rock star walks into a room and chokes a movie star before throwing a chair through the window…

Sounds like the start of a bad joke. But it’s my reality when I get caught up in the midst of a paparazzi storm brought on by my best friend and her secrets.

As a journalist, I’m normally on the other side of the news. When I spend a night hiding from the cameras with Australia’s hottest commodity, movie star Jonathan Masters, I’m thrust into the spotlight and it’s not a fun place to be.

I want my life to go back to normal, but that won’t happen for three reasons:
1. Jonathan Masters thinks he owes me for saving his life.
2. Jonathan Masters keeps showing up uninvited and the cameras follow.
3. Jonathan Masters is engaged.

Maybe it’s only one real reason – Jonathan Masters. And he’s ruining my life.

I’ll admit that with his God-like looks, charming personality and sex appeal by the bucketful, he’s hard to ignore. But his reputation precedes him, and since I’ll never be the other woman, he’s wasting his time and mine. Besides, I’m already taken. I’m dating a celebrity chef…

Sandra fights desire with logic when a movie star swoops in and tries to steal her from the chef in Star: Beautiful Series, five. Containing new and extended scenes from A Beautiful Star in this breathtaking novel.

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“Do you think two famous people can have a successful relationship?” Lisa asks while I concentrate on parallel parking. It’s an interesting question coming from my best friend, because she hates famous people. An odd distaste to have when you work for a magazine named Voyeur. But she’s in advertising, so I guess she can be like that if she wants to.

“Well, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell made it.” I cut the engine as I answer, pressing my lips together to distribute my burgundy lipstick.

“Out of how many who didn’t?” We collect our purses and get out of my white VW Polo, dressed to the nines for our girls’ night out. Her dark hair flows to her shoulders, meeting the cap sleeves of her black dress. She’s even wearing pearls and looks like she’d be at home on the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s; a voluptuous Audrey Hepburn. “Remember how perfect Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston seemed for each other?”

I bounce a shoulder as I check my appearance in the tinted window, running my fingers through my long blonde ponytail before I smooth out the wrinkles in my royal blue dress.

“I reckon they should ban celebrities from marrying until they’ve made it ten years as a couple,” I say when I meet her on the footpath. “Then they’re allowed tie the knot.”

She tilts her head like she thinks that’s probably a good idea, and we start walking towards our destination. It’ll be a fun surprise for Lisa. She doesn’t get out much, but I think she’ll get a kick out of going to one of Sydney’s most iconic music venues for a sit-down dinner and an intimate performance by a young Aussie talent. It’s my job as her best friend to broaden her horizons and introduce her to new things.

“Oh, did you hear our very own Jonathan Masters’ latest engagement is on the rocks again?” I ask, keeping the conversation going. “How many is that now? Two? Three?”

Unlike Lisa, I love celebrity gossip. In fact, I thrive on it. And I’ve built a career finding the truth behind it as a journalist for Voyeur. That’s how Lisa and I met. I found her wandering the office looking lost on her first day and we clicked. She’s been my bestie ever since.

“I really wouldn’t know,” Lisa says of Jonathan Masters who’s Australia’s biggest movie export since the Hemsworth brothers. And I don’t doubt her, a few weeks back I asked her to cover for me by interviewing the most famous rockstar in the world, Marcus Bailey. She had no clue who he was and actually asked the man if he knew where to find himself. If she wasn’t so embarrassed by it, it’d be hilarious. She likes to live in her own little bubble where music comes from the sixties and all movies star Jason Statham. Hence my need to broaden her horizons.

“Jonathan Masters is a man who should never be allowed to marry,” I continue. “Too busy dipping his pen in other ink pots.” Seems cheating is a sport for Mr Masters, his ex-fiancée caught him in the act then smashed his car through their living room window while he was still in there—not that he learned his lesson if recent rumours are anything to go by.

“Ink pots?” Lisa laughs as we walk along the crowded street bumping shoulders.

I grin and glance at her. “You like that one? That’s one of my dad’s sayings.”

“I like the sound of your dad,” she says as a sadness sweeps over her. She never talks about her family.

“Oh, he’s a riot. You’d love him. He could teach these celebrities a thing or two about how to treat a woman.”

“Set a high standard, huh?”

“He sure did. If you ever need an example of devotion, it’s my dad. He would break out of Heaven to get back to my mum if he left this world before her.”

“That sounds kinda beautiful.” It is. My parents are as in love as two people can be. It’s gross sometimes….

“What about your folks?” I try, wondering if she’s going to shut me down like she normally does. “Are they still together?”

“Ah… yes and no,” she answers, surprising me. “They’re still married but they have a complicated relationship.”

“Is that why you don’t talk about them much?”

“Well, my dad disowned me a while back, and my mum, well… it’s also complicated.” She flashes me a smile, and I understand her sadness now. It kind of explains why she’s so shut off too.

“That’s a shame,” I say. “My mum and dad are two of my favourite people.”

“I envy you that.”

I offer an emphatic smile then gesture ahead of us to the neon-lit entrance of Mary’s Underground, hoping this will cheer her up. “Here we are.” The musician playing tonight has been haled for redefining the blues genre, and the only people invited tonight work in the industry, so it’ll be quiet and low key.