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Wet for Christmas

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Mia Ford

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“Stay away from David Foster.”
Yeah, right.
The minute I saw him on stage, the heartbreaking fears my ex-fiancé left me with went right out of my head. David’s hips shimmied and my heart stammered.

How could anyone say no to that rock star god with a voice like an angel and moves like the devil?
I didn’t even try.
Anyway, it was just one night. One crazy, skin-tingling, earth-shattering night.
At least that’s what I thought. Then David showed up. Again.
He says he wants me, but I think he just wants to shed his bad boy image. His leather-clad looks go with the billionaire lifestyle, and I don’t think he’s about to change.
Not for me.
But it’s not just us now. There’s a family growing inside me, and I’m starting to think David deserves a chance.
I’ve never been lucky in love, but this time it looks like luck found me.

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Chapter One


“I can’t believe it. He’s been sleeping with her for months!” I rested my face in my hands as I revealed the ugly truth to my sister. Cammie hugged me and described the many ways that we were going to get revenge on my now ex-fiancé. She was vicious when someone wronged her or someone that she loved. Her big blue eyes and soft blonde curls were deceptive.

“It’s going to be okay. He’s a dick and never deserved you to begin with.” Cammie told me as she poured us each a glass of wine from the big bottle on the table.

“I have to cancel the wedding…everything. It was all set-up!” I raged as she leaned against me to stroke my hair, telling me to drink the wine. I was the type to hold things in and Cammie knew it. “At least I have the apartment.” I’d told Kyle to pack his shit and go live with the woman I saw him kissing on the Seattle street corner earlier today. Try as he might, I knew better than to believe that lie that they barely knew each other. That kiss was more intimate than anything else I’d seen in a long time.

That included our kisses based on my recollection of the past few months. I thought that we were settling in and just tired from working so much at our jobs and planning the wedding that had initially been scheduled for six months from now. It was over now, and I knew deep down that he wasn’t even working when he lied about his overtime.


“Can you keep it on your own?” Cammie asked me as I raised my bloodshot cinnamon-colored eyes to gaze at her sadly.

“Yes. We just paid this month rent and I do fine at work. I can always get some more work if I need to.” I glanced around the living room with the scattered windows and cozy feeling even though it was tarnished with the memory of sharing it with Kyle. I still loved it here.

“I can move in if need be. Taryn has dropped a million hints about moving in with her new boyfriend anyway, so I might need a place. I’m sure they’ll want the apartment.” She laughed lightly, used to the way her roommate jumped into new relationships all too quickly. “Maybe I should just make her own up to it this time.” She had a gorgeous two-bedroom apartment on the other side of town that was bigger than my own, but we could make it work here.

“She’s been doing that for the last year. Tell her she’s stupid and that it’s smarter to stay single. I think I’ll be alone forever now,” I grumbled as I brought the glass to my lips. I took a long sip of the wine and wiped away the tears that were sliding down my face. I wondered if I would ever stop crying.

We were watching one of the late-night talk shows hours later and I was half asleep on the couch when I heard Cammie squeal. I blinked and turned my head to look at her.

“Aub!! We can get tickets to see Seven Lean Friday night!”

“What?” I asked, trying to focus on her words through my headache and heartache. Seven Lean was a popular band that was starting to take off and I rubbed my swollen eyes. I knew that I looked like a hot mess.

“We’ve set up their food before in the past a few times. Cory got to know one of the guys and they offered tickets to anyone in the company that isn’t working on Friday!” Cammie kept rambling and as much as I enjoyed their music, nothing was getting through the fog my head was in.

“You don’t work?” I asked in confusion as she shot me a curious look.

“Yeah, that’s right. You’re staying with me.”

She’d called her boss when I told her what happened, taking the next week off to help me out.

“And we’re going to go to this show and lose ourselves. It will make you feel better.” She gave me an assuring smile, and I murmured something before my head dropped to the cushion behind my head.

I wanted to protest the idea because I knew there was no possible way that I’d be ready for that, falling asleep instead.

Since I worked remotely from home, Cammie helped me with the little of copywriting that I had to finish. She was equally good at it and I joked that she should partner up with me all the time. She loved her job at the trendy catering company and told me not yet as I tried to laugh over coffee a few mornings after her arrival. She caught me up completely, so I wouldn’t be late on that paycheck and reminded me about the band on Friday night. “So, are you excited about tomorrow?”