The Alpha Wolf’s Arranged Marriage (The Wolves of Anchorage #4) Read Online Brittany White

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She agreed to an arranged marriage to please her father, the Alpha of her pack, but she did everything she could to sabotage the relationship. But now her life is in danger. Will her mate come to her rescue?
The Wolf Shifter Bride
I grew up in a traditional pack.
After losing my mother at an early age, I remained an only child.
My father decreed that I would have a mate to carry on our bloodline.
When I refused, he threatened to deny me my inheritance.
Even though I would rather be single, it was now time for me to marry.
The male my father approved of was handsome and strong.
But that changed nothing.
I lived my life like I was single.
I partied all night, and didn’t come home until dawn, ignoring what my mate wanted.
After doing everything I could to destroy our relationship, my life was in danger.
I could not escape this monster.
At the last moment, my mate arrived. He saved my life.
Now I have reconsidered how I feel. But will he ever forgive me?




“Avalon. I need to speak to you.”

Her father’s voice was far too loud.

Avalon rubbed her temples. Wolf shifters were immune to regular alcohol, but the witches she hung out with had created a special brew, and Avalon had been out drinking with them until 2:00 a.m.

She was tempted to ignore her father, but that would only lead to more strife down the road. He was the Alpha of the pack, and she was his only child. He wasn’t going to leave her alone if he had something to say.

She hoped she no longer smelled like the special-made alcohol. He looked the other way about most of her activities, but he wouldn’t like that one bit. She had no interest in defying him. She just wanted to live her life, and she didn’t want to be hassled.

“Yes, Papa. What do you need?”

“We’ve put it off far too long.”

She studied her ankle. She was planning a tattoo, but she’d have to figure out a way to hide it when she was on pack land. “Put what off?”

“Your mating.”

The world went silent for a second. Everything faded. Then her blood rushed through veins, blocking out anything else. She tried to speak a few times before she actually got the words out. It sounded like he’d said the word “mating.” But that wasn’t possible. “My what?”

Her father’s gaze bore straight into her. “It’s time. I know you’ve put it off, but we can’t delay it any longer.”

“But I’m not dating anyone.” She'd been dating a wizard on and off, but that was only for fun. And God, her father could never find out about that. They had strict rules in their pack about who was an appropriate partner – and that was another wolf shifter and a wolf shifter only. A wizard would never be deemed suitable.

She’d tried to fight against the oppressive rules when she was younger, but she’d given it up as a lost cause. So she did her best to do what she wanted and fly under the radar. "I know you're not dating anyone. There is no one left in our pack to date," he said. It was clear from the rumble in his voice that he was far from happy with the size of his dwindling pack.

This had been a source of great agitation for her father, who had clung to the old rules. He had hung onto the traditions created by their ancestors. As a result, more and more young shifters had left the pack every year. Now the only male shifters left were either mated already or they were her young cousins.

Her father had ranted and raved, he had used bribery, as well as guilt and incentives, to try and entice the shifters into staying. But nothing had worked. The young males of their pack wanted to leave. So did the females, but the males had left in greater numbers.

"So how exactly am I supposed to find a mate?" she asked.

"That's what I have been pondering. I've come up with a few ideas."

Oh God help her. He'd probably created a dating site for wolf shifters. Except he didn't believe in the Internet.

Well, he believed that it existed. He just didn't think it was right for their kind to use it. He had no idea that she had a smartphone, a smart watch, and that she frequently used a laptop that she kept at the witches’ coven.

For years, the absence of male shifters in her pack had been a bonus for her. Now it looked like that reprieve was coming to an end as her father set his sights on marrying her off.

She had no desire to get mated. She would happily live the rest of her life as a single female. Mates were only a pain. They expected you to want to eat with them, hunt with them, and run with them. They expected you to be ready to go to bed at the same time they did and if you didn't, they got all twisted up about it. And they expected sex, all the freaking time. Avalon had nothing against sex. She liked it – most of the time, but she didn’t want anyone demanding it.