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Vas (The V Games #3)

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Ker Dukey

K. Webster

1792989946 (ISBN13: 9781792989940)
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The Volkov name is one I longed for.
Their household is one I grew up in, but not as an equal—as a maid’s son.
This didn’t stop me from becoming a man to be reckoned with.
But even with my rightful name finally given to me, I still feel adrift.
Until her.

Everything I did was for acceptance.
Everything I lost brought me to my family.
To this life.
To her.

I fought for my status.
I fought for my sisters.
And I will fight to the death for my angel.

She has shown me there is light in our pitch-black world.
That the stars can’t shine without the darkness of night.
She is the stars, and I am the sky in which she shines.

There is evil lurking in the shadows we create.
The corruption and depravities of the First Families have become toxic and are infecting us all from within.
Games have been played, and now, they must end.

I am Vas.
Vocal. Voracious. Vindictive. Volkov.
A devil in love with an angel, and together, we’re going to rule Hell on Earth.

***This is book three in The V Games series. Vlad and Ven must be read first in order to understand this story.***

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When the sun sets, it’s the moon’s time to shine.






Sweat, sticky and slick, coats my skin as I thrust harder.

“Punish me, Vas,” Vika pants, her voice muffled from being buried in the pillow of her teenage bed.

She spends more time here than she does at her new home.

Fucking her was amusing at first. A fuck you to her brother and husband-to-be. I was nothing to them for most of my life—a fighter Vlad took an interest in when he saw me at Rodion and Zahkar’s underground circuit.

Sweet fucking sixteen. I’d just lost my mother and was looking for ways to survive. I had blood lust and anger issues. I needed a way to channel that anger—to make it work for me. And thanks to a selfless mother, I’d been trained in mixed martial arts from an early age. I was a lethal weapon waiting to be aimed at a target, and Vlad knew it.

I knew of Ven Vetrov’s cousins, Rodion and Zahkar, from growing up in their shadows.

The cousins, though, weren’t like the rest of the First Families. They were different—had their own thing going on—and I admired that about them. We became good friends over the years.

Vlad saw potential in me. He remembered me from our youth and wanted me to be his fighter for The V Games—until he found out who my father was.

Vlad was pissed when he learned my potential status, and even more angered when I was welcomed into the fold of one of the First Families.

A son and heir for the Volkov empire.

Vlad never saw me as equal, so sticking it to Vika gave me a high. Pathetic that I let him have that much power over me. I put it down to being young, but I’m learning fast, and my drive to be better than them is becoming more dominant than wanting to be accepted by them.

“Harder, Vas. Destroy my pussy.” Vika turns her head to look back at me.

Her eye makeup is smeared all over her cheeks. I stare down at her ass and give it a few hard spanks to so my dick will stay excited enough to continue fucking her. Curling my arm around her hip, I seek out her clit and give it a pinch. “Yes, more,” she begs.

I pinch harder and reach forward to yank on her hair. She screams out her release, and I relax before pulling my dick out of her.

“Did you come?” She sighs, going slack against the covers.

“Do you care?” I snort.


Pulling the condom from my cock, I drop it in the bin next to her bedside table before jumping from the bed and snatching up my clothes. I head to her shower to wash her scent from my skin. This has to end. I couldn’t even come this time.

When I get out of the shower, she’s asleep. Thank fuck.

I slip out of the room and through the Vasiliev estate, stopping when I hear someone crying from the kitchen. It’s soft and female. This isn’t uncommon in this house, but now that my sister lives here, I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t make sure it’s not her.

Pushing through the closed door, I nearly crash into a woman standing frozen, wide-eyed and buck ass fucking naked, all but a small leather collar around her neck.

Lights are off, but the floodlights outside filter through the floor-to-ceiling windows, highlighting every curve of her flawless body.

She has a cut lip. As I move closer, bruises become apparent on every inch of her.

Who would want to blemish such beauty?

“Are you okay?” I ask, frowning, looking around to see where the fuck she appeared from. She’s alone, but I’ve never seen this woman before. She looks fucking young—too young.

Is she a sidepiece of Vlad’s?

That motherfucker.

The back door opens, and one of Yuri’s security team waltzes inside, cigarette smoke pungent on the small breeze that follows him.

“Sir.” He nods when he notices me in the room. His eyes drag to the girl. He doesn’t linger on her naked frame. It’s clearly something he sees all the time.

“Come on. Time’s up,” he barks to her.

“I didn’t have time to eat,” she murmurs so softly, I’m unsure if I fabricated the response in my mind.

“I was out there for twenty minutes. That was plenty of time,” he huffs.

Her thick lashes flutter closed for a moment and her lips move like she’s saying a silent prayer. She finches ever so slightly when he takes her under the arm and ushers her out the door.

Instincts tell me to go to her aid. Before I can even comprehend what I’m doing, I grab the guy’s arm, halting his movements. His gaze goes to the grip I have on his arm, then up to my eyes. Hard, menacing.

I could snap his neck in a heartbeat, his body hitting the floor before he even realizes what happened. But I’m new to the fold. I can’t go around killing Vasiliev guards in the Vasiliev fucking manor.