“Loving you is the best part of my life, Katie.” His fingers stroked between us where we connected, swirling at my clit until another release ripped through me, causing his own second orgasm to tremble through him. We came together in soft grunts and moans of pleasure before he covered me in kisses, collapsing onto me and then pulling from me slowly, tucking me under his arm and kissing me on the nose.

“So what do you want to do today? We could go to the park and then lunch with the baby?”

“Mmm, whatever we do, promise me we find ourselves right back here in eight hours, sweet cheeks.”

“Eight hours, huh? That’s a pretty stiff schedule.” I teased him.

“A stiff schedule to keep up with a very stiff husband.” His fingers tickled down my torso before we both burst into laughter.

“A very naughty husband is more like it.”

“All for you, sweet cheeks, all for you.”


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