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Summer Vacation With Dad’s Best Friend

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Flora Ferrari

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My dad promised me I could tag along on his summer vacation to Barcelona if I aced the semester.

Considering he’s spending his summer vacay with his best friend, the hot older man this younger woman has always wanted, you know I went all out…and lived up to my end of the bargain.

Being around dad’s best friend for the first time in years makes me feel so alive, and also reassures me that I’m ready for another first time…with him.

As temperatures soar and things get hot outside…and inside a famous Barcelona library…will this trip result in the ultimate HEA for me, or did I just read the whole situation wrong, only to find out that what we have is just summer love?

What will this possessive older man have to say about that?

And what will my dad say when it’s time kiss this vacation goodbye, but my dad’s best friend isn’t having it, saying I’m his and he wants to kiss me under the Spanish summer sun…forever?

*Summer Vacation With Dad’s Best Friend is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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My head leans back, finding the cool horizontal boards of the rooftop pool at the Hotel Colon in Barcelona, while my feet slide underwater along the marble tiles.

My eyes close and I exhale hard.

A visual image of those old Nestea Plunge commercials from the hot summers of the 80’s overtakes my mind as my body continues sliding horizontally until only my head is left above water.

Now…my vacation has officially started.

And just like in the 80’s I’ll soon be swimming with my best friend, but this time we’re not kids diving off the roof of his family’s house into his above ground pool…and yes, as soon as you hit you better go horizontal or you’re going to have a big ol’ knot right on your head, or worse…this time we’ve made it.

We’re both forty-one years old now and we have our own successful import / export business. I find the goods here in Spain and I ship them stateside to Eric who sells them into the biggest market in the world…America.

Olive oils, citrus fruits, and a whole host of other items. But now? It’s my turn to host my childhood friend in my home country for the first time, and I definitely owe him for all those years his family hosted me as an multi-year exchange student.

I hear the sound of the door to the rooftop opening. Ahhh…it must be the guest services girl they said they’d send up to check on me.

“Tinto de verano, por favor,” I say without even opening my eyes. This might be my very own literal Nestea Plunge, but in my home country we drink Tinto de verano in the summer, even more so than sangria.

I hear a giggle and just smile, my head horizontally on the top step of the shallow end.

There’s a row of wooden boards just overhead blocking the sun’s rays, keeping the rooftop cool…and once I get that drink in my hand I’m going to feel even cooler.

I just continue relaxing, waiting to hear the door shut as the girl who giggled head’s back downstairs to the bar to put in my drink request.

But that’s not what I hear at all.

Instead the sound of fabric making contact all at once with the floor fills my ears.

I bring my chin down just a bit, cocking my head slightly, and slowly open one eye…immediately followed by the other.

What the…?

Not ten feet from me is the absolute death of me in a white triangle-top bikini, a hotel robe at her feet.

“How’s the water?”

“Hot! I mean…cool. Just right you should definitely come in as it’s perfect and if you’re on vacation you’ll love it especially if you’re not from Spain and there should be some drinks coming up soon or at least that’s what I was thinking I mean we can order some me and you and…yeah,” I say in the world’s biggest run-on sentence in history.

She just giggles again and lifts her foot, putting it on the ledge of the slightly elevated pool.

The top row of my teeth bite down so hard on my lower lip I taste blood…but what I really want to taste right now is her. Her lips, the skin along her collarbone, her…

I suck in a quick gasp of air and it makes a hissing sound as the shape of my mouth hasn’t moved.

She just looks over at me with a “you little devil, you” look. And she’s right. But the only little devil is her.

There’s no way this girl is a day older than…I don’t know. Twenty, tops? I’m terrible with guessing ages, but damn if she isn’t filling out that swimsuit like a mother—“

The elevator door dings, but I don’t even turn my head. My eyes are absolutely fixated on her as she turns back to the pool, looking at the water as she slowly steps up and in, lowering herself into the dipping area of the pool as my need for her rises out of that same pool.

I tuck my hips back trying to keep my excitement submerged, but it’s no use.

I swipe the towel next to me off the edge of the pool and quickly put it over my groin, completely drenching it.

She moves to the side of the pool, giving me a complete profile shot and does my brain ever burn this image into its photographic memory bank.

Suddenly her elbows rise up out of the water, her hands finding the edge of the pool, and she lifts her self up in one fluid motion, her butt finding the edge of the pool as her body does one big giggle as the water runs down her porcelain skin.

I think of soccer, bull fighting, paella…anything but her, but it’s no use.

The thought of exploding right here and now is beyond embarrassing, but definitely not beyond the scope of possibilities. Damn, I want to stand up right now, walk over the top of this water like Moses, grab her and make her mine…forever.