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When Rivals Fall (Bayshore Rivals #1)

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J.L. Beck

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Rivals since before birth there’s never been a time when my family hasn’t hated the Lockwoods, and their daughter Harlow.

Two years ago she set us up, tainted our family image, ruined my brother’s life. She made it personal. It was no longer just a rivalry between our parents.

Now she’s here, at Bayshore University, no longer in her families clutches and without their protection. There’s nothing to stop us from getting our revenge on her, no one to tell us enough is enough.

And so my brothers and I have devised a plan. We’ll break her, have her falling at her knees for us in no time, and then we’ll send her back to her family with a warning…

Cross the Bishops again and you’ll pay.

Author Note: This is a reverse harem college bully romance that contains subject matter not suitable for all readers.

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2 Years Prior

“Take the baggie, and put it in Sullivan’s pocket,” My father orders, not even looking up from the papers sprawled across his desk.

In his pocket? No way in Hell do I want to get that close to that asshole. I’ll try and get Shelby to help me with it. I’m not getting within ten feet of him or his brothers.

The Bishop Brothers, Sullivan, Oliver, and Banks are the children of Chloe and George Bishop, our rivals. They’re disgustingly handsome, filthy rich, and manipulative liars. Every occurrence I’ve ever had with them was one that ended with me wanting to stab them in the eye with the nearest object.

I don’t know exactly when or how it started, all I know is that the hate between our two families has been growing for the last two decades. Ever since I can remember I’ve been told about the Bishops and how they were trying to ruin our business, my family’s livelihood.

Recently, we had to fire an entire crew right before Christmas. A dozen families out of a job before the holidays and all because of them.

Who does something that cruel? That’s not the worst thing they’ve done either, but it is the icing on the cake. Lately, their antics have been affecting more than just my family. Their wrath rippling down the line and onto our workers. I don’t bother to ask what the Bishops have done this time. It doesn’t matter. We’ll get even. We always do.

Sullivan the youngest of the Bishop Brothers is my age and even though we don’t go to the same school, we do occasionally run into each other at events and parties.

Usually, I try to avoid him like the plague. But today I’m going to the same place as him and on purpose. Everyone from every high school across the county will be there no matter the last name.

Tightening my grip on my purse, I ask, “What’s in the bag?”

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to, Harlow. Put the bag in his pocket and I’ll make sure the rest gets done,” My father answers with a tone that tells me to shut my mouth and do as I’m told.

I bite my bottom lip, wondering if I should push the issue. I don’t like the Bishops, in fact, I hate them for what they’ve done and how they’ve treated my family for the last couple of years but I’m getting tired of doing my parents bidding. Tired of the constant hate. I decide against making a scene, there’s no point. I’ll end up having to do it anyway.

“Should I come home right afterward?”

Looking up from the document in front of him he pierces me with a stare from his blue eyes that match my own in depth and color.

A sinister grin finds its way onto his lips. “No. I want you to stick around. Make sure they see who it was that set them up.”

“Got it.” I nod and grab the baggie from the edge of the desk. The contents of the bag must be light because it feels like there isn’t anything inside it.

“Don’t forget all they’ve done to us, sweetie.” My father’s voice softens. “I wouldn’t ask you to do these things if I didn’t feel it was justified. I have to protect you, my businesses, my men and everything those filthy Bishops do is a direct attack against us.”

“I know, Dad.” My lips pull up into a reassuring smile. Even if I hate what I have to do, being a part of this rivalry, I know there isn’t anything I can do to change it. My last name is Lockwood, and it will always be family over honor.

It’s my job to protect my family’s legacy.

“I’ll get the job done,” I mumble and turn on my heels exiting his office.

Once in the hall I pause and lean against the wall.

I can do this. I will do this.

I remind myself of how Chloe and George Bishop stare down at me like I’m gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes every time we cross paths. Their three sons are not much better. Annoyingly handsome and full of themselves. Sullivan is the worst. He acts like he is the king of the world and everyone is beneath him, like it’s our duty to bow to him.

Tonight, we’ll put an end to his reign.

Tonight, he’ll find out what happens when you mess with a Lockwood.

Chapter One


Bayshore University is not the prestigious college that I thought I would be attending. My whole life I thought I would end up going to one of the best Ivy League schools in the country, like Yale or Harvard, just like every other rich kid from my high school. Instead, I chose to attend this place. A nice but low-key University located on the west coast, hundreds of miles away from my hometown of North Woods. Most kids wouldn’t choose to be miles away from their parents, but I wasn’t most. I chose this college because it’s as far away from my family as I can get.