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The first time I met Marla Struthers, she and her brother, one of my best friends, were saying goodbye to their parents. A funeral wasn’t the appropriate time to act on the instant feelings I had for her, even if they did appear mutual, so we went our separate ways. Fate, thankfully, gave us a second chance and we took it. Navigating a new relationship takes some work, especially when you haven’t told those closest to you. I thought I was done being a hero, but when she’s attacked, I realized I’ll be whatever she wants me to be as long as I’m hers. And I don’t give a damn who knows.
As a little girl, I’d dreamed of the man I’d eventually marry, fantasized about our meet cute and came up with names for our children. Not once did I visualize meeting him when my heart had been broken after losing my parents. But that moment wasn’t ours and we said goodbye, hoping our time would come around again. When it did, we didn’t hesitate to take it. Amos Gamble was meant to be mine, I just had to survive long enough to tell him that.




March 2022…

“I can’t believe they’re gone,” Marla Struthers mutters from beside me, her hand grasping mine tightly. She’s squeezing so hard it’s almost to the point of pain on my end, yet I know it’s nothing compared to what she’s going through right now. Her and her older, and very protective, brother, Denver, also known as my former teammate.

He and I were in the Army together with Lane Abernathy and Cyrus Wilkins rounding out our unit. Both are here today as is Thatcher Burke, our CO. Having retired, he no longer holds that position, yet he will always be our leader. He’s like an uncle or another brother to Denver, Lane, and myself. The bond between him and Cyrus is more reminiscent of father and son, though. Considering Cyrus was raised in the system after losing his mom during childbirth, I’m glad they have that connection and that it withstood them leaving the service.

They’re all my best friends and vice versa, though Denver and Lane are closer as are Cyrus and myself, individually, which is why each of us are here.

Just shy of a week ago, Denver and Marla lost their parents to a drunk driver. It’s a tragedy that occurs more frequently than it should, statistics stating it happens every fifty-two minutes, but nothing brings it home like it involving someone you know.

Granted, I only knew Tobias and Martha Struthers peripherally, our only interaction prior to now being when my team was in the hospital following an ambush orchestrated by a traitor to our government that resulted in medical discharges for the four of us. Denver’s parents had made the trip overseas to be with him and Lane, who’d essentially become an unofficial adopted son due to his frequency of spending his downtime with the Struthers, had taken turns visiting Cyrus and myself while there.

It was a lovely gesture, even if my need to rail at the world during that time didn’t want to see it. Considering my own mother couldn’t be located to check on me, and Cyrus had aged out without being adopted, it was comforting to know someone did care. Regardless of how tenuous a connection they had to us.

Marla had been unable to join them, a restriction she vehemently fought only to be overruled, but she’d sent a care package via their parents containing enough for all of us. Apparently, she’d kept a steady inventory of things to send Denver, and upon learning of our injuries, had dumped everything inside to be distributed amongst us.

That act of generosity had wormed its way into my heart, despite my best efforts not to acknowledge it, and I never forgot it. So, when they passed, there was no way in hell I wouldn’t attend the service.

For Denver.

For them.

For Marla.

She’d hugged each of us, thanking us for coming, for the show of support our presence provided, but she’d seemed to latch onto me almost immediately. I tried to chalk it up to the fact Cyrus was there with his wife, Landry. Thatcher, who had at least twenty years on Marla, had also brought his, Iris. Denver is her sibling and Lane might as well be. Which left me, leaving me to assume it was merely a process of elimination.

However, as we continually gravitated toward each other throughout my time here, her eyes silently begging me to stay with her, I began to suspect it was more.

That she was feeling as I was. A sense of rightness in being together.

But I couldn’t trust it, a fact I had to keep telling myself.

The woman just lost her dad and mom, and by all accounts, as well as direct evidence I’d seen on my own, they were wonderful people. Their deaths are truly a tragic loss for any and all who knew them, and for those who will now never get the pleasure.