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The Beast of Bondi Beach Duet

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Yolanda Olson

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They say that monsters are created not born, but what if it’s both?

There are some that had a hand in what I’ve become, and when the time comes, those sins will have to be atoned for.

I’ve spent most of my days focusing on my true potential—honing my skills and learning from the small mistakes I’ve made in the past. It’s only recently that I’ve come to find her and I know she can be my match if given the opportunity to become a beast like me.

And that’s why I know that the time has come to take her.

To steal her away from her mundane and lonely life.

To make her a monster.

To show her what we can be capable of together.
I’ll mold her as I once was, and she’ll thank me for it in the end, because sometimes, the end is all one can hope for—no matter how much it can be denied.

The end is what brings the soul full circle, and I for one, long to feel complete.

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I was lying in bed on my side pressed against her. The way the moonlight shown slivers of her body in the dark, showed how immaculate she truly was. She was finally trying to go to sleep and I felt so much better about what I had done to her. The whimpers had finally subsided and the insatiable screams of pain were finally leaving my head.

I handpicked her over a year ago and I finally had the nerve to do everything I wanted without holding back. Something about this one shook me to the core which was an experience I never had before. If I trained her correctly she could be my match in every twisted desire that I wanted to explore.

Would she ever trust me? I paid a great deal for women in the past, but I never paid for the trust. I believed that was something that you either would earn or not. Once I would see that trust wasn’t building, I would release them of their “contracts” and pay them a sum of money to never speak of it again.

But this one … this one was the one I wanted the most.

I leaned my face down to her long brown hair, running my lips gently over it.

Through the smell of sex and sweat, the faint intoxicating fragrance of her filled my nose and I closed my eyes.

I wanted her again, and I wanted her now.

Running the back of my hand gently down the side of her body and over the curve of her hip always made her body shiver. I still couldn’t tell if that was in anticipation or fear, but either way I enjoyed her natural reaction to my touch. It had been the exact same since I had found her.

I slid my hand around her waist and pulled her back against me. Her skin was the smoothest I had ever felt and I intended to do my best to keep it that way. I could get carried away at times and I would …

It didn’t matter.

I wouldn’t do it to her unless she allowed me to and then I would be sure to properly care for her. If we ever did get to that point I knew then that she trusted me and I would allow her to perform the act on me as well.

Her sudden sniffle caused me to open my eyes. It was obvious that she didn’t trust me. Obvious because of her tears and because I still had to bind her to keep her from running away. My hand traveled from her belly to the rope I had secured around her wrists; she shifted her body a little and the rope around her ankles tickled my leg.

“Don’t cry,” I said softly to her. “It won’t always be like this.”

A deep, steady breath was her response. She was trying to stop the tears and it wasn’t because she wanted to, it was because I asked her to stop.

“We’ve got six more hours before the sun comes up and I have to put you away. Do you want more?” I whispered into her ear.

If she said yes, I would spend the next six hours pleasuring her in every way that I could. I would make her orgasm harder than she ever had before and I would unbind her ankles as an act of kindness.

If she said no, then I would put her away six hours ahead of schedule and not concern myself with her for a week.

She shrugged and I smiled. It was obvious that she was weighing her options which was a far cry from when we were first together. She fought me viciously; each time she struck my face it only made me harder and want her more. She relented after I wound up tying her to the bed, by choice I would like to think, not because of the restraints.

With as terrible as that may seem, I never forced myself onto her. I never even took my clothes off until she stopped fighting me. Even though she was mine and I could use her any way that I wanted, I still respected her.

“Riley? You have to make a decision,” I prompted gently.

Just saying her name was enough to get my blood flowing to all the right places. I could feel my desire starting to swell and pressed it gently against her.

“No,” she whispered quietly.

I scoffed and got off the bed. I walked around to her side and stood there for a moment, looking down at her.

My body blocked most of the moonlight, but I could see her wide open blue eyes were pooling with tears. I leaned down and kissed her gently on her forehead even though I was a bit angry at her rejection.

It was to be expected though; we hadn’t gotten to that part of the requirements yet.