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Theirs to Ransom – Sophia’s Book

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Stasia Black

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She was always Daddy’s little princess. They’re vicious outlaws. Now she’s theirs, and they’re not going to let her go without a fight.

Sophia Wolford’s always looked at the world as if the glass is half full. Even after the Apocalypse. What’s the point of focusing on the negative, after all, when you need to get busy rebuilding the world?

Finn Knight sees things differently, however. His motto is: Trust no one and always suspect the worst.

Not surprisingly, Sophia and Finn get along like oil and water.

When Sophia sees an opportunity to save not only Jacob’s Well, but the entire country which is on the brink of war, however, Finn is the only person who can help her.

Sophia gets a lot more than she bargained for, though, when she heads into the wilds of New Mexico and offers herself as a Raffle Bride.

She discovers too late that her new husbands might not have the most honorable intentions. Will she and Finn be able to find a way to save themselves in time, much less the Republic?

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Chapter One


Sophia held her purse up on her lap and let out an irritated huff at Finn who’d pulled their truck over to check his compass for the ten millionth time.

“Oh my God, Finnigan, we’re going west. The sun just came up, so guess what? If we go in the opposite direction, we’re heading the right way!”

“Oh wow, please do edjumacate me some more, Miss Sophia. Me big dumb boy. Don’t know my ups from my downs,” Finn quipped as he snapped the compass shut and pulled the truck back on to the road to head—you guessed it—exactly where Sophia had pointed out they should go five minutes ago. “It’s not like I’m the one with all the tracking experience who’s been out on about a hundred Scrapper runs. How many have you been on again? How many trips have you taken out of Jacob’s Well, in point of fact?”

Oh, how she wanted to smack her purse in his superior face. Instead, she smiled sweetly. “You mean the diplomatic missions I’ve been on? Seven. Compared to your… how many was that again?” She held a hand to her ear. “Oh, zero? Hmm. How about that.”

“And to think, we’re only a day into this little adventure. I thought it’d take at least five before you turned into a harpy fish wife.”

“Harpy f—” Sophia cut off in a huff, turning her face fastidiously away from Finn. Finnigan Knight was absolutely, positively the most annoying boy on the entire planet.

She wished she could go back in time and uninvite him from her little diplomatic trek over to New Mexico.

Except… well, she most likely did need the big, dumb oaf.

When they’d received the call from the Governor of Santa Fe in New Mexico, she couldn’t have been more excited.

New Mexico! No one had heard anything from them in years other than the occasional trader who claimed to have passed through on treks from farther lands. They said it was all but abandoned apart from roving herds of bandits.

There’d been rumors that there was some sort of war between the southwestern states like New Mexico and Arizona around the same time as Texas’s war with the Southern Alliance States. No one had any real concrete information, though. Which was in itself odd and not a little spooky. An entire states’ citizens didn’t just disappear.

Well, the person who’d called Jacob’s Well’s sat phone had answers.

There had been a war, which they’d lost to Colorado. Apparently Colorado was the state they’d all been fighting, just like the Southern States had all been ganging up on Texas. And like Texas, Colorado also won—and when they did, they apparently took all the women from the losing states.

Sophia hadn’t been able to stop herself from gasping at that.

No women left? At all?

None, said the Governor. At least none that hadn’t been hidden extremely well. But that was difficult to manage for long since New Mexico wasn’t the most forgiving land.

New Mexico was finally starting to rebuild, though. At least in Santa Fe. They’d gotten Jacob’s Well’s number from President Goddard’s trade secretary, the man said. And not only was Santa Fe a thriving community that had restored a portion of the power grid there, but they were eager to establish trade relations with The New Republic of Texas.

They’d give the Texans anything they wanted—in exchange for brides.


That was the term they’d used. If they’d said women, like they were trying to sell women or barter them like cattle, Sophia might have hung up right there.

But no, apparently they’d heard of Jacob’s Well’s lottery system. They wanted in. And they’d pay big for the privilege.

“It’s the future of our nation-state at stake, you understand, Miss Wolford?” the man on the phone had pleaded. “Without you, we’ll disappear in a generation.”

How could she say no to that?

But she wasn’t going to just rush in. She had to make sure they were who they said and that they could offer what they promised.

And she wanted to show them good faith that they could deliver the goods as well.

So she was going.

To offer herself as the first bride.

She’d show Dad she could be more than just a pretty face who could throw wedding parties and work at the soup kitchen. She could be just as brave as any of them and serve her country too.

Dad needed troops to fight General Travis and take back the Republic. New Mexico had men. Plenty, it sounded like. And Texas had women. There were all the ones Drea had just freed and even more once they liberated San Antonio.

Plus, Sophia was sure Daddy wouldn’t let some other jerk take the Presidency. Not another President Goddard. Maybe Daddy himself would be President. He’d done such a good job with Jacob’s Well. Imagine what he could do with the whole New Republic! He’d definitely honor whatever agreement Sophia made.