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The BEARly Controlled Grizzly (Bear Clan #1)

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Jenika Snow

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That first time I saw her—my mate—I’d been ready to kick some guy’s ass for even looking at her. I made no apologies for my possessive, territorial side. I was a grizzly bear shifter, after all. It was my nature to be over the top.

Bethany hadn’t known what to do at first—being mated to a shifter—one who was grouchy and burly and made no apologies for how rugged he really was.
But she wanted me, my sweet little human mate, who could have brought a beast like me to my knees with just a look.

I’d wanted nothing more than to throw her over my shoulder and take her back to my lair like a caveman. But I let her take the lead, even if my bear wasn’t happy, even if the alpha in me wanted to have my way with her right then and there.

And I would have my way with her. All the ways that counted, in fact. I’d claim her, mark her, and before it was all said and done, there’d be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Bethany was owned by a grizzly.

Warning: Holy moly, this hero’s crazy for his mate, but who wouldn’t want one OTT alpha bear shifter obsessed with you? This story is sweet and sexy, and oh so very filthy. Of course,you get a happily ever after … and a little somethin’-somethin’at the end to wrap it up nicely.

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Chapter One


Even now I was harder than fucking steel thinking about her, the woman who I didn’t even know, had never even seen her face.

But she was out there, I knew it.

I felt it.

My mate, the one woman made solely for me.

I had to be patient, had to keep looking.

And when I did find her, I was going to claim her and claim her really. Fucking. Hard. She’d know exactly what it meant to be mated to a grizzly bear shifter.

I exhaled slowly, my thoughts moving at a fast rate, causing the animal inside of me to grow restless. At thirty years old, I still hadn’t found my mate, but I knew she was out there. I could feel her close, as if her very presence, her life force slowly pulled us together.

I looked over my shoulder at my cabin, the one situated on ten acres of thick Colorado Rocky Mountain forest. Five cabins spread out between those acres, even space for each of us, yet close enough if need be.

My brothers.

All without their mates.

All of them just as anxious and frustrated as I was to find that one woman that would make us whole. But, what we lacked in control we had in patience tenfold.

I stayed a few feet away from my cabin, staring off into the thick woods, my heart racing and my blood pumping through my veins. My grizzly was right below the surface, pacing, anxious to be released, to run free. I had a lot of pent-up energy, my animal side needing this more than I needed to breathe.

I started taking my clothes off and tossing them aside until I stood there naked, my muscles starting to grow bigger, my skin tightening. I felt the shift move through me, this tingling starting at the base of my spine and spreading throughout my whole body, consuming me, claiming me and having me submit to the power.

Closing my eyes, I tilted my head back, feeling the beast break free.

Bones breaking, skin tearing, everything realigning.

And then I fell forward, no longer hands, fingers and skin, but paws, claws and fur.

I slowly shook my big body, my skin and fur moving over my bones and muscles, my bear pleased he was finally out, ready to run, ready to work off the energy building within me. I wasn’t the bear and he wasn’t the human. We were two separate entities, working together, thinking, feeling, being as one the best we could.

I took off in the woods, running, twigs snapping beneath my massive paws, dirt digging under my sharp claws. In this moment both bear and man worked together. But right now, my animal side had the upper hand, called the shots.

He was brutal and savage, primal and animalistic.

I was alpha and possessive, territorial but rational. And together we made one crazy fucking pair, one that would never back down, would always fight for what we believed in, and who would go to the ends of the earth to find our mate.

And we would find her, no doubt about that.

That was my one mission in life, the one reason I was born, and my bear’s only need as well.

Find our mate, our one and only true love, and make her ours.

* * *

I stepped into the bar first, my five younger brothers trailing behind. We’d worked all fucking day, drawing up blueprints for new construction sites outside of town, working tirelessly with the red tape, the contracts, all of the headaches that went along with owning a business that handled architecture, zoning, scouting building sites, permits, and all that shit.

But that was our life, what we were used to.

Our presence around town was known, big and powerful, intimidating. We kept to ourselves, rumors having us being labeled as reclusive. And that was true.

We liked our privacy, liked the open space of the forest that surrounded our homes. We might be solitary in nature, but we were still a family and always would be. And when we found our mates, we would finally be complete.

I headed toward the back to the largest table, the one that was always empty because everyone knew it was ours, big enough to seat all of us, far enough away from everyone else that they felt relatively safe.

Taking my seat, I watched as my brothers took their seats at the table.

Cason, Asher, Damon, Oli, and Maddix, all of us born a year apart, similar in appearance and build, and all of us having one thing in common.

We were alphas of the Bear Clan, and God help anyone who stood in our way when we went after what we wanted.

* * *


“Make sure you log everything in, Beth. The last person who had your position couldn’t keep track of half the stuff so I was short or extra every month.”