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The Holiday Arrangement

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Mila Crawford

Aria Cole

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After a winter storm freezes the pipes at her small-town dog grooming business, Sandy comes face-to-face with Bryce, the only plumber in town who’s willing to fix her problem.

But the compensation he’s looking for isn’t monetary. In exchange for his help, Bryce wants only one thing. A date with her.

Bryce didn’t think a house-call for a broken pipe would lead him to fall instantly for a stunning and sweet, pouty-lipped dog groomer. He knows now that she’s in his system there’s no way he’ll be able to get her off his mind… or walk away.

With another blizzard bearing down and the threat of being stranded together a reality, it isn’t long before they find the heat rising and both of them dreaming of a night they’ll never forget.

Add a dash of spice to your hot cocoa and cozy up by the fire with one of our favorite sweet and saucy couples yet!

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“Damn it.” The words screeched from my mouth through my chattering teeth. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. It was as if the whole world was conspiring against me. This whole day was just a hot mess. I’d woken up to a frantic call from Shelby, my assistant, that the whole store was flooded. Then I’d called all the plumbers in town, but no one would trek out in the snow. As much as I loved Michigan, the winters could bite me.

I started looking frantically in the snow to find my store key. I had to take off my mittens because those puppies couldn’t pick up anything. They were just giant covers to keep the cold wind from ripping the skin off my hands. After what felt like an eternity, I finally managed to dig them out of the snow.

I pulled the door open and shrieked again when a wave of water hit my shins.

“This is just fucking great.”

“Sandy, oh good! Thank God you’re here. The dogs are going crazy. I put them in the empty room upstairs. They aren’t in their crates though. Should we call the owners?” Shelby hysterically asked.

We had four dogs boarded for the weekend while the owners were out of town. I really didn’t want to call their parents and let them know they had to pick up the kids early. That would never be good for business.

In that moment, I was so grateful that I hadn’t found any renters for the space upstairs.

“I can just spend the next few nights here. It will be cramped, but there is no way I’m letting anyone think I’m incompetent. We just need a plumber. No one wants to come down this way. Especially this close to Christmas.”

“My brother is a plumber,” Shelby said matter of factly.

I wasn’t sure why she was telling me… Her brother lived in Colorado the last time we talked.

“That’s really great, but I’m not sure how your brother who lives across the country can help.” I sounded a little snide, but I was beyond frustrated. “I’m sorry, Shelby. That was uncalled for.”

“No, Sandy, my brother is here. He moved his business to town last month. He was tired of Colorado and missed home. He’s supposed to pick me up tonight. I’m sure he’ll look into this,” Shelby said as she waved her hands, showing me the water that was burying us. I felt so helpless.

“I’m going to check on the dogs. Can you call your brother? Let him know I’ll pay double whatever his normal rate is.” I felt a pang as the words left my mouth. I really didn’t know how I was going to afford to pay him double. Business had been slower than normal, and I was just making ends meet as it was.


After making sure the dogs were all settled and calm, I stopped short at the top of the staircase when I spied a massive man standing in the reception area talking to Shelby.

Holy hell, her brother was hot as sin. And not just good-looking in that regular, run-of-the-mill sort of way, but over-the-top attractive. Loose jeans and a red flannel shirt stretching snuggly across his big frame made him look every part the rugged GQ cover model.

The man was huge, maybe 6’9”, and he was built so solidly that I was pretty sure he could run into a wall full-force without a bit of damage to his muscled physique. Light brown hair fell messily over his forehead and almost covered his eyes. I must have looked pathetic lurking there, staring at him.

“Sandy! There you are. This is my brother Bryce. He fixed the leak and said that he’ll send a few of his guys tomorrow to clean up the place.” Shelby’s words took me out of my leering. I came running down the stairs, so grateful that I was about to throw my arms around the handsome stranger. As I came down, the last step jumped out of nowhere and I tripped. The next thing I knew, two massive, rock-hard arms held my clumsy body in them.

“Careful there. You wouldn’t want to break anything.” His voice was smooth and rich. If hot cocoa could talk, I was sure it would be velvety like his voice. I slowly took him in and was caught looking by irises a shade of deep ocean blue. His perfectly kissable lips twitched in a smile, and I was pretty sure I soaked my panties right then and there. Panic set in as I began to move to steady myself.

“Thank you so much. How much do I owe you?” I said, as I smoothed out my clothing, a nervous tic that I was never able to rid myself of.

“Nothing,” he said calmly.

Of course he would be calm. He was probably used to women making massive fools of themselves in front of him.

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