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We Were Lost (Southern Heroes #5)

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Michelle Heard

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Final book in The Southern Heroes Series!

I don’t play games. If I see something I want, I go for it.

After my late wife passed away, I haven’t been attracted to another woman. That’s until I come face to face with Chloe Jordaan with her sassy mouth and larger than life personality.

She’s the complete opposite of me.
I’m not afraid to commit, where Chloe’s the epitome of ‘Bad Girl.’ I’m rational and serious, where Chloe’s carefree and fun.

She keeps reminding me we’re only friends with benefits, but I can’t stop myself from wanting to make her mine.

She’s everything I shouldn’t want but turns out to be exactly what I need.

Will the South African Bad Girl ever fall for the American Alpha Hero?

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Southern Heroes Series by Michelle Heard

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(4 years ago…)

“Should I grab take-out for dinner?” Laurie asks as she comes to stand in front of my desk. Her beautiful grey eyes smile down at me, filled with love, and I’m once again reminded how blessed I am to call this woman my wife.

I get up and wrapping my arms around her slender waist, I pull her close to me. “Sure. I’m just finishin’ up some paperwork then I’ll head home.”

She wraps her arms around my neck and stretching her petite body up, she presses a kiss to my mouth.

“Not in the office,” Captain Harris calls out as he walks toward his office. I catch him smiling before he disappears inside.

I met the woman of my dreams in this very precinct four years ago. I never believed in love at first sight until I laid eyes on Laurie Holden. The moment I saw her my world stopped and when it started again, Laurie became the axis it turned around.

We eloped three weeks after meeting each other, and not a day has gone by where I haven’t been thankful for the miracle.

“What do you feel like eatin’?” she asks and stepping back, she positions the strap of her bag over her shoulder.


A wide smile brightens her face. “Because you love me?” she teases. Laurie’s addicted to tacos.

Wrapping one arm around her waist, I pull her back to my chest. Pressing my lips against hers, I whisper, “’Cause I love you the most.”

She wags her eyebrows at me. “You keep sweet talkin’ me like that, and you might just get lucky tonight, Detective Hutches.”

I grin down at her, loving the sound of my new title on her lips.

She tilts her head to the side, which is something the whole Holden family does when they have something serious to say. “I’m proud of you. You deserve it, Babe.”

“It’s all because of your support.” Kissing her one last time, I let her go.

“You ready?” Aiden asks when he comes back from using the restroom. Not only is Laurie the perfect wife, but I struck gold when I got the Holden’s for in-laws. Aiden and Wyatt are not only my brothers-in-law but also my best friends.


I sit back down and with a content smile on my face, I watch as Laurie and her twin brother walk toward the exit. Just before they head out of the building, Laurie turns around and yells, “Detective Hutches.”

“Yeah?” I struggle to hold back my laughter as endless happiness fills my chest.

“I love you.”

The officers around us begin to laugh, and some even clap their hands.

“I love you too.”

My eyes follow Laurie and Aiden until they get into Aiden’s car.

I bring my attention back to the paperwork in front of me and manage to complete most of it before my father-in-law sits down on the edge of my desk. “We’re havin’ a BBQ this Saturday to celebrate your promotion.”

“Sounds good.”

“You gonna head home any time soon?” he asks.

“Yeah.” I glance at my watch and notice that thirty minutes have passed since Laurie left. If I go now, the tacos should still be warm when I get home.

Standing up, I glance over my desk one last time. “You headin’ out too?”

“Yeah. Let’s walk together.”

I come from a family where everything is always filled with tension. The Holden’s are the total opposite and down-to-earth. Hell, it feels more natural to call Mr. Holden dad than my father.

We greet a couple of officers on our way out of the precinct and walk to where our cars are parked.

“See ya tomorrow,” I say as Dad stops at his car.

He waves a hand at me as his phone starts to ring. When I reach my car, and I’m about to open the door, Dad calls out, “Zac! We need to head over to the hospital.”

With a frown, I turn back to him and watch as he jogs the short distance between us.

“Why?” I ask as he reaches me. It’s only then I notice the worried look on his face.

He sucks in some air, and for a moment it looks like he’s about to cry before he manages to pull himself together.

Worry begins to spin its web in my chest as a second ticks by.

“There was…” Dad pauses, and it looks like he’s struggling to comprehend something. “Aiden and Laurie have been rushed to the emergency room. They were shot.”

Another second passes between us, but it feels much longer. Dad’s words slowly creep into my consciousness until it fills every corner of my mind.

Disbelief is the first feeling to grip my heart.

There must be a mistake. They were heading home. They weren’t on duty.

(Chloe is South African, and her native tongue is Afrikaans. There are times in the book where she will think and talk in Afrikaans, but the English translation will immediately follow so you will be able to understand.)