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Under His Rule

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Clarissa Wild

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His Family. His rules.

Some people have loving homes.
Mine only has laws.
And she will learn to obey …
When I found Natalie alone and afraid, I knew she was the one.
She came to me looking for answers to her past.
But every dark desire has a price.
Now she’s here in my domain, locked in the dark, waiting for me …
And I am more than ready to make her submit.

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Clarissa Wild


Brothers – men of the Community

Sisters – women of the Community

Helper – Third rank, working class

Elder – second rank, second to lead should the Patriarchs fail to produce heirs

Patriarch – first rank, leaders of the Family

President – highest rank, ruler of the Family, part of the Patriarchs

Wife – A woman who belongs to a man after the Ceremony

Helper’s Wife – The Wife of a Helper

Elder’s Wife – The Wife of an Elder

Matriarch – the Wife of a Patriarch

Untouched – A virgin female

Captured – women taken from the real world into the Commune

Initiation – A rite of passage and state of being for women before they become Wives

Initiate – a woman of age who has not yet been taken as Wife during a Ceremony

Ceremony – The party where unions take place

Ritual (Of the Wife) – the sexual and marital union of a man and a woman

Blessing – An approval of the marriage by a Patriarch or President

Prayers – Praying and singing to God for favor, as well as performing blessings

The Holy Land – the land on which the Family has built their properties and Huts

The Commune – the community of the Family living together

Hut(s) – housing for Helpers & Elders

The Temple – The house in which the Patriarchs and the President live

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“Hunter” by RIAYA feat. John Mark McMillan

“Ktheju tokës” by Jonida Maliqi

“Anthracite Fields: IV. Flowers” by Julia Wolfe performed by Choir of Trinity Wall Street

“Music Box Song” by Ben Frost

“Ein Mensch – Ein Schmetterling” by Ben Frost

“Salt And The Sea” by The Lumineers

“My Cell” by The Lumineers

“Eternal Eclipse – Dawn of Faith” by Thomas-Adam Habuda

“Sleeping Inside” by Lilium

“I Know You Are, But What Am I?” by Mogwai

“L’aérogramme de Los Angeles (YVES SIMON COVER)” by Woodkid & Louis Garrel

“Lost in the Fire” by Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd

“Familiar” by Agnes Obel

“Planck’s Constant” by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

“Touched” by VAST

“Do Not Go Gentle/First Step” by Hans Zimmer & Anthony Hopkins

“On The Nature Of Daylight” by Max Richter

“Paper or Plastic” by Brooke Candy

“Late Bloomer” by Ki:Theory

“May The Angels” by Alev Lenz



I never realized how scary the darkness could be if you’re surrounded by it against your will.

My body lies frozen on the cold, hard floor, my clattering teeth the only sound I hear for hours.

I don’t know where I am. Or how I came here.

All I remember is him.

The man with a smile so cumbersome it made mine disappear.

Crack. Crack.

I lift my head. The door squeaks, and the lock unhinges. When daylight breaks through, a sliver of it blinds me, so I cover my eyes. The sun is so bright compared to the shadows I’ve lived in for hours on end.

“Wh-who’s there?” My voice breaks when I speak. My throat is so dry I can barely utter the words.

I try to peek into the light where a tall figure stands, clutching the doorway. I swallow away the lump in my throat. What are they going to do with me? Is it a man or a woman? Alone or with many? So many questions … and zero answers.

Someone steps forward, and I instinctively crawl away, fearing them.

That’s what this place does to you. No matter how much time you spend in the darkness, it always manages to turn you into an animal. Raw. Rudimentary.

“Hello, Natalie.”

It’s a man, his voice dark and low, as though to command respect.

How does he know my name?

“Who are you?” I ask.

“That’s not important right now. What’s important for you to know is that I want you to stay strong and survive.”

What is this?

“Survive what?” I mutter. “Please … let me out.”

The man stands there watching me for what feels like minutes, though I’m sure it’s only a few seconds. The lack of light is causing my brain to play tricks on me. I’ve lost all awareness of time.

They want me to lose my mind.

“Please …” I beg again, but the figure ignores me and turns around.

As he walks back to the door, he pauses for a moment. “Submit … and it’ll be over quickly.”

Submit? To what? This is insane.

I crawl across the floor as fast as I can, toward the door, toward freedom. But when I get close, it’s slammed shut right in front of me.

“No,” I whimper, my voice escaping me. My forehead lowers to the cold, concrete floor while tears travel down my face.

If only I hadn’t seen his name in the newspaper. If only I hadn’t been so curious and gone to see him speak. If only he hadn’t laid his eyes on me.

Layers and layers of secrets are hidden behind those eyes. Secrets I shouldn’t want or need to know.

But I did. And now I’m here.

Stuck in perpetuating darkness, surrounded by nothing but concrete walls and floors.

Caught by the devil.

Taken by his henchmen.

Just to become … his.

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