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The Dare

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Mia Ford

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Have you ever dreamed of touching your boss?
Seducing him at work? Is it only me? Could be…
Cause Zack is the best-looking man I have ever met.
He’s a fantasy come to life, and I have to put myself through the torture of working with every single day.
Close, but never close enough to touch him… But, that doesn’t mean I won’t try.
It sounds crazy, I know it is not going to be easy. And I am gonna go all out to grab his attention. But, Zack has secrets…
A hidden life that no one seems to know.
And as with all secrets, they always come back to bite you.
Only this time, it might be me more than him who suffers, making me regret ever…
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Mia Ford

Chapter 1 – Latesha

Oh my God, Zack Ward is so hot. So unbearably good looking that it actually hurts. I can hardly stand to look at him because of the sizzle the sight of the tall, dark, and incredibly handsome man has shooting through my body. And when he looks at me with those piercing green eyes of his… forget it. I fall apart. The pulsing between my thighs becomes damn near overwhelming. I honestly don’t know how to keep disguising my feelings from him, which is incredibly difficult because Zack is my boss, so I have to look at him a lot.

I smile to myself, remembering our job interview where I first got to see this man, and how he impacted on me immediately. Straight out of college this was one of my first interviews and I was so happy to get the position. I thought that it would be fun to work under a hottie every single day. I didn’t realize how much it would torture me. It’s crazy how much of a struggle it is to remain in my seat every day, to not straddle him at work…

Oh God, it would be so hot to screw around with Zack in the office. It would be flaming. A real fantasy come true and I have to say I’m big on sexy fantasies. I like them a lot and acting them out is always awesome. If only Mr. Ward would give me anything back, then it could happen, but he frustratingly keeps to himself. Admittedly, I can’t give him my A game because we have to work together, but he still gives me nothing back.

I need to speak to my best friend before I end up losing my head over this man.

Latesha: Hey roomie, I’m dying here. Mr. Ward is looking on fire as always…

Tracey: Keep it together. Not much longer and the work day will be over.

Latesha: I’m thinking about upping my flirting game. Maybe leave him a sexy surprise.

Tracey: Oh God, what are you thinking? You can be wild, Latesha. Remember this is your job.

Latesha: How about I leave him a sexy picture or something like that? That could be fun, right?

Tracey: Fun, but dangerous. Think about the risk before you do anything.

I smirk to myself as I consider actually following through on that. That would be a clear message, wouldn’t it? An indication that my flirting really means something and that I’m leaving the ball in his court, waiting to see what he’s going to do. But I don’t know if I will. Tracey might be far more straight laced than me, but she’s sensible as well and keeps me on the straight and narrow when I might go over the edge. This is why I message her to get her input because I need to know what’s the best thing to do.

“Oh, but I want to get him,” I groan to myself. “I want Zack Ward to be mine.”

The next time my eyes meet him, I see him rising from his desk which means the end of the day is here. Mr. Ward seems to be the only boss in the world who leaves the office first. He exits at the same time every single day without fail, no matter what is going on. I’m his assistant and I’m always here later than him.

I drop my cell phone quickly and act like I’m working hard because I don’t want him to catch me making personal texts messages during work hours, especially since they are about him. I rapidly send off a bunch of emails and suck in a breath as he gathers up his belongings, and he walks past me.

Oh God, there it is. That sizzle. He always shoots electricity through me in a way that I can hardly handle. I can’t stop myself from trembling because of him. He must be able to see it, surely? I can’t be that discrete. But he never says anything. Zack is as stoic as always, focused only on his work. I might as well be invisible to him which is so annoying. I mean, other guys see me. I get compliments from other men, I’m told that I’m sexy as well, that I’m desirable… but typically, the man who doesn’t want me, is the one I do want. What a mess.

“I’m leaving now,” he says behind me, his chocolatey smooth voice trickling down my spine. “Are you finished up here, Latesha? Is there anything that you need a hand with?”

“I’m good.” I swivel in my chair and smile up at him.” I just need to finish up here then I’m done.”

Zack grins at me, the sort of smile that lights up his whole face, even popping the dimples in his cheeks. My heart flutters for him, I feel even more turned on by him than I did five minutes ago. My fingers squeeze up by my side because I can’t grab on to him and hold him however much I want to. My thighs clamp together as well because I’m afraid that he can sense my desire from all the way over there.