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Swearing to Love Youc

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M.K. Moore

ChaShiree M

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Bleak, Minnesota was going to save me. Instead, it gave me the man of my dreams.
Why did he take so long to claim me?

Finding her was an accident. I watched and waited for the perfect time.
Now she’s mine and nothing will stop from swearing to love her, forever.

This is A Forever Safe Romance and this story was a long time coming.
Let Leif and Maddy take you away.

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Six Months ago

Ah. I breathe out as I get out of the car. The air up here in Bleak, Minnesota is definitely different than it is in Regret, South Dakota where I am from. My heart hurts a bit as I think about the small town I grew up in. The town itself is not so great, but the fact that I left my two cousins, Aubree and Meredith behind is what hurts. My dad died, a little over five years ago in an oil rig explosion. I never knew my mother, so I was left with a stepmother who was more than a bitch. She let me stay there only because my dad left me everything except his social security which wasn’t much, so as my guardian she was entitled to the rest until I turned 18.

She promptly told me to leave, the morning of my birthday! I could have moved in with my aunt and uncle, but I didn’t want to be a burden and I wanted to know what life was like outside of Regret. When I told my cousins my idea, they told me to look on Craigslist for a job. I did and found a receptionist/office assistant job in Bleak, Minnesota. I had a little experience as the office assistant when I was in high school for second period. Aubree got really excited when I told her I had applied. She immediately went on the internet and looked up all she could about this town.

We were both relieved to find out that it was as small as Regret. I would never survive in the big city. One of the owners seemed to be all too up for hiring a young girl straight out of high school and I was all too ready to go. So here I am, standing in front of the library in Bleak, Minnesota, hoping they had some idea of places for rent. Yeah. I was smart enough to get a job, but not to find a place to live.

“Well, hello. Welcome to The Bleak Library. How can I help you, young lady?”

“Hi. My name is Madalyn. I’m new in town and I was hoping you had some idea of an apartment or two for rent in the area.”

“Well, I haven’t seen anything lately. What brings a pretty little thing like you to our little town? We don’t get non-natives here very often.”

“I just got a job working for Monte-Q/Jorgensen Construction. I am going to be their new assistant.” Sounds so grown up when I say it like that.

“Well, aren’t you a cute thing. I suppose it makes sense with Erik’s wife Lanie giving birth to their cute little girl a while back. She used to be their assistant. Hmmm, we have the Bleak Inn down the street. You could probably find a room there for the next few days, while you search.” I suppose something is better than nothing.

“Thank you very much. I’m sorry. I didn’t get your name.”

“Hattie. Hattie Spencer.”

“I will see you around, Hattie.” Walking out of the library, I feel a bit defeated. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. Who am I kidding? I can’t do this. Leave home and my family. “I must be crazy.” I find myself saying out loud.

“Well I don’t know about crazy, but you are certainly going to get wet out here if you don’t find shelter soon.” Holy Barry White! My head spins so fast it almost comes off trying to find the source of that voice. I certainly don’t expect to be looking at a hot as fuck Sheriff.

“I’m sorry. Is it ok to sit here?” Duh. Dummy. He said it’s going to rain.

“Yes, sweetness. It’s ok to sit here. But not when it rains.”

“Oh right. Ok.” I can’t seem to clear the foggy haze from my mind. The one filled with knowing what is under his uniform. This man is a walking, talking, sin. He should be illegal. I am having feelings I’ve never had, between my legs right now. I mean being a virgin, of course, I have had thoughts, but none that have undone me like a few seconds in his gaze. He holds his hands out for me.

“Come with me out of the incoming storm little miss.” Not a moment’s hesitation. I put my hand in his and as soon as we touch, I can feel my life tangling with his. If the way he hisses is any indication, he feels it too.

“Fuck. How old are you?”


“Thank fuck! Let’s go little miss. I need to make sure you are somewhere safe and fuck if I’m not going to be the danger to your innocence.” He mumbles the last part. It sends shivers up and down my body, making my virgin pussy throb inside my pants. This must be what my cousin Aubree felt when she met Callum. No wonder she fell so hard. His hand grips mine almost as if he is scared to let me go or never see me again. And I feel it too.