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The CEO and the Wedding Planner

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Flora Ferrari

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He never thought he would find love with a girl like her. But what happens when a secret from the past threatens to destroy the best thing that has ever happened to them? Melody Smith has only one wish in her life: that no one finds out who she really is.
She believes her secret is safe, as long as she keeps to herself and stays on guard. But when she meets Mason Mackendale, a 39-year old billionaire whose sister’s wedding she’s planning, her carefully guarded walls start breaking down.
She never thought that a man who magazines repeatedly call “The Sexiest Man Alive” could ever be interested in a 21-year-old virgin.
Mason, on the other hand, is a man too busy to chase after women… not that he has to. He is used to women throwing themselves at him, but he has never been interested in casual flings and one night stands. But as soon as he spots Melody walking through his office, every instinct he has demands him to claim her.
Melody knows she shouldn’t get too close to people. But Mason has awoken something in her, feelings and sensations she’s never let herself explore before. If only her past hadn’t come back to torment her and destroy the one thing she never knew she wanted, and now can’t imagine losing.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


“Do we have any idea who did this?” I snap.

I stand at the window of our high rise office building, looking down upon the city, the skyscrapers, and then the streets laid out like ants’ huts.

Everything looks so small up here, and even after over a decade in this business, I still have to remind myself that I earned this, I worked damn hard for it.

I’m thirty-nine years old and one of the richest, most successful men in the world.

Which makes failure all the more bitter.


I turn to find Natalia, my sister, and PR manager, with her hands laid on her lap and a patient expression on her face.

In the old days, coming up, I’d been known to fly into rages when the business flagged. I had – have – a responsibility to my employees and investors. But age brings experience, and now I just let my rage seethe patiently.

Natalie is not as tall as I am, but she is taller than most women, with a sophisticated way of holding her height. She has a bob of jet-black hair and dark-painted fingernails, matching her sleek suit.

“We can’t find the culprit,” Mathewson mutters, my second-in-command.

He winces when I turn my gaze to him. He’s been here since the beginning, too, and remembers how fury-filled I used to be.

I’d had to be like that.

You don’t become the leader of the pack without baring your teeth.

“Keep looking,” I tell him.

He nods, relaxing in his baggy blue suit. He has a thin mustache that he cultivates almost obsessively, and a crown of deep brown hair that is going patchy at the back, but his eyes are smart and incisive, the eyes of a man I can trust.

“I will, Mason. You know I will.”

I sigh and wander over to my desk, sitting down opposite my younger sister as Mathewson leaves us.

“How bad is it?” I ask.

Although I think I already know the answer.

One of our cellphones spontaneously blew up on stage as I was giving a demo at a tech convention. Perhaps blew up is an exaggeration. It was more of a pop followed by a fizzle, with the on-screen projection wavering and then disappearing like a busted VHS tape.

“It’s not good,” she says.

“Is it salvageable? What the fuck are we supposed to say? Hello, folks, we’re the most cutting edge tech company in the world but we don’t even know why one of our phones malfunctioned.”

“It’s only been a few hours, Mase,” Natalie murmurs quietly. “Give the diagnostics team a chance to work.”

“I was on that production team myself, Nat,” I say. “There was nothing in that code that could’ve made it do that. No fucking chance. Which means it was something hidden, invisible. Which means we’re talking corporate goddamned sabotage.”

“Relax,” she says, reaching over and giving my hand a quick squeeze. “There’s nothing we can do until we know for sure.”

I groan, sitting back and closing my eyes, feeling my body pounding like a war-drum calling me to battle. I picture all the CEO’s of my rival companies, wondering which of them would have the stones to try some shit like this.

“Mason,” Natalie says, pulling me out of my reverie.

“Yes?” I reply, opening my eyes.

“I said that unless you need something else, I need to go and get ready to meet with my wedding planners. Don’t worry, I’m just taking my lunch break to do it.”

“You’re meeting them here?” I mutter, glancing out of the window, a cloud drifting by so close I feel as though I could reach out and touch it, the sky a sheet of unbroken blue apart from that blemish.

“Busy, busy, busy,” she sings. “No time for a fancy bar halfway across town. What are you going to do?”

“Well, I’ve got two choices. Sit here and seethe until the diagnostics team comes back to me, or go and hit the gym and beat my body into such an exhausted, fucked-up state that maybe some of this won’t seem so bad after all.”

She laughs, shooting me a look.

“I’d advise the latter.”

“Yeah,” I grunt. “No shit. Alright, sis, go plan your dream day. How are they, anyway, the folks at Eternal Bond?”

“Oh, they’re great,” she says. “It’s early days, but already Lyle and I are glad we went with a smaller shop. The owner, Gertrude, she’s such a sweetheart. She sort of reminds me of Mom.”

“Hmm,” I mutter, not wanting to leap headfirst down that rabbit hole.

She stands, head bowed a little as it always is when she mentions Mom and Dad.

She reminds me of Mom.

But Mom was gone by the time Nat was six years old. I doubt she even remembers much about her. But then I can’t blame her for trying to claw onto some sense of parenthood.

Natalie leaves and I stand up, wandering across my open-plan office to the room that leads to my private changing and shower area. When I’m working three days in a row on a new project, it’s good to be able to sweat out my tiredness in the sauna ready for another round of business.