“Oh my God,” I say when he starts adding fingers. He’s sucking on my clit and swirling his tongue around it, taking the breath right out of me. He keeps at it until my body is trembling and I burst into another orgasm that leaves my legs shaking.

He doesn’t wait for me to come down from this high. Instead, he holds me by the hips and positions himself behind me. I moan as the head of his cock eases into me. Inch by perfect inch he enters me. It’s uncomfortable at first, and pushing past my hymen is nearly painful, but it only lasts a second. When he’s fully inside of me, I grind up against him, loving the full feeling.

“That feels so good,” I say as he starts to move in and out of me. He fucks me gently for a long time. I’m so wet our bodies make squelching sounds.

“Your pussy is so tight and warm. I never want to leave it,” he says.

I don’t want him to either, and then he does. Just long enough to flip me over onto my back. He lifts my legs and props them on his shoulders, practically folding me in half before entering me again. This time he’s so deep it almost hurts. But I like this kind of pain. He rubs my clit, and starts to move faster, slamming our bodies together. Each time his body hits up against mine, it rubs against my clit and before I know it, I’m having yet another orgasm.

I’ve heard of girls having multiple orgasms before, but I didn’t think I was going to be one to have them. Tulip always says multiple orgasms are just a myth, but clearly she was wrong.

He lifts me off the bed and somehow still manages to stay inside of me, still with my legs over his shoulder. He carries me over to the wall and presses me up against it, using his weight to hold me up while he fucks me like we’re porn stars.

Again and again he twists me into new positions, and each time it stimulates either my clit or g-spot in some new way that causes more orgasms and more new sensations. After a while I lose count. Or maybe it’s all just one long orgasm that I haven’t come down from. It’s all so new to me and thrilling. If I knew sex could be this way, I would’ve started a long time ago. But I have a feeling the only way sex can feel this way is with Ben.

I’ve come so many times I’ve lost count and yet he still hasn’t. I want him to though. I want him to feel as good as I feel.

“Wait,” I tell him.

He stops moving and looks at me with concern. “Did I hurt you?” he asks.

“Not even close. You’ve made me feel incredible, actually.”

I push him down onto the bed. His smile practically knocks me over. I climb onto of him, staring into his eyes the entire time as I lower my pussy onto his raging cock, letting it sink deep into the swollen depths.

I ride him slowly and deeply. Everything about this moment is so perfect. He starts to make sounds. Sounds that he wasn’t making before. Deep, guttural, animalistic sounds. The faster I ride him, the more urgent the sounds become. He continues to look into my eyes the entire time and I see a war of emotions playing out in them: lust, pleasure, maybe even a little fear, and is that … love?

He grabs my hips and starts pushing deeper into me. He lets out a loud groan and comes at the same time that I do. Our juices spill out of me and onto his lap, making an even bigger mess than before.

I collapse onto his chest, out of breath and feeling amazing. My body is spent. I don’t have an ounce of energy left in me. We’re both sweaty and sticky, but I don’t care. I love the feeling of our chests pressed together. He rubs my back and kisses the side of my cheek.

“How was that for a first time?” he asks.

I laugh. “I think anything we do after this is going to have to be epic if you want to beat that.”

“So it was good enough to want a second time?”

I sit up so I can look into his eyes. He rubs the side of my face with the back of his hand. “It was so good I want a second, third, fourth, fifth …”

I keep counting until he laughs and spanks me on the ass.

He looks at me, all the humor gone. He’s looking at me with those eyes again, the ones that look mysteriously like love. “Being with you has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. No one’s ever made me feel the way you do,” he says.

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