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Unexpected Surprise

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Sarah J. Brooks

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Good news: A mysterious stranger saved me at a Hollywood Halloween Party.
Bad news: Now I’m carrying his secret and I don’t know who he is!

My guardian angel wore a mask so I could only see his body.
But that was enough to make me melt.
A knockout sexy appearance with six-pack abs, irresistible strong arms,
and a tattoo on his wrist I will never forget.
It was the wildest night of my life.
And it gifted me the most precious person in the world:
My little daughter Arianna.
Now I need to start working again, so we can make a living.
That’s why I have a job interview with one of the most powerful billionaires in LA.
Good thing: He’s a drop-dead gorgeous alpha male and wants to give me the job.
Bad thing: The tattoo on his wrist…

Would now be the right time to tell my new boss about his unexpected gift?

“Unexpected Surprise” is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with a gorgeous protective alpha male, plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA. I’ve also included a preview of my romance novel “The Baby Deal” for you. Happy reading! – Sarah J. Brooks (USA Today Bestselling Author)

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Chapter 1


There was a time when I loved going to movie screenings. I lived for them. I didn’t really have as much enthusiasm for the one-hundredth screening of our most successful film, The Dark One. I’d seen it so many times I could recite the entire movie as a one-man show. This particular showing was a special sunset screening on Halloween with a producer’s Q & A afterward. I had to go. The sunset timing was important. Our marketing department had timed all the promotions at sunset because that’s when the Dark Ones would emerge from the sky. It added an element of scary to all things Dark One.

“They always come just before the night when the sun retreats safely behind the horizon, leaving the rest of us out here on our own… their prey,” a girl’s voice-over grips us as winged creatures fly down from the heavens.

On-screen dark-winged figures fly out of the dimly lit sky and descend onto the streets of New York City. “They’d come before. I’d seen them in my nightmares,” the woman’s voice continues as one very large black-winged creature approaches her.

A heavily armed stranger stops in front of the woman and bears his weapons.“Don’t you touch her you filthy flying worm!” the man with thickly corded muscles and deep brown skin yells out to the creature.

The woman dips back into his shadow as the hulking man brandishes a machete he unsheathes from a leather holster at his back. The dark angel steps towards him. “Out of my way, maggot.”

Without any response, the muscled man stabs at the dark angel with valiant intent. The fallen angel merely waves his hand, and the machete flies out of the man’s hand and out of sight.

Undaunted, the man has an arsenal of sharp implements strung about his body. He dislodges a knife and wields it with fervor as he dodges and moves around the angel kicking his kneecaps inward to throw him off balance. The angel curls his long pale fingers around the man’s throat. Squeezing with little effort, the man’s eyes bulge from his face. His tongue gapes, and he gasps for air. The knife drops from his hand as his body goes limp.

The angel’s face stays peaceful, a complete juxtaposition to the horror he’s just inflicted. He slowly takes a step towards the girl shivering in the shadows.

“These streets are dangerous,” the dark angel growls, his voice deep and husky. “You should be inside, locked up. Don’t you know there’s a war?” He laughs, making her nervous as he continues to approach.

“Leave me alone!” she screams as she throws punches at the angel’s bare chest…

“GO! GO! Girl go with him. He’s gonna give you the best sex you’ve ever had… toe-curling good,” a woman shouts from the audience.

Her outburst is met with snickers and words of agreement.

“And his fine ass is going to save the world!” another woman chimes in.

Obviously, a few people at the Halloween screening had seen the film several times. They were right. Among the fallen angels, the Dark One is their vigilante justice, trying to keep them from obliterating humans. He has a band of followers who are trying to petition God to let some of them back into heaven for the good they’ve done for humanity.

The lady in the audience is right; he is going to give her a night of unbridled pleasure. He’ll give her so much pleasure; in fact, the film initially had an NC-17 rating. We had to trim a few thrusts and cut away just before any male genitalia was revealed to get an R instead. I didn’t want to limit the film’s sexuality. Dante, the fallen angel, was going to be one of the sexiest heroes in action film history. The character straddled the line between good and evil in such a provocative and alluring way that he was already becoming a cult figure.

All in all, the film was a controversial success. It garnered pretty high box office returns and decent critical acclaim. It was the first film of its kind to make an impact on the film industry and finally put my production company on the map.

While I was already a multi-millionaire thanks to a trust fund my oil-rich grandfather had set up for me, I wanted to make my own money. I invested some of my trust funds into the company, which was just starting to turn a sizable profit after the success of the Dark One.

We were working on a sequel. The writer had a lot of mediocre ideas he was throwing around, but nothing was clicking with me yet. We needed to create a great next chapter for the Dark One saga. I wasn’t worried about finding a story, even if it meant discovering a new writer. He had let fame go to his head. He wasn’t working with the same passion he once had now that he was fielding six-figure deals for multiple projects. I was ready to move on.