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Taking His Bride (Baby Daddy University #3)

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B.B. Hamel

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I promised myself, I absolutely swore I’d never get involved.
That lasted right up until he decided I was going to be his next conquest.

Gradus University is a playground for the privileged elite.
And I don’t fit in. Like, at all.
I thought I was totally outside of their crazy games….
Until I met Walker.

He’s rich, handsome, cocky, arrogant, a total jerk, great body, amazing eyes, stupidly gorgeous, and did I mention he’s a total jerk?

I spend every second wanting him and hating myself for it.
I’m only here to get an education….
Not to become some billionaire’s latest toy.

But I don’t have control of this situation.
In fact, I’m very, very out of control, especiall when he’s around.
Walker makes me forget what I was about to say…
And makes me want to dig my fingers into his muscular back instead.

Now I’m deep in his world against my better judgement.
And I don’t know if there’s any way out.
Walker says he’s taking what he wants.
And apparently, he wants me.

Sounds like a good thing? I don’t think so.
I’d better figure out how to turn off my feelings and fast.

Baby Daddy University: Power. Wealth. Babies.
Where the rich get married and the students get knocked up.

Here it is! The third entry into the Baby Daddy University series! You don’t need to read the others to read this one, but it sure helps. Taking His Bride is an over the top steamy romance with dirty scenes and bad language, so if you hate that stuff, skip this. Otherwise, you’re in for a fun treat! As always, no cheating and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

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I look out over the crowd of people and I’m not sure what I’m doing here. I adjust my dress and take a deep breath as Iris comes up next to me, the blonde girl smiling a huge grin.

“Cool, right?” she asks me.

“Not bad, I guess.”

“Come on. It’s nice in here.”

I sigh and fiddle with the drink in my hand. I don’t really know why I decided to say yes to this in the first place. I guess I wanted something to do other than sit around my dorm room all night again.

“Cheer up,” Iris says with a laugh. “It’s a party.”

“Good point.” I bite my lip and look around. Jenna is over near the bar chatting with her sponsor and looking at him like she’s staring at the most beautiful painting in the world. “I wonder what it’s like to feel that way.”

Iris follows my gaze and sighs. “Yeah. Same. I’d give anything for a sponsor.”

“Sponsor doesn’t mean love, you know.”

She gives me a look. “It’s close enough.”

I roll my eyes at her but I can’t help smiling. Iris is the only person in this whole school that believes in this system without any irony at all.

Personally, I think the whole Baby Daddy University thing is insane. I didn’t know about it before I came to Gradus, and when I learned the truth I basically just tried to act like it doesn’t exist. I mean, a bunch of rich, older guys get to basically buy–or, in their language, “sponsor”–young women, and it feels…

Well, really weird.

I came here because Gradus has a good marketing department, believe it or not. I guess they still do stuff outside of, you know, setting up rich guys with young coeds.

Anyway, the sponsor stuff never really touched me until Jenna moved into the dorms last year. She had this whole thing with her sponsor, a guy named Brady. He’s some kind of film director, although I’d never heard of him before.

They had a tough time at first or at least that’s what Iris told me later. I didn’t know them then, only met them after they fell in love. Jenna’s finishing her degree and Brady’s basically just hanging around campus, waiting for her to be done so he can knock her up and make her his little wife.

Bleh. Not my thing.

But Jenna’s great and Brady’s cool too, so I don’t mind it. She’s the reason I’m here, anyway.

The good thing about being sponsored is you get your own little dorm. It’s a beautiful building, basically an incredibly high-end apartment building with multiple floors, huge multi-room living areas, and common spaces like this absurdly ornate ballroom. When Jenna invited me out to this special dance for sponsors, their sponsored girls, and special guests, I wasn’t sure what to think.

Well, I knew what I thought. I figured it’d be totally weird and I would hate it.

I was half right. It’s totally weird. But I don’t hate it, not yet at least.

The room’s pretty crowded. There are ten sponsors and sponsored girls in each class, so forty in total. I guess each girl invited a bunch of people because this enormous ballroom is packed. There are more men in here than I’ve ever seen at Gradus, which is traditionally an all-girls school. Normally, if you see a man on campus, you know he’s a sponsor or a teacher. But tonight, I’m not sure who’s who.

I guess it doesn’t matter.

“Come on,” Iris says to me, grabbing my arm. She grins at me, her blonde hair bobbing as she turns toward the dance floor. “Let’s dance.”

“Oh, no,” I say, wriggling again. “No way. I’m not drunk enough for that.”

She rolls her eyes. “Jenna’s out there.”

“She’s got Brady.”


“So.” I shrug. “I’m fine here.”

“Suit yourself.” Iris glances over toward the side wall. “You and Azrael were made for each other.”

I roll my eyes at Iris as the girl scampers off. Azrael is another girl on our floor and Jenna’s roommate. She’s the Gothiest girl I’ve ever met with pitch black hair, dark makeup, and a perpetual frown.

I love her. I mean, she’s totally nuts, but she’s great.

I decide to leave the Queen of Darkness to herself though. She looks like she wants to stab a puppy and I’m afraid she’ll settle for stabbing a friend instead.

I sip my glass of wine and wander around the perimeter of the dance floor. Iris is shaking her booty with absolutely no hesitation, which makes me smile, while Jenna and Brady dance a little less provocatively. Jenna catches my eyes and waves, which makes me smile and wave back, but I don’t go and join them.

I will sooner or later. I just need to loosen up a little bit. I don’t know why, I guess I’ve always been a little slow to warm up to parties, but I’ll get there.