The Wolf King (The Inkwater #2) Read Online Atley Wykes

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“You must rule with tooth and claw—a wolf amongst lesser dogs.”

Lowan’s father ruled the pack with cruelty for centuries. After his death, Lowan is left in the ashes of the fallen Inkwater swamp, desperate to save his people and maintain the fresh peace with the fae without resorting to the same tactics as his father. They only ask one thing from him to solidify their fragile alliance…

He must take a fae bride.
Chrystalyn always knew her father’s ambition would bring about her ruin, though she never thought it would be this complete. Her plans to flee her father’s clutches and explore her secret heritage are lost when he threatens to expose her. She’s met with an ultimatum…

Marry the beast or resign herself to live forever under her father’s thumb.
Her father promises her this will be their last ploy and that he’ll give her the information she’s always wanted. As Chrystalyn reluctantly helps put her father’s plans in place, she bonds with her husband, who isn’t anything like the fearsome creatures of their legends. He’s handsome, kind and entirely too tempting which presents a new problem.

She’s fallen for him.
It doesn’t matter that she isn’t his true mate. That helping him would leave her with nothing. His gentle smiles and wild nature thaw her frozen heart until she’s left with one question.
Will she help her father to gain what she’s always wanted, even if it means betraying the man she loves?




Chrystalyn stared at her wedding gown clad figure in the ornate mirror, choking back a sob. Crying had never helped before. It wasn’t the splendid white ball gown of her imaginings—but a hastily remade navy dress with a silver overlay adorned with seed-pearls and lace instead of the intricate embroidery of the fae’s normal bridal attire. It was beautiful, stunning even; but it wasn’t what she wanted. None of this was what she wanted. Not the dress or the flowers. And certainly not the groom.

A knock came, and she turned, the door opening before she responded. Her father entered, his snow-colored hair tied back in a severe tail and his fine clothing immaculate as always. He was out of place in the lovely sitting room, a raven in a dollhouse. The frills and silver filigree decorating every surface at odds with his coal-black coat and breeches. She schooled her features into a bland mask as she curtseyed, her posture just off enough to be mocking.

“Hello, father.”

Morson Olofiel looked her over, the same scrutinizing, gray-eyed gaze that had colored her childhood. She had to be the perfect winter fae; hiding her chaotic magic, skipping meals to keep her limbs long and lithe, her silver hair brushed until it shone like frozen dew, her pale skin shielded from the snow’s glare lest she tan and reveal their secret. She’d done as he wished, even once she realized his reasoning was more to protect his aspirations than her safety, not only because some small part of her still desired his approval, but because she saw the wisdom in it. Blending in with the other fae protected her. And when she did as her father bade, whether it be spying on his political enemy’s children or eavesdropping on her aunt’s conversations, it served two purposes. She proved her supposed loyalty, so he’d trust her enough to give her the information she wanted since she’d realized she differed from her fellow fae, and it gave her ammunition to use against him one day.

But this…

What he asked of her this time went too far.

He nodded, a curt jerk of his chin that was effusive praise coming from him. “Excellent. The dressmaker did well.”

Of course, it was the dress he approved of, not his daughter.

Anger at the injustice of it all seethed within her, burning like a star in her breast. How long had she’d chased after his approval, putting aside her own wants for just the chance of learning more about her mother? Carrying out his schemes while making plans of her own, hoping for him to slip up so she’d finally be free? And what had that gotten her? Now he wanted her to marry a beast. One of the hulking, fearsome wolf shifters that the ice fae had battled for centuries. That had murdered the previous queen and so many fae sons. The crown prince, Roric Olwyn, had killed the last Wolf King in battle, and now a new one ruled. Her soon-to-be-husband.

“I can’t do this.” The words slipped out before she could call them back, and everything else tumbled out of her mouth, her plans forgotten in her anger. “Father, he’s a wolf. Everyone knows how dangerous they are. What if he attacks me on the first full moon? He’ll kill me. There has to be a better way to secure the alliance.”

Morson’s lip curled, the only sign of his displeasure and disgust, but it was enough to make her step back. “You don’t have a choice. This was my idea, and I had to spend political capital to ensure support. The king only went along with it because I convinced the rest of the council it was necessary.” His ice-pale eyes, so similar to her own, hardened. “This is the culmination of my plans, everything I’ve worked for. You will not ruin it.”