He heaves a deep breath, although those azure eyes haven’t lost their intensity.

“Sweetheart, this is gonna sound a little weird, but do you want to get out of here?” he whispers, not taking his eyes off mine. “Do you want to continue this conversation in private?

And all I can do is nod before letting him lead me from the restaurant. Because this is a dream come true … and I deserve to dream a little, don’t I?



I can’t believe HeartLove is the gorgeous, innocent little girl from next door. Holy shit. And yet, I knew as soon as she walked into the restaurant. It was as if two images, one of each girl, overlapped and settled on Janie, like a double vision resolving itself. I almost left, to be honest. After all, what were the chances that the literal girl next door would turn out to be my match? And yet, I couldn’t leave because the potential was too vast.

“Let’s go for a drive,” I suggest to the quiet beauty next to me in the car. We’re already on the roadway, speeding to who knows where. But Janie takes a deep breath before looking me straight in the eye.

“Can – can we go back to yours?” she asks in a soft voice. I glance at her as I drive, taken aback, unsure that this is a good idea. Fuck, the way she’s sitting there so demurely, her plump little arms folded over her giant tits and that big ass planted firmly in the bucket seat. I can’t promise myself I’ll be able to hold myself back if I’m alone with her. I can’t tell whether I will be able to do the right thing – the right thing being not to fuck her like I want to fuck her. There’s no telling what animalistic urges will override my consciousness. Even if she is eighteen, I’m still not sure I can bring myself to spoil her innocence. A guy like me doesn’t deserve such purity.

“Won’t your mom see us?” I ask anyway, unable to flat-out deny her anything.

“She’s not home,” says Janie in her slightly husky voice – the voice of a siren. “She won’t be home until tonight,” she adds. Fine, I resolve to myself. If things go wrong I can just kick her out and she’ll only have to walk across the yard. It’s better this way. With that, I change course and drive to my place.

When we get there, I hurriedly let her in, not wanting any nosy neighbors to see us. She moves gracefully to sit on the sofa. Her delicate femininity looks utterly out of place in my somber, masculine room with its dark furniture and fancy AV set-up. She looks up at me expectantly, those big brown eyes blinking their long, thick lashes. Her curly hair cascades over one shoulder, framing the huge swell of her soft, giant tits. The milky skin of her arms and chest looks almost translucent in the semi-light of my living room. I stand rooted to the spot, knowing that the decision to move, either retreating or advancing, will solidify or break any chance we may have together. Which do I want? To play it safe and retreat? Or to risk it all by claiming her and making her mine?

“Trent,” she whispers, her full lips forming the single word. “What do we do now?”

And I’m lost like a drowning man at sea. There is no way I can walk away from this heavenly creature, not now that she’s said my name. I walk towards her, crossing the few feet between us in a single stride. I’m on one knee on the floor before her curvy frame so that we’re at eye level. And before she can react, I take her hands in mine, kissing the palms softly. I hear her gasp above me. But she doesn’t retreat. And the contact between my lips and the skin of her hands is the pebble that starts the avalanche, the force and the violence to come. All I can do is pray I won’t hurt her. My hands tighten their grip as I start kissing up and along her arms, more and more urgently as I reach her shoulder, pulling her into me. My lips arrive at her neck, the rough stubble of my chin scraping along the velvety softness of her skin. I kiss the crook, right where her throat meets a soft shoulder, and as I suck gently at the fragrant flesh, she inhales delightedly with pleasure.

I make a conscious effort to pull back and look Janie in the eyes as I tighten my fist around the thick curls at the back of her head. If she’s scared, she’s not showing it – her irises are almost black with need, and her breath rises fast in her full chest. I feel my cock tense up in my jeans as her mouth opens in a ready pout, inviting me once more. I crush my lips against hers, claiming her deeply, hungrily, and she responds fully. Her arms encircle my neck and it’s like a flower coming into bloom with invitation.

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