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Violent Ends (The Denton Family Legacy Book 5)

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Sam Crescent

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Gideon Denton has a secret: he found his woman. Life as a Denton is never easy, and it certainly doesn’t help being in love with a woman who doesn’t love you back. That’s the legacy they have to live with.

Emma Colton doesn’t want to be near the Dentons. Instead she wants a clean start, away from violence, away from her past.

But when tragedy strikes the Denton household, Emma has to come to terms with her reality. She can’t leave, and Gideon has just admitted she’s his woman

After Gideon threatens his father and has to be punished for it, Emma comes between them. She will not let anyone hurt him. However, challenging Maddox Denton carries severe consequences. With the risk of death on her shoulders, she has no choice but to marry Gideon in order to save the both of them.

Secrets start to unravel, all manner of violence shining though. The Dentons don’t have a choice but to take out one of their own. Who will do the deed? Who will risk death to save the others?
It’s another fight, but this one is to the end.

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“What exactly is it you think you can do for me, Mr. Denton?” Paul Savona asked, taking a long pull on his cigarette.

Maddox stared at the man that he’d organized this meeting with. Savona, like himself, was a boss. The king of his own empire. Only, Savona wasn’t desperate and looking at takeovers.

He wondered how much his enemies knew of the current Denton situation. For the past year he’d tried to keep it afloat, tried to make it work. The price for silence was rising, the demands on their resources ever increasing. Women were not so willing to work for them as their brothels were hit hard.

He couldn’t believe he was even considering this.

“Tamsin, my youngest daughter. I think a union between the Dentons and the Savonas would be very good for business and very good for us as well. Our families, bound together in marriage.” He leaned back, smiling.

Charlotte had begged him to let Tamsin have a different life. If he’d not been faced with complete collapse, he would consider it.

That was not going to happen now.

As a Denton, he’d keep this fucking family afloat by whatever means possible. He loved his children, his wife, but right now, he had to put them to one side. Tamsin was someone he could use to help the family. It wasn’t like she had any other purpose. Each of them had to play their part, and now it was her turn.

“Tamsin. Do you have a photo?” Paul asked.

Pulling out the photo he had taken of her just last week, he handed it over. Of course, Paul would want to see a picture of his girl. Any union had to be worth it, and from what Maddox had discovered, Mason, Paul’s son, liked beautiful women.

Tamsin, when she finally reached maturity, would be beautiful. Right now, there was a childishness to her. She held that air of innocence and attitude that would fade away.

“Beautiful,” Paul said.

There was a gleam within his eye that Maddox didn’t like. Pushing his unease to one side, he waited.

“How old?”

“Fifteen right now.”

“If we both agree, they could marry by the time she’s sixteen. She seems like a handful. I’ll gladly take her off your hands now. Have her ready to take my son when the time is right.”

“That’s not possible. Her mother would follow her everywhere. Sixteen is a little young.”

“My boy is not going to patient forever. I’m willing to wait a short time, but not too long. Name your terms, and we’ll consider it a deal. We can flesh out ages of acceptability at a later date.”

For the next hour, Maddox negotiated the men he wanted and the deal for Tamsin’s virginity and for the ring on her finger, binding her to Savona.

When Paul left, Maddox sat back, lifting out the other file. The other family that could help and had the means he was after was the Castillo family. Their daughter was only sixteen now. His sons, all of them, apart from Gideon, had found their woman. He couldn’t have Gabriel marry her either.

He wasn’t a true Denton.

He held the DNA within his veins, but that was as far as the connection went. Maddox knew the only men he trusted were his sons. Of course, if they ever found out what he was doing and what he planned to do, they would all turn on him.

Whenever there was a problem in the way, he always made sure to remove it.

He didn’t deal with not getting his way.

Staring at the phone, he knew once he made this call, there would be no way to undo it. He didn’t have a choice. For the sake of his family, he lifted it up and made the call.

Chapter One

Deep purple was never really her color, but as Emma Colton stared at her reflection, she felt a sense of freedom. She’d never dyed her hair before, and even though it wasn’t a big rebellious step in most terms, to her and her world, she’d just defied her father in every sense of the word.

Her father?

That piece of shit was dead, long dead, and she was no longer afraid of her own shadow. Ever since it had been brought to light that her oldest brother Gabriel was, in fact, a Denton, her life had changed. Before the revelation, she’d been in hiding after the annihilation of her family, scared for her life. Now though, she and her siblings had been embraced by the Denton family that was once her family’s enemy.

She’d never hated the Dentons. Not even when her father’s vile words would spill out, trying to corrupt the air around him. She’d listened to every word he had to say. They all had no choice. Anyone around her father knew to pay attention or you’d be sorry. Growing up she’d gotten many beatings and backhands for not paying attention, so it was something she always did.