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The Man I Need (Ward Duet #2)

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Shanora Williams

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There are things that women want, and things that women need.
I know deep down, with every fiber in my body, that I need Mr. Ward.

He started out as my landscape designer, but became so much more.
Now, my life is on the line while living with the devil himself. I have been torn down and broken, and I don’t think I can take anymore.

The man I need was never the one I married.
No, the man I need is the one I was never supposed to have. He’s the one who showed me gentleness, kindness, and true love.

Ward would put up a fight for me at any cost.
I know for a fact, I could be so much happier with him…
But when I come face-to-face with reality, I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to risk it all for someone I’ve just met, even if it seems like Mr. Ward and I are a match made in heaven.

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Will Lewis flips his wrist, checking the time on his watch before focusing on the door of Kyle Moore’s office. An impatient sigh falls through his parted lips as he studies the black door.

What is taking so long?

Pushing to a stand, Will trots toward the secretary’s desk across from him and grabs another Hershey’s Kiss from the glass bowl on top of it. The secretary isn’t here, but that doesn’t surprise him, considering it’s a Saturday night. It was the only time slot Kyle Moore had available within the next three months, and Will booked it without question.

As Will stands by the secretary’s desk, peeling the aluminum wrapper off the chocolate, he can help overhearing the conversation happening in Kyle’s office.

“You need to make something happen soon, Kyle. We have given you more than enough time to prepare for this. If you aren’t willing to date, marry, and have children anytime soon, then we will have to turn the company over to Taylor. He has been working for the company just as long as you have, and he already has a child. Your father has gone through a lot lately. The last thing I want him worrying about is his successor. You should be his automatic choice, but you won’t be if you don’t get your personal life in order. It’s always strange to men in this field when a fellow businessman is in his thirties and isn’t married. We must continue this family’s legacy.”

“Why would he give it to Taylor, of all people? That guy doesn’t know a damn thing,” Kyle snaps.

“Dan wants to keep this company above water. You not being settled, with a family, will make us look bad to other investors, whether you see it that way or not. They won’t trust you, but if you marry and have a child soon, who can grow up to take all of this on, things will go a lot smoother for you. Why do you think so many companies have been turning us away? It’s not because we aren’t making them good offers. No, it’s because they don’t trust you. You’re new to this business and young, and oddly enough, when a man is married, he appears a whole lot wiser.”

“That is ridiculous. I can still keep this company running without being married, Mum.”

“No, you can’t. You have to be trusted, and I don’t want this company in the hands of an idiot like Taylor when you are perfectly capable. You must put your pride aside for once and make this happen, Kyle. I can find a potential bride for you, if you want. If not, find a lady you at least like, get to know her, and then move forward.” Will notices the woman’s voice is closer to the door. Realizing she’s likely about to exit, he walks back to his seat. He doesn’t hear what they speak about after that, but less than a minute later, the door opens, and an Asian woman walks out. She’s dressed elegantly in a black dress with a fur coat. Pearls are in her ears and draped around her neck, her hair pinned up, and not a single strand out of place.

Kyle’s mother, Sophon Moore, gives Will a nod of her head as she trots toward the elevator. When she’s gone, Kyle calls for Mr. Lewis from his office, and Mr. Lewis hops up, collecting the folder he’d placed on the chair next to him.

“How are you, Mr. Lewis?” Kyle greets Will as he enters the office, walking around his desk and shaking Will’s hand.

“Never better. I hope you’re doing well.”

“Never better. Please sit,” Kyle insists, taking the chair behind his desk. “How can I help you?”

Will fumbles with the folder in hand as he lowers in the chair. “Well, as I mentioned in my email to you, I wanted to possibly go over having an investment in my docking business. I am making steady income right now, and with spring coming, the sales will most likely increase. I know that with an investment I can remodel the docks, buy more boats, and open more slots for tourists to dock, which could lead to an easy return of investment if more tourists are attracted to the area. My son is also very good with social media and the SEO thing kids do these days.” Will huffs a laugh.

“Where is this docking business located again?” Kyle asks, narrowing his eyes. Will can already tell he hates the idea of it.

“In Fredericksburg, Virginia. Very close to Lake Anna, which gets a lot of visitors during the spring and summer.”

“Well, to be frank, I have never invested in a docking business before. How would this even be worth my time?”

Will hesitates a second before sliding a sheet of paper across the desk. “This is the income I made last year from docking and renting boats. It was a good year for—”