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The unEXpected Plan

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Leddy Harper

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He was only supposed to make my ex jealous…not make me fall in love with him.

When I discovered that my boyfriend had cheated on me with his assistant, and then left me for her, my friends and I devised a plan—to make him pay.

It was simple.
It was foolproof.
Or so I thought.

Corbin Fields was my best friend’s older brother; he was also part of my revenge plan. It was brilliant…until the unexpected happened.

I was supposed to be getting over my ex…
Not getting under my best friend’s brother.

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“Brooklyn!” my bestie, Nellie, squealed from across the room, momentarily pulling me from my thoughts of doom. “Get over here.”

She frantically waved me over to where she stood, where three hunk-a-burning-love drop-dead-gorgeous men stood. But they did nothing for me. The love of my life had managed to rip up, stomp on, and scorch my heart to smithereens.

All men were now dead to me.


Chase and I had gone from I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you to we need to take a break to figure things out. There were no warning signs. No fights. How could things have ended so rapidly? There’d been nothing wrong. We’d just had dinner with his parents last week, for crying out loud!

As cliché as it sounded, we were perfect together. Absolutely perfect. I’d mentally picked out my wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses—Nellie would, without question, be my maid of honor. And flowers…peach and white. I was just waiting for the ring—which I’d already described in subtle hints.

What woman didn’t already have the three Cs picked out for their dream diamond?

Who was I kidding? Obviously our relationship hadn’t been perfect, but I still had no idea where things had gone wrong. All the typical reasons of rejection coursed their way through me while lightning bolts struck my internal sanctuary, leaving my soul utterly decimated.

As I stared at my best friend, I knew I’d have to move my ass and go to her side, or she’d never stop waving her arms like a lunatic. Then again, Penelope Fields was certifiably insane; it was one of the many reasons I loved her so much.

“Brookie,” she hollered again, her boisterous tone alerting me to just how far ahead she was in the drinking department.

I wondered if I should just give in and numb my senses. After all, I had mentally reserved all day tomorrow to wallow. It only made sense to do so while hungover—multitasking never hurt anybody.

“Hey, Nells.” My fake go-to smile felt as plastic as Barbie’s tits as I inwardly screamed, get me out of here! I grabbed the full shot glass from her, not caring what was in it, and downed it in one gulp. My cheeks burned as the liquor lit my throat on fire. I tried to think of it as a good pain, but it was gross. “What the hell was that?”

“Liquid courage.” Nellie beamed, and upon closer inspection, I realized she wasn’t as blitzed as she’d first appeared. She was simply in full-blown flirt mode—even though I desperately needed supportive-friend mode.

She caught my glance and immediately signaled the other two members of our crew to head back to our table. And just like the close friends and self-proclaimed besties we were, our posse met back at the booth we had snagged shortly after getting here. We usually had a blast on a night out, but tonight, I’d brought along heavy baggage. It weighed me down, kind of like trying to walk through quicksand in high heels while wearing a ball and chain tethered to my ankles, hindering me from having much—or any fun.

As we took our seats, Nellie swung her arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer on the wooden bench. Without needing to be told, she just got me. She knew when I was down, sometimes even before I did. That’s why she’d suggested going out tonight in the first place. Heartache was the absolute worst.

I gulped down water, still battling the fire that scorched my throat.

“So…this is fun.” It was supposed to be a joke, but the tears that leaked from my eyes drowned any ounce of humor from my statement.

“I’m so sorry, babe. He’s a dick. He doesn’t deserve you.” Nellie stroked my arm in that comforting way she always did when I needed it. She’d always been my security blanket—she preferred to call herself my Xanax, but I never thought that made much of an endearing nickname.

“He really doesn’t. There are other fish in the sea.” Mady never understood the correct timing to use her singsong voice. Normally I’d laugh or have a witty comeback for her lame one-liners, but tonight, I just wanted to bury myself in a pile of blankets and never come up for air.

“I have to use the restroom.” Julie hopped up from her seat and stood next to the table. “Mady, care to join me?” There would no doubt be a loving, friendly confrontation in the ladies’ room over the inappropriate timing of my clueless friend’s encouragement.

These women were my pack, and as such, we all took care of each other. Which was why I wasn’t bothered by Mady’s level of support; I knew her well enough to understand that was just her way of having my back.

Turning to the only other person at the table, Nellie, I huffed and wiped away an errant tear. “I know there are other men out there. I swear, I do, but none for me. He was it. The one. And we only have one lobster.”