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Tori Filthy Modern Vikings

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M.K. Moore

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Kensie Lyons was put on this earth to belong to me and I her.
Everything in me is demanding I make her mine, in every way possible.
I am trying to be patient. Let her follow her dreams.
But when something threatens the woman who means more to me than my own life, all bets are off!!!

This is what happens when a Jorgensen man is faced with the possibility of losing everything.

It’s safe, over the top and so fu*king sexy

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Chapter 1


Shit. I swear, some mornings. If I could sleep the day away, I would. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my life or anything like that. But I also don’t have anyone in it. Of course, I have my family and I love every single one of them. Including the ones who married into it. We are big, loud and not apologetic about it. I can’t help but smirk when I think about us and all our glory.

However, I can’t help but wonder if I am ever going to find someone for me? I have had the privilege of watching my nephews, nieces, and brothers fall one by one. I would never begrudge them happiness. I just wish I had some for myself, I think, as I get out of the shower and get dressed. Maybe I’m just being a whiny ass because I am exhausted. After spending all day working on my nephew Erik’s new house, I still had to come home and get ready for the dinner he and his wife are throwing.

See, for the past few months, they have been…distant if you will. Misunderstandings and secrets will do that to you. Though in Erik’s defense, his secret is a good one. He is building his wife, Lanie, her dream house so they can expand their family. He has enlisted his brothers and sister as well as his uncles to help. Hard-headed ass should have hired some contractors. I shake my head as I walk out the door. The point is, they finally made up and are throwing a dinner with the whole family to commemorate the news.

Jumping in my truck, I drive the ten minutes to their house, making a list in my head of everything I need to do for the rest of the week. By the time I pull up, I have my whole week planned out, knowing that one call from the special line, could throw it all up in the air. That is the nature of the beast given what my brothers and I do.

I get out of the car and shake my shoulders trying to knock the somberness out of my mind. I don’t want to be the party pooper here tonight. “Get your head straight, Tori,” I think, chiding myself as I ring the bell. I am expecting Lanie or Erik to answer the door, so God himself will have to forgive me when my mouth belies the surprise that is currently running through my heart and my cock if the throbbing in my balls is to be believed.

“Sweet mother of God, where have you been?” The pale little morsel stares at me, confusion evident. But so is the desire as her face reddens.

“Ummm…I don’t know what you mean,” she whispers as she licks her lips as she tries to look anywhere but at me. That was a mistake though. I want that tongue everywhere now. I lift her chin, so she looks back at my face. I am momentarily stunned by her eyes. The most beautiful shade of green. Big and round. Just like her lips. Mmmmm…those fucking lips. They are going to look positively dirty wrapped around my cock.

“I’m sorry, Cricket. I didn’t expect to find my wife, here.”

“Wife?” She is so fucking cute when she squeaks out the word. Clearly not sure if I am serious or deranged. Looking at her right now, I would wager…both.

“Yes. Wife. Don’t worry about that right now. I need to know your name. I’m Tori. Your future.”

“My name is Kensington.” What the actual FUCK! The woman I am currently obsessing over is Lanie’s little sister? I am literally speechless. I haven’t seen her since she was a little girl. No wonder I didn’t recognize her. Suddenly, I am questioning everything I thought I knew just a moment ago.

The glow that was in her eyes begin to dim and I know it is because she has read the guilt and indecision on my face. But hell, can she blame me? I haven’t seen her since she was fourteen. I have been traveling around the world on various missions and such. Last I heard, she was in school to become a nurse or something like that.

“Lanie and Erik are inside,” she says a bit depleted. Guilt wells up inside of me, only to be pushed back down. Why should I feel guilty about considering what is best for her and myself for a second? I do mean a split second because now that she is in my sights, there is nowhere she can go that I won’t follow. Nowhere she can hide where I won’t find her.

But now I have to figure out how to get what I want and keep in mind her dreams as well. Us Jorgensen men are more the…’ Me Tarzan, you Jane. Come, now’ types. We are not really known for negotiations and such. This will be a challenge. But one thing is for sure: she is MINE!