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Wildfire (Men of Inked Heatwave #3)

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Chelle Bliss

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Can a bossy biker tame the wild child?

Tamara Gallo knew she was missing something in life. Looking for adventure, she takes off, searching for a hot biker who can deliver more than a good time. But once inside the Disciples Compound, she may get more than she bargained for.

The badass biker thought he had everything he wanted. He had his freedom, the open road, and the brotherhood. But after being tasked with protecting an innocent, he realizes he’s missing the most important thing of all…the love of a good woman.

But can the bossy biker tame the wild child, or will she be too much for even him to handle?

Wildfire is the third book in the new steamy MC romance Men of Inked: Heatwave series by
Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. If you love a dirty talkin’, tough-as-nails, smooth-as-sin bad boy with tons of heat and a wickedly wild ride, Wildfire will deliver.

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Men of Inked Heatwave Series by Chelle Bliss

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“Whatever you’re selling, sweetheart, we’re not interested,” the badass biker guy says as he starts to close the door in my face.

“Crow’s expecting me.”

He grunts, slowly pulling the door back open. His gaze sweeps over my body, taking a little too long on my chest before getting a good look at the rest of me. “Yo, Crow! You got company!” the burly man yells, blocking the entire doorway and making it impossible for me to get inside.

“He told me to drop by anytime. So, I’m here. Yay.” I throw up my hands, looking like a complete moron, but I’m trying to put on a good show.

The corner of grumpy’s mouth twitches, and I think I’m getting somewhere until he yells, “Crow! Get your ass out here before this girl makes a bigger fool of herself.”

The smile on my face falls, and I narrow my eyes, wishing we were close to the same size because I’d sock him right in the jaw. “You’re so rude.”

“Babe, you show up on my doorstep, claiming to be a guest of Crow’s, throwing your tits around like it’s going to earn ya something. I’m just being as real as those beautiful tits of yours.”

I open my mouth to tell him to fuck off, but I snap it shut because he said I had beautiful tits.

“Goddamn it,” Crow says, his boots pounding the cement floor as he walks up behind the grumpy guy.

My stomach knots, but I plaster a smile back on my face, pushing my jitters away. I know Crow’s going to be excited to see me. He has to be. Last night before he left the bar, he told me to drop by sometime and he’d show me a good time.

“What the hell?” is all Crow says as our eyes lock. “What are you doing here, doll?”

“Surprise!” I say, lifting my arms up, along with my tits, ready to throw my arms around the hot badass biker’s neck.

But before my hands get anywhere near his shoulders, he wraps his fingers around my wrists. “What the shit?”

I blink, furrowing my brows. “What the shit?”

“Yeah?” He dips his chin, his black hair falling in front of his dark eyes. “What. The. Fuck?”

My arms are still in the air, my body tilted toward him as he holds my wrists captive. “You told me to drop by.”

“Yeah. So?” He rakes his eyes down my body as he lifts my hands higher, making my tits a little perkier. He steps outside, pushing me backward by his grip on my wrists. “I figured you’d call or some shit. You can’t just show up at the compound.”

“Well, I did.” I yank my arms backward, glaring at him. “Why the fuck are you being the world’s biggest cocksucker right now?”

The grumpy fucker who opened the door snorts, but he quickly stops as soon as Crow glances over his shoulder.

“Go the fuck inside, Eagle,” Crow growls before facing me again. “Want to say that again, doll?” he asks, raising an eyebrow like maybe I’d rethink my statement.

I don’t. “You’re being a cocksucker,” I snap, staying true to what I said just a second ago.

He is being an absolute and complete, first-class cocksucker. The version of Crow I’d met a few days ago, the one who called me doll, is gone. Now, I am stuck with this prick who’s acting as if he doesn’t even know who the hell I am. As if he didn’t tell me to stop by for some fun sometime and I’m nothing more than a nuisance.

Crow reaches back and pulls the door shut before grabbing the cigarette from behind his ear. “I get that this is all new to you and you don’t know how shit goes down around here.” He places the cigarette between his lips, rolling it around as his dark eyes narrow. “So, I’m going to let that slide just this once, but call me it again—” he pauses as he reaches into the front of his jeans pocket, fishing out his lighter “—and I won’t be so nice.”

I blink, staring at him as he flicks his thumb across the lighter and lifts the flame near his face. “Nice?” I snap, blinking a few more times as he inhales the smoke. “This is you being nice?”

“Doll,” he says, his full mouth curving around the smoke tucked between his two lips, “this is me being really nice. So, I’m going to give you thirty seconds to walk your fine ass back through the gates, climb in your car, and get gone.”

I curl my fingers into a fist until my nails bite into the skin of my palm. I glare at him, breathing heavily, wishing I were a guy so I could knock him on his ass. “That’s it? Get gone?”

“Yeah,” he mutters, throwing up a shoulder like it’s no big fucking deal.

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