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Stone (The Lost Boys MC #2)

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Savannah Rylan

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I always get what I want. Until now.
The club has been infiltrated.
There’s a cop who knows too much.
And it’s my job as President to clean up this sh*t.
I can’t afford any distractions.
But when Hayley slams into my bike, she’s all I think about.
Her thick curves make me want to take her for a ride.
She quickly becomes the stress relief that I need.
However, the closer we get, the more questions about the club she has.
I won’t risk the club again with another outsider.
Even though I’m starting to feel Hayley could be so much more.
Can I trust her with the most important part of my life…and my heart?

Stone is the second book in The Lost Boys MC series.

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The Lost Boys MC Series by Savannah Rylan

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“How the fuck did this happen in the first place!?” Bronx roared.

He slammed the lodge door behind him and I turned around. I mean, I knew the guys wouldn’t be happy with an early morning fucking church meeting, but damn. Did the man have to be so fucking loud after being silent for over a damn month?

“Nice of you to finally use your voice,” I said.

“Stone, don’t,” Texas murmured.

“What? He hasn’t talked in a fuckin’ month and he busts up in here yellin’ at us?” I asked.

“He’s got a right to,” Notch said.

“Nice to have you back, by the way. How was the trip?” Texas asked.

“You know New Mexico’s always a nice time. Hate that I missed the party, though,” Notch said.

“There’ll be other cookouts,” Stone said.

“Not the party I was talking about,” Notch said, grinning.

Texas slapped him on the back as Bronx stormed into the living room. I had officially called a meeting to try and clean up some of this shit. We were all cleared of Jett’s death, but now we were staring down the barrel of another issue.

A fucking pig had penetrated our ranks and knew way too much about us.

“I want to know how the hell none of us caught this. Stone, where did you say you came across this asshole?” Bronx asked.

“A diner. Got into a tiff with the manager and I bailed him out of it. He looked like he had stumbled on hard times. I got him to a safe place and ran into him again in the grocery store. He seemed like a nice enough guy,” I said.

“A nice enough guy? That’s all it takes to get into our crew now?” Bronx asked.

“Look, I’m not happy about this, either. I personally vet everyone we offer as fucking prospects. This guy slipped through my hands as well. I mean, backgrounds checks are my fuckin’ job! They laid a hell of a backstory out for this asshat. What I want to know is what you two guys talked about while being best buds so I can figure out how much we’re compromised,” I said.

“Back off, Stone. Come on,” Texas said.

“Doesn’t matter what they talked about. Boulder had intimate knowledge of our crew. I mean, hell, I almost took the man on a damn gun run. He knows just about everything,” Notch said.

“I remember that. Back three months ago, right?” Texas asked.

“Fucking hell,” Bronx growled.

“Look, when I got to talking with him over beers, he told me he was a nomad searching for a club in the area to join. That’s why I did an intense background search on him. I mean, I ran all the shit. Aliases he had worked under. The man had been set up with two fucking social security numbers. And nothing in his backstory triggered cop. None of it,” I said.

“The man talked intelligently about crews, too. Knew how they operated. Shit like that,” Texas said.

“Is it possible he’s really a crew member somewhere working for the police under blackmail circumstances? That shit happens sometimes,” Notch said.

“Or he’s a cop that has intimate knowledge of crews because of a bad experience. Which means he’s holdin’ a grudge,” Stone said.

“Which means he’d be out to get us because of some petty bullshit,” Bronx snarled.

None of it sounded good. None of it sat right with me. I was pissed off enough that I had been blindsided. And when I went to run the social security numbers and aliases I’d logged on Boulder, none of it existed. Just as quickly as I’d found all that shit, it had been ripped from my sources. It was like the fucking man didn’t even exist.

It made my blood boil just thinking about it.

Then, a thought occurred to me.

“Bronx, why were you late?” I asked.

I turned and looked at the man as the room fell silent.

“You were the first I messaged and you live the closest. Why were you late?” I asked.

“What? You suspecting me of something?” he asked.

“Just answer the damn question,” I said.

“Stone, what’s going on?” Texas asked.

“You don’t really think Bronx helped him with anything, do you?” Notch asked.

“Answer. The question. Bronx,” I commanded.

He sighed. “Boulder was following me yesterday.”

“What?” Texas asked.

“I came out of my fucking apartment and got onto my bike, and he followed me out of my damn apartment complex. I drove around for almost an hour before I headed to the bar to start working things out with how we funnel our money in from the shit we sell off that we don’t need. An hour, Stone. That fucker stayed behind me for an hour, thinking I couldn’t see him. I took a lot of back roads getting here in case he was on my fucking tail again,” Bronx said.

“He’s following us now?” Notch asked.

“Holy fuck, I hadn’t even considered that,” Texas said.