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The Setup - A Bro Code Standalone

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The first day she was sitting by herself — I felt sorry for her. After all, it couldn't be easy wrangling all the testosterone at Wingman Inc as one of the only female office managers.
The second day she literally counted her carrots during break — she had seven by the way, right along with seven sips of her drink in between taking seven tiny little bites of the first carrot.
Now I'm not one to brag, or maybe I am, but math and science fascinate me, so do problems. And this woman screamed puzzle from the way she ducked her head every time anyone looked at her, to the way she counted food and tapped the table when she didn't think anyone was watching.
I'd like to think I took pity on her that day when, in fact, she was the one that took pity on me and asked if I needed a friend. She assumed I had a learning disability since I'd been staring so damn hard.
Things would have ended there, except, my bosses need someone to test the new Wingman App and since I was the only single guy on the floor — I was nominated, right along with the only single woman, the same one who thinks I need to use my fingers to count.
Apparently rumors of my sexcapades throughout college reached even her ears, because she wants nothing to do with me, which makes beta testing a bitch. I have thirty days to win her over and prove myself to my bosses.
One thing's for certain, I'm going to have to buy a hell of a lot of carrots.
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Senior Prom 2015

Not the best way to spend prom—but also not the worst. It’s not like I locked myself in the bathroom on purpose—she’d just been so aggressive. I had several red nail marks down my chest like I was some sort of animal, and she wanted to play tag with her claws.

My dick did not feel turned on in the slightest over the possession my date showed—if anything, I wanted to just get it over with, so I wasn’t going into college a virgin still.

“Get yourself together,” I muttered to myself in the mirror. My white tux was rumpled, my bowtie long gone. “She’s hot, just do it already.”

“Everything okay in there?” Evie’s voice was so not helping me get an erection.

I was going to need to do something about the fact that I couldn’t get it up for fear that she’d chop it off with her hand, by accident—it wasn’t like she was the smartest out of all the girls I could have chosen for the deed.

“Just a minute,” I said through clenched teeth. I just needed to stare at her tits, and I’d be back in business—or we’d be back in business.

I pointed down at my semi. “Don’t let me down.”

My phone started buzzing in my pocket. Annoyed, I pulled it out and went straight to panic mode. My sister.

She never called. Only texted. Our joke was that someone better either be in prison or half-dead to interrupt with something so mundane as a phone call.

“What’s wrong?” I barked into the phone.

She was sobbing. “Mom didn’t come home tonight. Dad left for Vegas. They got in this huge fight about cheating, and I’m just so sick of it. I hate it.”

My heart shattered in my chest.

Dumb, that I thought I could escape my parents for just one night and have fun like most guys did during prom.

I was practically raising my sister.

It was us against the world.

Thankfully, we had a bunch of crazy cousins and one insane aunt who owned Titus Enterprises—and reigned like the queen over her stocks.

“I’m on my way, Tatum. Pack a bag, we’ll go stay with Aunt Nadine again.”

“Sh-she won’t mind?”

I grinned into the phone. “Nadine? Last time we spent the night she told us she was going to lock us inside and send someone to pack our shit.”

“Yeah.” Tatum sounded happier already. “Sometimes, I wonder how our parents can even be part of the Titus family. Everyone’s normal but them.”

“Remember, Dad’s always been the black sheep. He married for position, not love. Now look at him.”

Shit, look at me. Was I doing the same thing? Just trying to get sex over with because it was on the high school checklist.

“I’ll see you soon,” I said after some silence.

And when I hung up the phone and unlocked the door to the hotel bathroom only to see Evie spread out on the bed completely naked. I felt nothing but sick over the fact that I was going to make the same mistake my dad did, create checklists and spreadsheets and then say I’m only successful when all the boxes are filled.


“Evie, I gotta run, family emergency.”

She bolted up from the bed and covered herself with one of the pillows. Her honey-blonde hair was still pinned in an updo, and her spray tan looked about one romp away from turning the sheets orange. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, sorry.” I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “For what it’s worth, you are absolutely beautiful.”

She grinned up at me. “You’re a good guy, Finn.”

“That’s what they say.” I tried to keep it lighthearted. God, I was so tired of being told I was a good guy.

So tired of having to follow the rules because my parents didn’t know how.

“Thanks.” I grabbed my keys and left.

Eighteen and still a virgin.

There were worse things to focus on.

Like how the hell I was going to leave Tatum in my parents’ clutches when I went to college the following year.

Chapter One


4 Years Later

Wingmen Inc Headquarters Downtown Seattle

“Took you long enough.” My best friend Leo grinned then threw one of his blue stress balls at my face—more like chucked it—I caught it with my right hand and threw it aggressively at his family jewels and received a middle finger in response as he shoved away from his desk, his chair rolling him toward the safety of the window.


I was finally home.

All four of us, Knox, Leo, Slater, and I were finally where we belonged, working in downtown Seattle at Wingmen Inc, one of the world’s premier matchmaking services and apps.

We’d spent four years on the UW campus doing nothing but helping people with breakups, showing them how to ask for what they deserved in a relationship, practicing Reiki, touching—but not prostituting ourselves out—all with the end goal of this, a chic office downtown, stock options, a 401K, and more money than anyone should have at twenty-two soon to be twenty-three. Not only was I a trust fund kid, but I’d been one of the first kid YouTubers before my parents forced me to hand my channel over to someone else because of privacy issues.