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That Night in Steel City

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ChaShiree M

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How can one game in a different city, lead to forever?

That is the question Stefahnee is asking herself as she falls deeper and deeper for Lazaro. A man she didn’t know until this very moment.

He came for a game and nothing else. What he found was so much more. Now he has to figure out how to keep her.

Join Lazaro and Stefahnee as they romance their way through Pittsburgh and try to decide if this one night, can be longlasting.

This story is short, sweet and hot as hell. Lazaro and Stefahnee are going to burn up your kindle. Fans anyone?

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I have been looking forward to this game all season. Not to mention, I never take the day off for myself, so this was a much needed 24hr vacation. My friends thought I was crazy to fly all the way to Pittsburgh from Chicago for the Steelers vs. Bears game. They don’t understand though. Pittsburgh was where I spent my summers with my grandmother. The whole summer I had to hear about how much better their sports teams were than ours back in Chicago. I vowed that when I got older, I would always come to any game the two teams played against one another, so I could stick it in their faces when Chicago beat their ass. I have stuck to that ever since I could afford it.

I look down at my watch. This damn concession line is taking forever. I am going to miss the first kick. I look around me and notice that everyone in the line is seemingly as impatient as I am. Finally, after about ten minutes in the slowest line on the east coast, I am one person away. I move up as the woman in front of me places her order. When she is handed her popcorn, I notice the concession worker post a sign that says, ‘popcorn sold out’.

“Are you freaking kidding me!” Comes out of my mouth before I can stop it. I am turning around to walk into the stadium after wasting ten minutes of my life I won’t get back, when I hear the voice that will change my life.

“I’m so sorry.” Stopped in my tracks by what can only be called a Melody of Angels. I am almost afraid to turn around. Afraid that when I gaze upon her, she will be doomed to ashes like Eurydice in Hades. I choose to tempt fate. I must see her face. I turn and holy fuck! She is beautiful. That is literally an understatement, but my mind can’t conjure up anything else in its catatonic state.

“I didn’t realize it would be the last one. I would have taken a smaller bag. I certainly don’t mind sharing. We can just ask for a bag.” I must look crazy right now. I am staring at her, no words leaving my mouth. I can only imagine what my face looks like. Does it convey the absolute heat that my lower half is feeling?

“Sir? Would you like me to get another bag?” I finally take a breath and all of my senses return, though heightened and aware that somehow, I have to keep her with me.

“I’m sorry. Yes. That would be lovely. Though if you don’t mind, we could just share from the bucket you have.”

“I suppose,” she says with a bit of a blush and a giggle. “But for this little thing called assigned seating. Unfortunately, there is a person sitting next to me.”

I can feel the tension in my hands as my body goes into fight mode. The idea that she is here with her boyfriend or husband has me seeing red. This angel is supposed to be mine. I think as I look at her hand. No ring. But nowadays that means nothing. Shit.

“Rather chatty guy too.” she says.

I take a stab at the possibility that she isn’t acquainted with him.

“Not a fan of strangers talking your ear off at sports games?”

“Not really.” Yes! She is here alone.

“Well it just so happens, there is no one sitting beside me because I always buy out the seat next to me. Not a fan of strangers much either. What do you say, we change our stranger status and you join me?”

She looks down, face turning the cutest shade of pink. Her lip ends up in between her teeth and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to do all sorts of things to her mouth and that lip. I need her to say yes to sitting with me. So that later I can convince her to say yes to everything else that will follow.

“I promise I don’t bite and I will even shut up unless you want to hear me talk.”

“Deal. Lead the way Mr.…….” Crap. We haven’t even exchanged names.

“My name is Lazaro. Lazaro Ruiz. Pleasure to meet you Miss…” I take her hand and gesture to kiss it. But first, I wait to see if she will trust me with her name.

“Stefahnee Macarbee.” Perfect name.

I escort her down to my second row seating. Chest pumped out when she shows me her evident sign of being impressed.

The rest of the game we spend watching intently, but also talking. I found out she is 25 years old. She too lives in Chicago. She won these tickets in a raffle for charity. She’s a preschool teacher. Not married. No kids. Though she would love some. I told her all about me as well. I am 30 years old. Never married. No kids. I am the CEO of Steel Tek. A security firm that specializes in Cyber Security as well as technological security.