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Texas (The Lost Boys MC #1)

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Savannah Rylan

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I can look, but I can’t touch.
As the enforcer of The Lost Boys MC, I am used to getting my hands dirty.
I’ve always kept my emotions in check.
It helps given the position I am in.
When I was tasked with watching over our President’s sister, I was ready for it.
What I wasn’t ready for, is how that beauty would pull at my heart.
I’ve known Ella for years.
After a horrible break up with her ex, all I wanted to do was protect her.
But now, all I want is to bend her over and make her mine.
I know I should resist her.
But I think my heart has other plans.

Texas is the first book of The Lost Boys MC.

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The Lost Boys MC Series by Savannah Rylan

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“But I don’t wanna, Mommy,” Keva said.

“Sweetheart, it’s a little chilly. You have to at least put on your sweater,” I said.



“No, Mommy. It itches. I don’t like it.”

“But your father got it for you. And it kind of looks—”

Keva shot me a look that reminded me exactly of her father. A look that shivered me to my core. She might have looked like me, but she had the attitude of her dad. Something that frightened me most days. I sighed and relinquished the pink ruffled sweater and opted for a long-sleeved shirt on top of the one she already had on. Keva was always prone to being cold, so dressing her up to go outside was always a chore during the colder months.

Even just to go across the street to her babysitter’s house.

I took my daughter’s hand and walked her across the street. Joanne Niles had been a saint all my life. Always looking out for me and my brother Stone, especially after our parents were killed in that car crash a while back. Stone took it much harder than I did. While I grieved, Stone became a recluse. He did nothing but watch out for me, ride with his crew, and stay home at night. I worried about him sometimes. I worried about the life he was missing out on by not putting himself out there. But I couldn’t worry over him long.

I had my own issues to wade through.

“Thank you so much, Joanne. I know that sometimes this can—”

“Nonsense,” she said, holding out her hand for my daughter. “Keva and I have a good time. Don’t we?”

“Cookies!” Keva exclaimed.

“I’ve even got your milk set out already,” Joanne said, smiling.

I shook my head as the elderly woman looked up at me. Her thinly-framed glasses slid down the bridge of her nose as her white hair wafted around her face. The wind had picked up, blowing us around and shivering Keva even though she wore jeans and two long-sleeved shirts.

“I’ll be home in a few hours after work. I only work for six hours today,” I said.

“You know you can always take your time. Go treat yourself to something after work today,” Joanne said.

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll be back soon.”

“Yeah, Mommy. Treat yo self’,” Keva said.

My eyebrows rose up as Joanne giggled. I shook my head as my eyes rolled. The things that woman taught my daughter rivaled the youth of today, and it made me wonder how she came up with such nonsense. I was sure it was from one of those sitcom television shows she was practically addicted to. But it warmed my heart to see Keva open her arms so easily to someone else other than myself.

Especially since she didn’t do that much with her father.

“Thank you. Again,” I said.

“You know you never have to thank me for watching my granddaughter,” Joanne said, smiling.

We might not have been blood-related, but it was moments like this where I wished we were. Keva snuggled her head onto Joanne’s shoulder and the older woman held my daughter close. I always imagined my mother doing the same to her. Kissing Keva’s forehead and feeding her milk and cookies until she practically burst.

I sighed as I watched Joanne start to sway my daughter side to side.

“You know, she looks just like you when you were Keva’s age,” Joanne said.

I smiled as I reached out and tucked a strand of loose blonde hair behind my daughter’s ear.

“I’ll be back soon, sweetie,” I whispered.

And with one last kiss, I headed back across the street.

My ears caught the sound of squealing tires as I got into my car. I didn’t think anything of it as I cranked my car up, but the second I saw that candy-apple red flash in my sideview mirror, I froze. I looked back over my car seat and saw him racing down the road. Going way too fast and not giving a damn about what was in his way. Typical for Jett.

My asshole ex-husband.

I was going to be late if I stayed and talked with him. And I really didn’t want to be late. Nor did I want to talk to the son of a bitch. So, I threw my car into reverse and tried to get out of my driveway. I gunned it, trying to at least get myself out onto the road. But before I could, Jett’s stupid car came to a squealing stop at the end of my driveway.

Blocking me in completely.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I murmured.

I watched Jett throw his car door open and step out. Part of me wanted to run the damn man down. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw Joanne scurry inside with Keva in her arms, and it made me sick that Keva had even seen her father’s car in the first place.