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Tied (Reckless MC Opey Texas Chapter #5)

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KB Winters

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My step sister just showed up at my door,
It’s been years since I last saw her.
I don’t really know the kid who moved in when our parents got married.
It was right before I signed on with Uncle Sam.
But she needs my help now,
Because her a-hole Daddy sold her to the mob.

She’s grown up to be the kind of woman that’s so right she attracts the wrong attention.
Plump lips and a butt so big and fine.
She’s sweet as candy.
But all alone in the world,
And if we marry, she’ll have me,
To honor and protect her.
Promise death to the killer who’d only do her wrong.
I’ll worship her with my body,
And keep her safe in my arms as long as we both shall live.
Yeah, we’re tied. For life.

Love filthy talking bikers who can melt your panties with just a whisper? Or just a hot AF ride on the wild side?
You’ve come to the right place! Tied is a full length novel with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA!

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Reckless MC Opey Texas Chapter Series by KB Winters

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Chapter One


I jammed on the brakes. This couldn’t be the place. After driving day and night for the past two days to put hundreds of miles between me and trouble, I was looking at a nondescript barn that had a distinctly industrial air about it. Did I have the wrong address? Tell me he didn’t live here. The red and black twisted metal sign didn’t exactly scream home, but I hadn’t come all this way to give up without trying. So I took a deep breath, sucking the fresh Texas air deep into my lungs until a feeling of calm washed over me.

When I reached semi-calm, I squared my shoulders and looked at the front door with all the determination I could muster. The GPS said this was Hardtail Ranch so it must be it.

“You lost, sugar?”

I turned at the sound of a honeyed southern voice, ready to wave off her concern, but the woman was…beautiful. Thick red hair fell in soft waves over bare shoulders that led to a killer body wrapped in a tight hot pink dress. Big tits, a small waist, and a smile that would have every dick in Texas hard for the next twelve hours, I wanted to hate her on sight. But there was a kindness in her eyes, and I needed that more than I needed to envy what the Good Lord gave her.

“I don’t think so. I’m, uh, looking for someone.”

She gave me a long, studious look and snort-laughed. “Aren’t we all?” Another tinkling laugh fell from her red lips and she stuck out her hand.

“I’m Bea, but when I’m at the club I am Be-at,” she said in an over the top French accent. “It sounds more exotic than Beatrice, don’tcha think?”

My lips twitched in amusement, but I nodded because it did sound exotic and beautiful. “Be-at is a very beautiful name. Fitting too.”

She flashed a pleased grin and wrapped both of her arms around mine as she guided me to the door. “Come on in. I’ll show you around, honey.”

“Show me around?” What club was she talking about? “I don’t know if this is where he lives,” I said.

“If he belongs at the Hardtail Ranch, you’ll find him here at the club. What’s your name?”

I froze at the question, but there was no reason to. This woman didn’t know me, and I doubt she knew the people I was running from, probably not even the man I was running to, so I shook off my concerns and gave her an easy answer. “I’m Hen.”

Beat pulled back and looked at me in disbelief. “That name is far too cute for someone as gorgeous as you. Luckily the men will eat up the whole innocent virgin thing you’ve got going on.” She pulled me through the first thick door before I could respond, stopping to bat her eyelashes at a baby-faced blond who wore a too-serious expression.

“She’s my guest tonight, Ford. Hen, meet Ford.”

I flashed a friendly smile, which he returned before his gaze slid back to the bank of screens that separated us. “Enjoy your evening ladies and stay safe.”

“Always,” she assured him and clasped our hands together before we entered another thick door. It must have been made from some heavy duty shit because as soon as it opened, a wall of heat and sound hit me, much louder than it appeared from the outside.

“Stay close to me, unless you see something you like, of course.”

I did as Beat said, keeping my hand clasped in hers while she pulled me through a chaos of bodies. My senses were on overload between the loud, pounding bass of the music, the laughter, and the low hum of conversation all around me, not to mention the obvious sounds of sexual pleasure I found impossible to ignore. Finally, we stopped at a long wooden bar that looked like it belonged in one of the classy Wall Street hotels in New York or the fancy places frequented by Hollywood agents.

Not a sex club, which, it became move obvious by the second, was what this place was. A fucking sex club! Not that I was judging, I wasn’t, but it was just my dumb luck that in escaping trouble I ended up in yet another place I didn’t belong.

“I found a newbie,” Beat told the woman behind the bar with the dark eyes and see-through black lace top. “This is Hen.”

The woman flashed a friendly smile that wasn’t at all lecherous. “I’m Hazel. If you need anything find me or ask for me.” Her handshake was firm and capable and instantly put me at ease.

“Thanks, Hazel. I will.” I hoped I wouldn’t need anything but maybe, if this was the right spot, she knew Cruz. My gaze landed on the man now standing beside Hazel with the haunted green eyes. He was handsome but his features were too dark, too white to be the man I was searching for.

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