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Mia Ford

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I thought I’d loved and lost.

But the man of my dreams is back into my life.

He’s not just a billionaire.

He’s also the hottest man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

It didn’t work out the first time around.

My life was in shambles.

And circumstances tore us apart.

Landon sent me letters even after we’d broken up.

Today, he’s as tempting as he used to be back then.

Those deep, intrusive eyes.

That ever-so-charming smile.

And the same ambition to conquer the world.

I think I might fall in love with him all over again.

But something tells me that I’m setting myself up for disaster.

I’d be devastated if my heart broke again.

So, is it better to let the past stay in the past?

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Chapter 1


This is one of the last times we will ever do this. It’s really coming to an end, isn’t it?

I took a bite of my pizza and set it down on the paper plate in front of me. I was typically a pizza junkie and would gobble it down whenever I got a chance, but today the delicious indulgence held very little appeal for me. In fact, I barely tasted it. My heart was in a dark place and I knew all of the reasons why. Reasons that I could do little about, nor would I want to unless my goal was to hold myself and my friends back from moving forward with their dreams.

Life moved along in stages. And my friends and I were about to move on to another important stage.

“You are so wrong, man,” Jacob Mueller, a friend of ours since third grade, said. “Ironman could totally take The Flash in a fight.”

My best friend Miley Rose and I looked at each other with a shared annoyance. Was this the subject of conversation? Really?

Kirby Daniels, a guy who had somehow become our friend over the past few years, but no one could ever remember how he did, took a big drink of soda and slammed his cup on the counter to signify that he was about to speak his mind and everyone around him had better listen that up.

“That is the biggest load of garbage I’ve ever heard,” Kirby said. “The Flash has actual superpowers that defy logic and humanity. Ironman is really just a Batman rip-off. He is a normal guy with a lot of money and a lot of really cool gadgets that he uses to fight evil.”

“Take it back, dude!” Jacob said.

“No, I won’t take it back.” Kirby replied. “Ladies, will you back me up on this?”

Miley and I couldn’t stop our laughter. Miley finally speaks to the dumbfounded Jacob and Kirby. “Wow, this is the most pathetic conversation I’ve ever heard. You remember that we all just graduated high school last week? We are eighteen years old, headed off to college in a few short months. We are adults. Why are we wasting our time talking about comic book superheroes?”

Jacob and Kirby looked at each other totally confused.

Kirby scratched his head. “Because it is awesome. And this has become much more than just comic book stuff. These superheroes are doing massive numbers at the box office. Everyone loves that stuff.”

“I think you may be grossly over inflating the numbers when you say ‘everyone’,” I said. “Miley is right.”

“Fine,” Jacob said. “What do you want to talk about? I’m all ears.”

“Well, I was just thinking how sad all this is,” I said somberly. “Just think, this summer is going to be the last. Then we are all going to different schools and we will hardly see each other; our lives are radically changing. I’m not sure I’m totally ready for it. How about you guys?”

There was silence among my friends. I could tell that they’d all been thinking the same thing, but had tried to bury it deeply in the back of their minds. I’d just brought it to the light and now everyone was deeply bummed. Good job, Cora.

“I know it’s going to be difficult,” Kirby said. “But we will make it work. I mean, that’s life; you move onto new things. Does any one of us want to stay around here?”

I gave him a dirty look. It took him a moment, but he finally caught on to the fact that he’d just insulted me.

“Well, you know what I mean, Cora,” He backpedaled. “But you aren’t really staying here; you’re going down the road to Rio Grande. That’s a good school.”

“Yeah, but it’s not Ohio State,” I said flustered.

“You might still get in,” Miley offered. “The waiting list is pretty cool. As soon as a spot opens, you are there.”

“Yeah, and I might be on social security by the time it does,” I said.

I didn’t want to get into a rant about it; I was tired of talking about that subject, but I was just so flustered by the whole thing. My whole life I’d been Cora Blair, the girl who got straight A’s; the girl who was the head of every club and after school activity; Cora Blair, the captain of the girls’ basketball team, head cheerleader, and student body president. I was the best because I had always strived to be. I’d always loved working hard and I was committed to my dream of being a top architect in a huge firm one day. That had been my dream since I was ten years old.

And when my dream school told me that I was just good enough to make their waiting list– I was crushed. I had been accepted easily to Rio Grande, and it was a good school, but to get accepted into the top architecture firms, I needed to get into the very best schools. And I’d never be able to afford Ivy League, so Ohio State was where I’d set my sights.