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The Ex’s Daddy

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Victoria Snow

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Professor Hot Stuff is going to be mine! Yes!

Drew Richards is everything you would want in a man – enigmatic, alpha, hard, powerful, compassionate…

The perfect man to lose my V-card to.

The problem?

He’s twice my age, and my teacher.

Yet, I am addicted to him.

Everything’s going perfect until the day,

I walk into his kitchen wearing nothing but a towel…

And I’m introduced to his son.

His son….my ex!

Umm…Did I tell you I’m carrying Professor McS@xy’s baby!

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After nearly four long, grueling months in my third year at the University of Toledo, I earned a shiny new degree. It was a degree in patience. I officially had the patience of a saint. Well, maybe not a saint, because what I was thinking about was quite sinful. I had waited and waited and waited and now it was time to make my move. Professor Hot Stuff was going to be mine. Technically, his name was Drew Richards and he was my bio professor. The very moment I laid my eyes on the tall drink of sexy, I knew I wanted him.

I knew he was older than me—a lot older—but I didn’t care. I was mature for my age, at least that’s what I had always been told. Guys my age annoyed the hell out of me. I hated how insecure and immature they were. It was as if they had to go around beating their chests and hiking their legs on everything to show just how manly they were.

Not Drew. He had innate charisma, class and quiet dignity. He could quiet a room by simply walking into it. He was tall, probably around six feet, had jet-black hair that he kept a little longer than the usual professor-look with little dark chunks that sometimes fell over his forehead and framed his handsome face. But it was the dark blue eyes that did me in. His eyes were a legit baby blue. I’d heard of Frank Sinatra and his trademark blue eyes, but there was no way anyone had the same shade as my handsome professor. They were framed by the fluffiest dark brows that might be a little obnoxious to some, but I loved them. They made his blue eyes and long, black eyelashes pop. Add in a strong jawline that usually had a little bit of a dark shadow by late afternoon and those defined, muscular arms, and he was a walking, talking orgasm.

Now he was going to be mine. The term was over. He was officially no longer my professor and there were no rules keeping me from going after him. I knew I was going to have to convince him he wanted me, but I had seen the way he looked at me. That single kiss we had shared in his office had been electrifying. I was sure he wanted me as much as I wanted him. He was just doing a better job keeping it to himself. Not me. I openly lusted after him, ogled him, stared at his ass when he walked away and thought about the many things he could do to my body.

Okay, so my imagination was very active because technically, the things I was thinking about him doing might not even be realistic. I wouldn’t know because I was probably the only twenty-one-year-old female in the world still carrying my V-card. I couldn’t seem to give it away. I was too picky. Although I probably would have happily given it to my ex-boyfriend of two years, Jacob Sanders, but he didn’t want it. He wanted to wait until we were married. While that was frustrating, it wasn’t the reason we broke up.

Jacob was an old-school kind of guy, which had initially drawn me to him. He believed in the old ways, like waiting until you were married to have sex and that women were meant to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen while the man worked. Hence our problem. I wanted to be a doctor. Jacob didn’t think I should try to have a career. He wanted to marry me and have me stay home and bake pies while raising a gaggle of kids. I had tried to convince him I could have kids, bake pies and still be a doctor. He refused to compromise and I sure as hell wasn’t going to give up the one dream I had been holding on to since I was a little girl.

I got it. I understood Jacob’s motivation, but I wasn’t the woman for him—not if that was his idea of a happy family. Jacob was trying to create the family he’d never had. When I first met him our freshman year at college, I had fallen for his charm. He’d been so sweet and nurturing, even if it did border on the controlling side. My entire life I had grown up in a small town with my dad as the county sheriff. Most of the boys stayed far away from me for fear of earning my father’s wrath. The minute I got to college, I planned on going a little wild. Then I met Jacob and realized I didn’t have to go wild to have fun.

I had been convinced he was the one I would finally lose my virginity to. And then he didn’t want it. At least, he didn’t want it before he had a ring on my finger and a marriage license hanging on our wall. He was convinced I would get pregnant. I explained birth control, in depth. He said there was never a sure thing and he wouldn’t risk getting me pregnant out of wedlock. The guy had some pretty deep-seated issues. His mom had gotten pregnant fresh out of high school and his father had walked out on them when he was a baby. Jacob did not want to do that to another child.