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Unforgiven (Unbreakable #3)

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Rebecca Shea

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Companion novel to “Unbreakable” & “Undone” and is the final book in the Unbreakable series — This is Lindsay and Matt’s story.

Lindsay Christianson seemingly has it all—the perfect career, the perfect boyfriend, and the best-laid plans for a perfect life—until one phone call changes everything.

With a moments notice, Lindsay must choose between her perfect life and her professional dreams. The choice momentarily seems clear when the opportunity to propel her career abruptly sends her across the country, leaving everything she loves behind in North Carolina.

Navigating a new city with a broken heart and a job where her colleagues will do anything to sabotage her success, the pressure quickly becomes too great. When old habits resurface, Lindsay finds herself chasing demons she thought were long since buried.

With pain and destruction left in her wake, will Lindsay find a way to erase the damage she’s done, or will her sins remain unforgiven?

**This book is a Contemporary Romance and contains mature subject matter. It is not intended for those under 17 years of age.**

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Unbreakable Series by Rebecca Shea

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“Whoever thought carrying on a secret affair would be easy was clearly delusional,” I mumble against Matt’s soft lips. I rest my chin on his firm chest and stretch out on top of his long, muscular body.

“Is that all this is, an affair?”

“You know what I mean.” I kiss the sparse stubble along his jawline and press my lips to his neck.

“You’ll never be just an affair to me, Lindsay.” He flips us over on the bed so he’s positioned on top of me, his elbows resting on the bed on either side of my head. I run my hands over his defined shoulders and down his biceps.

“Good,” I whisper, inhaling sharply when he pulls my earlobe into his mouth. “Why did you fall in love with me?”

“How could I not fall in love with you?”

“Because I’m a neurotic mess.”

He laughs quietly. “You’re not a neurotic mess. You’re driven and independent and strong-willed and beautiful, and somewhere in all of that, I fell in love with you—every part of you.”

I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him closer to me. “Do you know that I’ll never forget the first time I ever laid eyes on you?”

“I’d never forget that day either,” he breathes against my neck. He always takes his time with me, kissing me, touching me, teasing me until I beg for him to take me.

“Tell me what you remember,” I muster in between ragged breaths.

“I remember it was a party at your house.”

“Landon’s house,” I say.

“You share the house with your brother. It’s your house too. Stop interrupting me.” He pinches my hip gently to scold me. “Anyway, Landon and I had worked together for almost two years and I’d seen pictures of you and had seen you on TV, but anytime I’d been to the house, I’d never met you—I’d never seen you in person. The second I walked through that door that night, you were standing in the middle of the living room and, suddenly, nothing else existed in my world. It was over. I knew I had to have you.”

“That’s how I felt too.” I smile at him.

“Everything about you turned me on. The way you carried yourself, your sense of humor, your excitement about everything we talked about. I don’t think I talked to anyone else that night.”

“Do you know what I remember? I remember the way you studied me. You saw through the façade – not the TV personality everyone else sees. You saw the real me. You looked at me like there was nobody else in the room.”

“There wasn’t,” he whispers.

“I remember how my skin broke out in goose bumps when your hand brushed against me when you reached for a beer. I’d never had that happen before, and I remember how I never wanted that night to end. I didn’t want you to leave.”

“You do realize there have only been a few nights we’ve been apart since that night, right?”

“Mmm hmm.” I press my lips to his and drink in their softness.

“I’m never letting you go, Lindsay. Before you came along, I was just a thirty-one-year-old cop with no goals or ambitions. Now I have someone I want to live for—live with. I don’t ever want to be anywhere unless it’s with you.”

In this moment, everything in my world is perfect… but as things always go in my life, when everything is perfect, I worry that something will happen to take it all away. I shove those negative feelings aside and fall asleep in the arms of the man I want to spend forever with.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Light kisses pepper my face and neck. I grumble and roll closer to Matt, wrapping my arm over his chest, securing myself to him.

“There is only one fault I can find in you,” I mumble against his shoulder, my eyes still closed.

“What’s that?”

“You’re a morning person.”

Matt chuckles as he pulls me on top of him and slides his hands down my bare back. I rest my head on his chest while his fingertips trace my spine and I shiver at his gentle touch.

“I like when you wake me up like this and touch me.”

“I like waking you up and touching you. I’ll never get enough of you, Linds.”

I kick the silk sheet off of us and sit up, straddling Matt’s hips. I rise and position myself just over the top of him, letting him slide into me.

“Jesus,” he hisses and inhales sharply. I use my knees to guide me, rising and falling slowly on top of him, drinking in the feel of him inside me. With my hands pressed to his chest to balance me, I drop my head back and just feel. From the day I met Matt, we’ve had a connection that is indescribable. He understands me and my needs and I the same for him.