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Taken By The Thief – A Man Who Knows What He Wants

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Flora Ferrari

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All my life I’ve been moving about, one dirty town after another. I’ve tried hard to go straight, and this time I thought I’d got it, thought things would work out for a change. I didn’t reckon on Tony Rossi and his gang…. Why did I have to get myself involved with such low-life again?

And then I saw her, and my life would never be the same again. I knew I wanted her there and then, even though I knew I was committing a crime against her. That’s the moment I knew it all had to change, that I had to change if I was ever going to deserve a woman like Janine.

Her dad, on the other hand, has different plans for his daughter’s future, plans that don’t involve me.

Times running out to save her, but I have no job, no money… no hope. Even if I did, what happens when the past catches up to me and she finds out all about me? It’s bound to happen… I can’t build a relationship on a web of lies. Can she ever love a man like me?

I’m scared, scared as hell of a future that dad has already planned for me, but what can I do? When I meet Ed, I wish things could be different, he’s everything I want in a man… even if he is older than me. He’s strong and handsome, and someone to protect me from men like Tony Rossi… but it all seems so hopeless.

I hate Tony Rossi with a passion, I hate any form of violence, and could never love a man like him… a bully and a small-time gangster.

I felt a strong attachment to Ed from our first meeting… maybe it’s love at first sight, I don’t know… but I know nothing about him. With my dad forever watching me, how will I ever meet up with Ed to find out?

They say that love will find a way, but I don’t see how. Can Ed save me? Is he the one?

*Taken By The Thief is a short, standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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It’s like fucking déjà vu, a lousy dream… a bloody nightmare. All my life has been a fucking nightmare. This time it was supposed to be different. This time I was going straight, legit… sorting myself out. Or at least that had been the plan. All my life, fate has found a way to shit on my plans, all my attempts to turn a corner in my crummy life, finally turn my back on the old ways.

After 40 years of learning the hard way, surely it was time for things to change, god knows I’ve tried. But here I am… involved in yet another heist, with a bunch of men that would rob their own grandmothers for the price of a beer. Despite all of my efforts, I’m back to square one.

The getaway car thrums impatiently, and I feel the vibrations in my fingers, through the steering wheel. The street is dark, deserted except for the flickering beam of a street light. It’s not the best part of town, and to be honest, no decent person would walk here after dark.

The lights of the liquor store shine harshly from across the street, that’s the target of my new-found ‘friends.’ Friends… ha, that’s funny. I don’t think I’ve got any real friends, never had any….or even family to speak of. My mother died of cancer when I was 15, my no-good dad having drunk himself into an early grave years before, and I was left to fend for myself. It’s not until you’re truly alone that you realize how cruel and heartless this world really is.

At the age of 15, I was living on the streets with no money, no home… no nothing. It’s then that my life really began, this low-level life of petty crime and being part of the underbelly of society. The thing was, I only stole to eat, to keep alive, living like some kind of feral creature. Of course, I got into trouble with the cops from time to time, had a few spells inside. But it was all low-level stuff, petty crime. Now, this was something different… this was on a different scale altogether.

I can see them inside the shop now, dressed in black, black masks hiding their faces, guns in hand. I hadn’t counted on firearms being involved, and a cold shiver passes over my heart. I’m no coward, but I don’t like violence, well not like this. Cold-blooded, bloody-minded violence.

I should never have got myself into this spot, never have agreed to this job. I thought all this was behind me, but they caught me at a bad moment… as if there have ever been any good ones. I’d traveled down to New Jersey with the promise of a job, a real bonafide job… driving for a haulage company. I’d been so full of optimism, hope. For once in my life, things were going right, everything was about to change. But not in my life… not in my fucking life. It had taken three days of travel and nearly all my money to get here… only to be let down at the last minute.

I’d been sitting in a seedy bar on the outskirts of town, drowning my sorrows in a beer with the last few cents I had in the world. My whole miserable life flashed before my eyes as I sat at the dirty bar, no hope… no future… nothing.

It was then that Mike approached me, he was looking for a driver. I knew it wasn’t legit from the moment he spoke, and I almost told him to get lost… but something deep within me, that same instinct that had kept me alive until now kicked in, and I reluctantly agreed. Don’t judge me. I was in a strange town with no money and no place to go. What was I to do?

But I didn’t reckon on this being an armed robbery. Oh, Fuck!

It’s all starting to happen now. I can see one of the guys holding up his gun, and somebody is just coming into view behind the counter. It’s a young girl, and she looks terrified.

For a moment, all I can do is stare, and I hear myself grunting like an over-sexed pig despite the panic in my belly. God, she’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, and instinctively I feel my cock harden. The young girl can be no more than 20 years old if that, and despite the situation I’m in, lust overtakes any fear I have as I take in her slim figure, and the curve of what I imagine are perfectly round pert breasts. This is not the moment to let my basic instincts take over.

I continue to watch, my mouth slightly agape. Four huge guys against one young woman… what pathetic creatures we are. The girl is beautiful. Even in her fear, she looks stunning… long dark hair with a small, heart-shaped face, and despite the horror of the scene, all I can see is the girl’s beauty. Now that the immediate urge to fuck her has passed, a strange feeling of protectiveness washes over me, and for a moment, I want to rush out of the car and rescue her like some white knight… lift her into my arms and carry her away into the sunset. I shake my head… what’s wrong with me? I’ve been a strictly one-night stand type of guy all of my life. I wish there was something that I could do… but real-life isn’t easy, and what could I do against four of them with guns? Instead, I watch helplessly as the girl behind the counter hands over the day’s takings with a gun pointed at her head… I can honestly see her shaking as she hands over the money.

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